1. The morning after we came home from Seattle, Andrew brought all of his stuff animals into the living room and then napped in them. I’d say someone was glad to be home.
2. Irises were my mom’s favorite flower, and I can’t resist buying them when I see them in stores each spring.
3. Totally excited about that lovely Boden scarf I got as a freebie. I am yellow obsessed.
4. I had the opportunity to be a Secret Reader in Andrew’s classroom last month. He had no idea I was coming and was SO excited. I brought one of our favorite bedtime reads and it was a big hit with the class.  I don’t think anyone else had heard it before!
5. Cooking dinner with my buddy.
6. ::choirs of angels singing:: Paper Source has opened in Indy!  It’s just as wonderful as I imagined.
7. One of the best side effects of Frozen obsession hitting our house is that Caroline is always asking for what she calls an “Elsa braid” (I just do a French braid). So much better than the usual rat’s nest going on up there!
8. The tire swing was always my favorite as a kid. Happy they love it too!
9. Andrew decided randomly that he wanted to dress “fancy” for school one day. The cuteness completely melted me.
10. Caroline helping me choose ice cream flavors from Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones.
11. Spring is great, and even better with strawberry yogurt pops.
12. My brother bought me possibly the greatest gift ever.  Seriously.
13. Home with a sick girl = lots of reading and snuggles.
14. Bike ride/stroller walk on Earth Day!
15. One of my most favorite Indy restaurants now has a sister restaurant next door.  La Mulita is fantastic!  Indy people, if you haven’t tried it yet, you must!  Can’t wait to go back.
16. Sous chef.
17. My schedule has allowed for attending lots of yoga and barre classes lately.  It has been heavenly! Not many things make me happier than sunshine and yoga.
18. Such a boy.
19. Came into her bedroom one morning to find her bed full of books.  A girl after my own heart.
20. This citrus juicer is the best kitchen item I’ve bought in I don’t know how long.

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.

  • Elizabeth Elliott

    My son, now 33, loved that book as a child. It was one of the few kept for grandchildren, and so glad I did, as my grandsons (6 & 2) can recite it. At least the 6 year old can…the 2 year old gives it a most noble try! So glad they reprinted it. Andrew has impeccable taste!

  • Angie

    I actually just picked up a Kindle version of Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones from the library last weekend and I’m loving it! I want to make everything. This is definitely a buy book (Yes, I’m that person that started getting cookbooks from the library to determine if I actually want to buy it. I’ve said hella money that way!)

  • Amy Stratton

    That cutting board is fantastic!

  • ami@naivecookcooks

    Aww looks like a fun filled month!! You look lovely btw!

  • annieseats

    That’s awesome! I’m sure I’ll be reading it to my grandkids someday :)

  • disqus_VmC2D9oBAk

    I want that citrus juicer!

  • Michelle Kubiak Petermann

    I’m pretty sure if I had adorable kids like yours – seriously, they should both be models — I would be having 10 more!!! The cuteness factor in these pictures is sky high!!!

  • annieseats

    Thank you! I’m pretty crazy about them :)

  • Mary Jo Weis-Richards

    My husband and I just had a wonderful date night at Delicia- thanks for mentioning it! I had the chile en nogada and it was one of the most complex dishes I have ever had- yum!! I checked out the menu at La Mulita and can’t wait to have the bacon wrapped hot dog. I use to live in Mexico City and these were standard fare sold on the streets after going to the “discos” and they are the best hot dogs ever! Thank you for your lovely blog.

  • annieseats

    Oh good, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Delicia is one of my most favorite restaurants so I’m very excited they expanded with La Mulita. And very glad to have pointed another person in the direction of their wonderful food!

  • M Kearnes

    Where did your brother find the Heisenberg cutting board?? I want one.

  • annieseats

    Somewhere on Etsy. I’m not sure of the exact seller but if you search Breaking Bad cutting board or something similar, I’m sure you’ll find it.

  • SK

    Love your pictures every month… Almost look forward to it…. :-)