Welcome to the latest installment of Reader Love!  I have been so enjoying seeing all your photos of my recipes.  It never gets old!  (Want your photos to be included?  If you share them on Instagram and your photos are public, tag @annieseats or use #annieseats.  Otherwise, feel free to send them to annieseats at gmail dot com.  Thanks!)

My amazingly wonderful friend Tara (smellslikehomeblog) made one of my favorite desserts ever, peanut butter cheesecake brownies, as a gift for her neighbors.  I am sure they will love her forever.  Also, now I want brownies, but what else is new?

IGer typingsunflowers made the ever popular cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread.  It has been far too long since we have made it here.  Time to change that!

Soft pretzel bites have been making the rounds a lot lately, for the Super Bowl and the Oscars.  These beauts came from charlestonfoodbloggerschelseawagenaar, and aramey1 (clockwise from top left).  Yum.

Ginger garlic salmon is one meal that became and instant favorite with us, and we now make it at least once every two or three weeks.  Glad to see magpiesandmore also enjoyed it!

Tornadoeats was being all clever and made pumpkin cream cheese muffins to distract the audience during a presentation he had to give.  Seems like it would work on me!

Jemmy88 made homemade sesame bagels.  Send me one, dear, won’t you?

Tunnel of fudge cake is one of those recipes I have to pretend doesn’t exist.  But everdibello made it and now it’s on repeat in my head.  Chocolatecakechocolatecakechocolatecake.  Dang.

Mjpou88 made the chicken parmesan meatballs into meatball subs.  Like, whoa.

Thebackdoorbaker made salted caramel and chocolate macarons.  Excuse me while I go use up my giant stash of almond meal.

What’s better than Mexican quinoa?  Mexican quinoa topped with an egg and avocado, via carlizmac.  Be still, my heart.

Carojfletch made cilantro jalapeño mahi mahi topped with blood orange salsa and a side of cilantro lime rice and deemed it restaurant worthy.  Word.

Blood orange loaf cake has been alllll the rage.  Made here by mrsregueiro, moomolly78, funfiveminutesago, megjstudios, and lkshanno (clockwise from top left).  Gotta take advantage while they are still in season!

Reader Gerianna shared a pic of her modeling her new Whip It Good t-shirt and it’s just about the cutest thing ever.  Love it!

This is Liz.  She is an amazingly sweet, kind and generous reader who started out as a frequent commenter and emailer and eventually became a virtual friend.  On our recent Chicago visit, we met up for coffee and it was so wonderful to finally get to chat in person!  She is as sweet as can be (and her mom is the one who sent the bounty of Meyer lemons – amazing!)  She’s also learning to knit and has already got major skills – she just finished up her own herringbone cowl like the one I’m wearing here.  Liz, thanks for being such an awesome reader and friend.  So very glad to know you!

PS – If you shared a photo that didn’t make it into this post, I’m sorry!  There were too many to include them all.  Don’t worry though, I love and appreciate every single one, and any that were missed may make it into the next installment of Reader Love. 

  • Jessica Rose

    Blood orange cake…yes please!

  • Sarah M.

    I squealed when I saw my blood orange cake picture! Thank you! I’m such a huge fan! This made my day!

  • Ellen

    Ooh, you included my pic! (Tunnel of Fudge) It was SO good. I’d been wanting to make it for ages, and it totally lived up to the hype. Thanks, Annie!

  • SK

    How do I share pictures with you? I want to, at the same I think you might be jealous of how wonderful everything turns out ;-) he he he… Ain’t I tacky??in reality you would be so proud, and you should be because you are such a wonderful teacher, you explain everything, step by step with pictures, almost fool proof! I am not good at following recipes since I love to substitute/improvise/make changes and I don’t measure ingredients, except when I am making baked goodies… Anyways the point being even when I don’t follow your recipe I use it as an inspiration, or a nudge to try something I have been wanting to. I know I say this all the time I leave a comment, thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful blog.

  • annieseats

    Good call – I just added details at the top of the post about the various ways to share your photos with me. And thank you for all of your kind words!

  • Chelsea Wagenaar

    I made the Reader Love post!! Thanks so much, Annie, I read your blog every day and I’d say about 3/4 of the food I make comes from here…and it never ever disappoints! Today I’m actually making your sourdough bread recipe for about the zillionth time — love it!!

  • Liz N.

    Oh Annie! I feel so privileged and honored to be mentioned in this post. YOU, my dear, are truly amazing. Thank you for meeting up for coffee (and Ben, you are awesome for hanging out too). It was such a blessing! There are people in one’s life that make a big impact and you definitely have made me a better cook and a more courageous knitter. Thank you for allowing me to know you on a personal level too. You are a kindred spirit!

  • annieseats

    Thanks Chelsea! Love to hear that. I need to make some sourdough this weekend too – we’re running low!

  • I am so excited to be mentioned in the “reader love” post. I have been reading for many years and I appreciate all of your hard work to create these beautiful posts and recipes! You are my go-to recipe blogger! Janet @ FunFiveMinutesAgo http://funfiveminutesago.blogspot.com/

  • SK

    Initially (before reading you comment) when I saw the updated post I felt like an idiot thinking oh she did give all the information about sending pictures, how did I miss it…. Ok now I know :-) thank you, will email you pictures soon, maybe for starters I will send you the valentine’s day cookie pictures.

  • Maggie

    Annie — thank you so much for the reader love!!! I was squealing with excitement this morning when I woke up to a text from my sister telling me about the mention. We’ve both followed your blog from the start and rave about your recipes regularly. Not only are your recipes amazing but so are you! Between raising a family, medical school and a residency, throwing the most adorable parties and gatherings and managing Annie’s Eats, you are truly awesome!

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Again – love this feature on the blog!!!

  • Gabby Hunter

    I visit your blog every week for helpful hints and tips. I hope you will allow some more of your fans to post some of your yummy goodies. I’m not sure if the time to post is over as I would to add in some of the baked items i’ve made. Thank you for the inspiration that you give.

  • Melissa Brooker

    I must start sending photos of the recipes I make! Making reader love would be a dream come true! You are amazing Annie

  • Carly

    So excited to see my breakfast Mexican quinoa made the blog! I’m a long time reader and have never been disappointed by any of your amazing recipes. Thanks, Annie!

  • I love this feature! So fun to see what everyone is making from your site. It also helps to remind me which things I’m still hankering to make (like that tunnel of fudge cake… um, YUM!) Thanks for sharing my pic of the cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread!

  • annieseats

    Melissa, you really should! As one of my most faithful readers and commenters, I would love to share some of yours!

  • annieseats

    Aww, yay! I love to hear that :) Thanks for following and for the kind words!

  • Ahh thanks friend for including my picture, you are too wonderful. A very sweet surprise and I’m already making more “fun” drinks with blood oranges. Can’t stop, won’t stop!!!

  • That tunnel of fudge cake is amazing! A few bites sent my two year old into a sugar frenzy. We’ve kept it to the adults ever since. Those macarons look amazing too!