There has been an exciting development here at Annie’s Eats – we have moved into a new house. As we settled into our new place, we were fortunate to discover some excellent moving companies such as the moving companies in Utah that made our transition to this fantastic house a smooth and stress-free experience, so all we have to do was a little cleaning and mold removal which was easy thanks to services like Mold Cleanup Matawan that handle everything professionally.

So here is the story. My kitchen has just undergone a serious upgrade!  I could not be more thrilled with our new home.  I love the whole thing and even though we are still getting settled, I have already been cooking and baking up a storm in my amazing kitchen. It would be very difficult for me to list all the things I love so much about it, but a very brief list would include:

  • A humongous island with plenty of room for practically any project I decide to tackle
  • Plenty of counter space
  • Cabinets that actually fit all of my stuff!  And, the shelves all roll out for easy access
  • A walk-in pantry nearly five times the size of my old (teeny) one, with tons of shelves
  • Water softening system – my dishes actually look clean again!

I finally feel like I have the kind of kitchen that matches my passion for cooking and baking!  Though it has been fully operational since move-in day (you know my priorities), it will still be a little longer before I share a photo tour of the kitchen.  I have a few minor decorating things I would like to finish before I deem it complete.   I made these cookies as a thank you for our wonderful realtor after we closed.  You know, I look for any excuse to decorate with royal icing :)  She loved them and said she will order some next time she has a work-related function – hooray!

Our new home – we love it!