I have been very, very excited to try peas with Andrew because they are one of the few foods that Ben really doesn’t like.  I was hoping I could get a positive response from my little guy.  And of course, just as he has liked every other food we have tried, he liked peas too.  They definitely aren’t his favorite (peaches or pears) but he eats them and that makes me happy!

These were great for me because using frozen peas made the whole process so quick and easy.  Not only that, but frozen veggies are picked and packaged at the height of their ripeness, so they retain more nutrients than most fresh produce.  Plus, there is just no way I am shelling enough peas to make a full batch of baby food.   This time I prepared one 16-oz. bag of peas and I got five servings (15 cubes) out of it.  Next time I think I’ll make a double batch for our little piggy :)

peas-1Take a package of frozen peas and cook them according to the package directions.  (Don’t cook the package!  This was just for show.)

peas-2Frozen peas starting to boil.

peas-3That’s better – nice and soft!

peas-4Once the peas are all cooked, put them in the food processor or blender and puree.

peas-5Puree until they reach the desired consistency.  Mine were a bit thick, so I added a small amount of water.

peas-6Freeze in cubes.  Thaw as needed and feed your baby some healthy food!


peas-8I like peas!