Holiday Gift Guide 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s already that holiday time of year again. As in past several years, I have worked hard to curate a list of fun and enjoyable gifts for many of those on your list. While I have provided links to easily accessible online retailers, I would truly love it if you took the time to seek out any of these items that might be available to you locally in order to support small and local businesses. Amazon will do just fine without you. (read more)

Things I’m Loving: Ethical Fashion Basics

I thought it would be worth sharing what I consider the staples and must-haves of my personal wardrobe now that I have transitioned to a mostly ethical/sustainable wardrobe and have significantly altered my consumer habits.

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Organic Stretch Cotton Leggings
Black Ankle Boots
Favorite Skinny Jeans
Favorite Plain T-shirt
Midi Knit Dress
Wrapped Onyx Necklace
Lightweight Denim Shirt
White Skinny Jeans
Embellished Suede Wedge Heels
Snazzy Gold Flats
Denim Jacket
Cuffed Sleeve Knit Dress
Pretty White Studs
Tie Back Tank Dress
Interchangable Ribbon Sandals
Organic Stretch Cotton Leggings/Pact
Black Ankle Boots/Poppy Barley
Favorite Skinny Jeans/Warp + Weft
Favorite Plain T-shirt/Krochet Kids
Midi Knit Dress/Amour Vert
Wrapped Onyx Necklace/Erin McDermott
Lightweight Denim Shirt/FashionABLE
White Skinny Jeans/Warp + Weft
Embellished Suede Wedge Heels/M. Gemi
Snazzy Gold Flats/Poppy Barley
Denim Jacket/FashionABLE
Cuffed Sleeve Knit Dress/Amour Vert
Pretty White Studs/Erin McDermott
Tie Back Tank Dress/Elegantees
Interchangable Ribbon Sandals/Sseko Designs