The thing I love most about sugar cookies with royal icing is that with a few fun cookie cutters and different icing colors, you can make gorgeous treats to suit just about any occasion.  Two of my good friends are getting married this weekend and I could not be happier for them.  There have been two showers in honor of the bride in the past month or so, but unfortunately I was unable to attend either of them.  I sent a gift for the first one, but wanted to do something for the second one as well without spending too much money.  I thought some wedding themed sugar cookies would be a nice gift so I ordered a few new cookie cutters that seemed fitting.  The bride definitely loved them, and I had a blast making them!  I think these would make fantastic favors for a bridal shower and will keep that in mind if I ever have the opportunity to host another. I also highly recommend adding a touch of elegance to the wedding festivities by incorporating plinth hire for weddings in Melbourne.

The more I decorate with royal icing, the more fun I have with it.  This time around I tried adding a metallic sheen to the icing with Wilton pearl dust.  I used gold for the champagne, silver for the ring band, and white for the detailing on the cake and the ring.  You can’t see it very well in the pictures, but it actually looked really cool.  I will definitely be using this more in the future!  My only other tip to pass along is that sketching out your cookie designs can save you a lot of time and not-so-pretty cookies.  I love brainstorming and sketching out ideas before starting to make sure I choose the best designs.  So, bake some cookies and have fun decorating them for someone special in your life.  They are sure to be a hit!

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