Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my wonderful readers out there!  I know some people think this is a “Hallmark holiday” created by retailers to boost sales, but even if it is, I see no reason not to celebrate and tell your loved ones what they mean to you.  Everybody loves to be loved, right?  Plus I can’t resist all a holiday themed with my two favorite colors!  I’ve been doing a LOT of cooking and baking lately, and have about seven or eight blog updates ready to go, but I decided I just had to post my Valentine’s goodies today before the time had passed me by!

Most of what I bake is made with other people in mind, but I made these cookies just for myself.  And really, more because I enjoy the act of baking and decorating them than I do eating them (although they are delicious!)  Ever since I figured out how to work with royal icing, I have been in love with the gorgeous cookies it can produce.  I started thinking about these Valentine’s cookies a month ago, and actually sketched out my ideas so that I would not forget them.  (Nerd alert!)  I was pretty happy with how these turned out.  I think they could have been even better but after a very long week and a lot of other baking, decorating at 11 pm at night – well, this is what I got.  I still think they are pretty cute, though ;)  Click the links for my sugar cookie recipe and my royal icing recipe and tips.

I’ll be updating a little bit later today to share one more Valentine’s themed treat I baked up.  Stay tuned!