1. Cutest workout buddy ever!
2. What’s better than sibling cuddles? Sibling cuddles in front of the newly decorated Christmas tree.
3. Ben and I took Andrew on a special evening to see the Nutcracker ballet for the first time.  My mom took me to the same one every year from the time I was three until she died and I have been wanting so badly to take my own kids.  Caroline isn’t quite ready yet – hopefully next year.
4. So yeah, I went to the JT concert last month and I think I’m still on a concert high.  It was an outstanding show. I’ve been a fan since the N’Sync days and man, he just keeps getting better.
5. Tried my hand at recreating a holiday decor thing I saw on Pinterest and loved the way it turned out.
6. Super snowy roads on the way to take the kids to see Santa
7. Finally got around to trying the sock bun.  Mind blown.
8. Shipped out lots and lots of Whip It Good and How I Roll t-shirts and it was surprisingly fun :)
9. I am so grateful that I was able to take a few days off of work before Christmas. I had one day to myself and spent it wrapping gifts and watching Love Actually, my all time favorite Christmas movie.  It was glorious.
10. The next day I had a girls’ day out with Caroline.  We went to have lunch at the Loft at Traders Point, one of our most favorite places. Such a great day.
11. Andrew demonstrates how a t-rex would eat a gingerbread house.
12. More sibling cuddles.  The cuteness is too much!
13. Christmas Eve cookie baking.
14. My favorite gift that I gave to Caroline was this little set of knit baby dolls.  She has been liking to play with dolls lately so I thought this would be perfect.  And yeah, she loves them.  It is so fun to see her play with them!
15. This play mat for toy cars was a total guess but Andrew loves it!  We have had a lot of fun playing with it so far.
16. We have entered the dress phase.  It’s all she wants to wear, morning, noon and night.
17. Uh oh.  It’s the Grumpus.
18. Marble works was one of my favorite toys as a kid. Christmas brought a new set for the kids and we are loving it!
19. I just finished a sweater for Andrew.  He looks so cute in it, I just want to snuggle him forever.
20. New Year’s party with my baby!

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.

  • Cerissa Ancheta Myers

    Annie, you are simply amazing! You are able to accomplish so many things in so little time, and you do it all with such grace and quality–you make difficult things seem so easy :) Everything you knit looks like a machine created it (I mean this in a good way)! I’ve tried knitting a few things, and I tell ya, it’s not as easy for me to be consistent…You’re seriously an inspiration to me in so many ways! Thank you for sharing so much more than just good eats!

  • Kristin

    What a lovely month! And Love Actually…totally agree!

  • Anne Blackwell

    I love the Grumpus! :)

  • Karen Doyle

    Where do you get Caroline’s adorable dresses? My daughter is a little bit older, but I love the style, especially in number 18.

  • Kristen

    I saw Justin Timberlake when he came to Cleveland last month. Such a good show! Would definitely like to see him in concert again

  • annieseats

    The dress in 18 (and 16) are both from Boden. Most of her clothes are from there or crewcuts, as well as occasionally Gap, Janie and Jack, and of course Target. I especially love Boden’s dresses but they can be kind of pricey. I usually wait for sales and then I always Google for promo codes before ordering because a lot of times I find random ones that help bring the price down even more.

  • annieseats

    Oh gosh, you are too kind. If you enjoy knitting, just stick with it and I’m sure you’ll keep getting better. I have only been doing it a bit over a year but I had a really good teacher and I think that made all the difference. I recommend taking a class if you can find one.

  • haz

    Hi Annie! What kind of playmat is that? It is foldable and travel friendly? Thanks!

  • annieseats

    It is foldable and would definitely be travel friendly. Here is the link: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/transportation-splat-mat/

  • haz

    Thanks so much. Keep on writing. You are an inspiration! :)

  • stacym

    I love #18 and how there is a coffee cup sitting in front of her…apparently she hasn’t drank her morning cup yet :)

  • annieseats

    Ha! You are so right :)

  • Diana

    I already enjoyed your blog but now that I know you are an old NSync fan I like it even more!

  • Jackie

    Love Actually…my all time favorite movie! Every year, the hubby and I sit down to watch it while we wrap presents. My favorite “date” tradition :)

  • Amelia

    I love your Instagram feed! Seriously where have the years gone? I can remember when you were posting that you were pregnant with Andrew. And now, look how grown up these two are!
    That is some insane snow. It’s definitely one of the things I miss about not living up north during the holiday months. Makes it more magical.
    Andrew is definitely a cutie demonstrating how to eat that gingerbread house and I love Caroline and the ‘Grumpus’. That’s how I am before I have had coffee. ;) Loving my ‘Whip it” t-shirt and so is everyone else at my gym!

  • Angela

    Happy New Year! Love the pics of the sibling cuddles. My son and daughter are the same age as your kids and I always catch them giving each other random hugs. Love it!

  • Steph in Lex

    Oh my goodness, your daughter looks JUST like you!

  • So jealous of you and JT. Seeing him in concert has been a life goal of mine since 8th grade! (And I have the JT-covered binder to prove it)

  • what a fun month! I am also in Indy (hey from the south east side!) and was so hoping to take our oldest to the Nutcracker this Christmas …but didn’t. Where did you guys go? (I’m thinking if it goes on the calendar NOW it might happen this year) Thanks so much! <3

  • Kinsey Drake

    Annie, thank you for sharing all of your wonderful talents! I am a high school senior who is crazy about food and cooking, but I love biology and human health as well. You are someone to look up to who is able to balance a scientific career and a passion for food at the same time. Thank you!

  • Angela Wilhite

    Annie, that sweater is GORGEOUS! What pattern is that? So handsome!!

  • Stephanie Carolina Velez

    Happy New Year! Loving this post :)

  • Melissa Brooker

    Love actually is my all time favourite Christmas movie too! Your kids are adorable, total cuteness overload

  • annieseats

    We go to the one in Bloomington. It is IU’s production, held at the MAC. It’s always fabulous :)

  • annieseats

    Kinsey, you are so kind. Many people will tell you, as they told me, that you can’t be in medicine and also have a life (or a good one). Though it certainly hasn’t been an easy road, I completely reject that idea – life is what you make of it. If you want to cook and bake and craft or whatever, you will make time for it. It really is that simple. You can do it!

  • annieseats

    Angela, the pattern is called Lancelot. Here’s a link to it on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lancelot-2

    If you read through the many comments from the people who have made the project, especially those who used the English (the original pattern is in French), it seems like there are some errors and one portion of the instructions are quite confusing/wrong. This link (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annmarsh/lancelot)has my own thoughts on the project, the part with the errors, and how I worked around it to still make the sweater work. If you do make this, I definitely recommend reading through a lot of people’s comments so you are prepared for the less than smooth sailing :)

  • Angela Wilhite

    Thanks, Annie! :)

  • the 4th to last and the very last photos are just too stinking cute!
    happy new year to you!

  • Sara

    Annie, I love your blog. I must say, as may before me have also, you are truly an inspiration! I have dismissed the idea of going back to school for my doctorate (which I swore I would never do after having kids) until seeing your journey through medical school and residency while starting a family, cooking, blogging, knitting (!!!), etc. You have given me the courage to go for it.
    I am also LOVING those baby dolls you made for Caroline. Do you mind sharing where you got the pattern? My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was younger but I never really cared for the types of things she made. After seeing those dolls (and everything else you’ve made) I’m going give knitting a try.
    Thanks so much!

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Such wonderful pictures, Annie!! Also – you did an amazing job on that sweater. It looks like it could come from a store!

  • You saw JT?! Beyond jealous! He’s absolutely amazing!

  • Berna

    Happy New Year! Your kids are so cute. Seriously, you should do a post on your daily routine. You are so productive: knitting, a blog, full time job as a physician, and 2 kids! BTW, we tried the Christmas cookies recipe and they turned out well. Your pizza dough recipe is a fave with my daughter. She loves to make pizzas.

  • Astrid

    Annie, did you make those knit dolls or purchase them from somewhere? They look like a great way to use up random skeins :-)

  • Liz N.

    Happy New Year Annie and family! I am looking forward to cooking many more recipes from your blog (new and old). JT makes me squeal like a teenager too! i saw him at Soldier Field last summer when he toured with Jay Z. He makes me swoon! The knitted dolls for Caroline and sweater for Andrew are beautiful. I stopped knitting after getting frustrated. Now that we’re in the midst of Chi-beria, I might have to pick it up again just to get through winter!

  • annieseats

    Astrid, I knit them. Here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/acorn-the-baby-elf. They were a quick project – I was able to knit one a day to finish in time for Christmas. And yes, I think they would be great for using up a stash!

  • annieseats

    Sara, this makes me so happy! I am glad to hear how my blog has helped inspire you. So awesome!

    Here is a link to the baby doll pattern on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/acorn-the-baby-elf

  • Sara Fullerton

    Hey Annie! I have been a fan of the blog for years and I can’t wait to see what delicious things you have in store for us in 2014!! I would like to add a monthly Instagram post to my own blog and was wondering how you are able to organize your photos into a grid like that? Happy New Year!

  • annieseats

    I use Lightroom to make the collage. You might want to Google for detailed instructions. Hope that helps!