August was a rough month for our family for several reasons but as you can see from these snapshots, we made the best of it by spending lots of time together.
1. Caroline cannot get enough berries.  Heaven help you if she sees you with a container meant for another purpose.
2. The back porch at my Dad’s house – one of the places where I feel most at home.
3. Andrew blowing bubbles.  Reality – I have to blow them 99% of the time so he can chase and pop them :)
4. Caroline models my shirt after work one day.
5. Another happy place of mine.  Kids in bed, good book to read, and a warm chocolate chip cookie.
6. My buddy loves to read.
7. One of my favorite views in the world – the top of Caroline’s head as I push her in the stroller.
8. We are so thankful for the end of the horrible heat wave and have been making up for lost time at the park nearly every evening.
9. Our patio umbrella was backordered all summer long but finally arrived.  The timing worked out pretty well since it’s finally bearable to sit outside in the evenings.
10. Our garden beds are getting ready to burst with all the produce that is growing.  Nothing like a ripe homegrown tomato!
11.  I made a baby shower cake for a sweet friend of mine.  So excited for her little man to arrive.
12. Lately Caroline is growing so quickly, I’ve taken to breathing in her baby blankets to bring me back to those snuggly newborn days.
13. Andrew LOVES eating outside.
14. I finally decided to see what The Hunger Games is all about.  I’m currently into the third book.  Definitely entertaining reads!
15. Our girl has become a major book lover herself.  Current favorite: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
16. Caroline clocked me with her sippy cup.  Ouch.
17. I can’t get over how grown up this girl looks in PJ pants.
18. Choosing shoes to wear for a night out – apparently a major life decision.
19. This girl wants nothing more than to play play play when we get home from school/work, and I love it.
20. Ben’s birthday was last week and I was pretty excited about this fun gift wrap for his presents (thanks, Paper Source).

  • JolieCat

    What sweet pictures! I knew we both had little blonde 4 year-olds named Andrew, but I just realized they also have the same bed and bedding as well. Funny :)

  • Angie

    I can never get over how old my little guy (14 months) looks in his jammies. It’s amazing the difference between 2-piece pants and shirts and sleepers. I miss the sleepers but the pants are the cutest things!

  • Stef

    Your kids are just too adorable! I am definitely loving the cooler days too. I can’t wait until they are consistent.

  • Caroline L.

    Looks like you guys had a sweet, mellow August! You have such a lovely family :)

  • Kendra Scott

    Love the pictures! You have very darling children! Your pictures make me happy for my little family as we have a son already and a girl on the way. ;) I understand what you said about Caroline and the berries, our little man is the same way. He can’t get enough! He would eat them all day every day if we’d let him. I hope September is less rough on you and your family. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way…

  • Emily P

    I just love these posts! Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for the food, but I love getting to know you and your family more! Cheers to Fall!

  • First, all of these pictures are adorable, well except for the black eye – sorry about that, I’ve lost a filling from a sippy cup. Second, I love that you have an entire category dedicated to Pumpkin…SO much so that it inspired my recent blog post.! You are awesome!!

  • Diana

    ~Beautiful family! Thank you for your orange muffin recipe it was a hit with my two grandchildren…and I love your blog, your an inspiration!!!

  • Anne Marie Hanlon

    I love these monthly updates! I like the way you include the good and the bad (your poor eye!). Your children are so beautiful and growing up so fast. I thought of you today when I opened my email from American Girl and saw that their newest historical character is a blonde haired blue eyed beauty named Caroline!

  • Anna

    Happy Birthday Ben! Can’t wait to see the gorgeous cake you baked up, Annie!

  • Vanessa Gonzalez

    Love the gift wrap

  • Emily Clark

    I love this post. The highs, the peaceful moments (I loved those moments when the babies & toddlers were in bed at least an hour before me!), and the fun, precious, bits of family life. This is a great idea to capture the happy of a month. Thank you Annie, for all you do. This fan loves the recipes and commentary.

  • annieseats

    Aw, thank you :) So glad you’re enjoying it.

  • annieseats

    Oh my! We haven’t Caroline any dolls yet but that may very well be under the Christmas tree this year :) Thanks for the tip! I used to love my American Girl dolls.

  • Patti T.

    What a great post, showing us the highlights and some not so high lights. You have such beautiful children and you are beautiful as well, inside and out. Thank you for sharing great recipes and also glimpses into your family. I enjoy everything in your blogs.

  • Ann P.

    Beautiful photos of a happy life! :)

  • Randee

    What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! What program/app/etc. do you use for your monthly collage? :)

  • annieseats

    I used Lightroom.

  • Sophia

    What’s your IG account? I’d love to follow you!

  • annieseats

    My personal account is private. My public account is annieseats.

  • victoria

    random question for you – is your outdoor wood slat table from West Elm? IF so – do you love it? Has it held up well to the elements? Thanks!

  • annieseats

    Yes, we love it! Just got it this summer but so far it is great. One of our chairs arrived broken but it was promptly exchanged.

  • victoria

    wonderful! Thank you sooooo much for your reply!