Holy comfort food, Batman!  Okay, so I just recently discovered my new favorite food blog ever, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I absolutely love it for so many reasons.  The gorgeous, step-by-step photos, the hilarious commentary throughout the posts, and importantly, the fact that it is filled with food I would actually make – and eat!  I think the only other website that can make me laugh out loud this much is I Can Has Cheezburger (another favorite) :)  Even Ben enjoys reading Ree’s blog for her sarcastic and witty spin on a regular ol’ recipe.  Anyway, this pot roast is incredible.  It is so simplistic, yet produces a truly amazing meal.  Not to mention, it makes your house smell incredible while it is cooking.  Ben actually smelled it from outside at our mailbox after work – now that’s some good smells!  Below is my version of the recipe, adapted for my recipe files, but I suggest you read Pioneer Woman’s version because it is way more fun.  (And be forewarned, many more of her recipes will be appearing on this blog in the near future.)

Pot Roast
2.5-5 lb. chuck roast
kosher salt
black pepper
olive oil
2 yellow onions, peeled and quartered
3 carrots, unpeeled and cut into 2-inch pieces
beef stock (approx. 2-3 cups)
rosemary and thyme (fresh preferred, dried is fine)
garlic cloves (about 4-6), halved  

Preheat the oven to 275°.  Season chuck roast generously with salt.  Sprinkle generously with pepper.  Turn over and repeat on other side.  Set aside. 

In a large pot or dutch oven, heat 2-3 tbsp. of olive oil over medium high heat.  Once the oil in the pot is hot, add the onions.  Allow them to brown on one side, then turn and brown on other side.  Once adequately browned, transfer to a plate.  Add the carrots to the pot and toss them around until slightly brown.  Remove to a plate.  Add another tablespoon of oil to the pot.  Add the chuck roast to the pot and allow to sear on one side.  When well browned, flip and brown other side.  Lift up with tongs to brown edges as well.  Remove the roast to a plate.

Add about 1 cup of beef broth to the pot to deglaze.  Use a whisk to scrape the browned bits from the bottom of the dish.  Add the browned meat back to the pot and add in enough liquid to cover the meat halfway (about 2-3 cups).  Add the onions and carrots back to the pot as well.  Add 3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary and 3 sprigs of fresh thyme, submerging the sprigs in the liquid (or add dried rosemary and thyme to taste).  If desired, add garlic cloves as well.  

Put the lid on the pot and place in the oven.  Roast for 3 hours for a 3 lb. roast, 4 hours for a 4-5 lb. roast.  Do not lift the lid during roasting. 

Source: adapted from The Pioneer Woman Cooks