I have mentioned before that our babysitter has three wonderful daughters of her own, two of whom happen to be HUGE fans of the Twilight books, movies, etc.  (And now they have turned me into one too!  If you haven’t read the books, you should.)  For Cassie’s birthday in January I made the uber-popular vampire cupcakes.  For Caitlin, I knew another Twilight-themed treat was the exactly what she would want.  Unfortunately I had a hard time thinking of what I could do other than the vampire cupcakes, until I realized the answer was right in front of me!  Another fabulous idea from my Hello, Cupcake! cookbook.  Werewolf cupcakes – PERFECT!!!  And, they really were.  


Honestly, I was quite nervous to make these because I didn’t know if they would turn out as cute as the ones in the book, but they really did!  I was so thrilled with the way they turned out and I hope the birthday girl enjoyed them as much as I expect she did :)  They were a bit time consuming (obviously), but totally worth the effort.  Happy birthday, Caitlin!!!

Werewolf Cupcakes
Supplies needed:
12 chocolate cupcakes (I used Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate cupcakes)
red fruit leather
chocolate frosting
M&Ms (green, yellow, orange, red and purple are great for the scary eyes)
black jelly beans
vanilla frosting

werewolves-3Delicious chocolate cupcakes are always a good start.

werewolves-4Cut two triangular-shaped wedges off of each marshmallow…

werewolves-5until you have 12 little pairs of ears.  (Don’t worry if they don’t look perfectly neat, they will be covered with frosting.)

werewolves-6Cut a large wedge out of the center of 12 more marshmallows to create the mouth shape.

werewolves-7Cut small lengths of red fruit leather and press them over the “mouth” area.  They will stick easily to the gummy inside of the marshmallow.

werewolves-8Using clean kitchen scissors, trim the fruit leather to fit the mouth shape of the marshmallow.

werewolves-91Pipe a few blobs of chocolate frosting onto each cupcake and attach the ears and mouth.


werewolves-101Don’t they look like little cows at this point?  :)


werewolves-111Using a pastry bag fitted with a “V” tip filled with chocolate frosting…


werewolves-121cover the ears, and pipe a circle of “fur” around the outside edge of the cupcake.


werewolves-13Continue piping fur from the outside edge in towards the center, and up the snout until completely covered.


werewolves-14Finish up by placing M&Ms on top for the eyes and a black jelly bean for the nose.  Using a pastry bag fitted with a small round tip and filled with vanilla frosting, pipe teeth around the edges of the mouth.  Grrrr!