I could hardly contain my excitement when a coworker recently chose these toffee crunch cupcakes as her birthday selection.  This is one intense cupcake.  It starts with a chocolate cupcake base with toffee bits mixed in, topped with a ring of ganache coated in toffee bits, and finished off with a pretty little cloud of caramel Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.  Toffee has long been a favorite treat of Ben’s so he was pretty psyched about the idea of these and even more excited when there were extras left over for him to sample.

I did wonder if the toffee flavor might be masked by the intense chocolate cake or the rich caramel frosting, but the flavors were nicely balanced.  You can definitely taste all the components but the toffee still plays a starring role.  My only criticism is that if made in advance, the toffee bits soften slightly and lose the “crunch”, making the name a bit less apt.  Nevertheless they still tasted great and if I were really going for that crunch component, an extra sprinkle of toffee on top of the frosting just before serving would surely do the trick.  If you have a toffee lover in your life, you might just make their day with these cupcakes.


For the cupcakes:
2 cups all-purpose flour
¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp. espresso powder
1 tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
2 cups sugar
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature
4 large eggs, at room temperature
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup brewed coffee
1 cup toffee bits

For the ganache and toffee layer:
8 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 cup heavy cream
3 tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature
1½-2 cups toffee bits

For the frosting:
5 large egg whites
1½ cups sugar
4 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature
½ tsp. coarse salt
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
1/3 cup caramel sauce 


  • 01

    To make the cupcakes, preheat the oven to 350˚ F.  Line cupcake pans with paper liners.  In a medium bowl, combine the flour, cocoa powder, espresso powder, baking soda, and salt.  In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the sugar and butter and beat together on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 2-3 minutes.  Beat in the eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition.  Blend in the vanilla.  With the mixer on low speed, add in the dry ingredients in three additions, alternating with the coffee, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients.  Mix each addition just until incorporated.  Fold in the toffee bits with a spatula.

  • 02

    Divide the batter evenly between the prepared liners.  Bake 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Let cool in the pans 5-10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

  • 03

    To make the ganache, place the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl.  Add the cream to a saucepan and bring to a simmer.  Remove from the heat and pour the hot cream over the chocolate; let stand 1-2 minutes.  Whisk together until a smooth ganache forms.  Whisk in the butter 1 tablespoon at a time until completely incorporated.  Transfer the bowl to the fridge or freezer to chill the ganache to a pipeable consistency, whisking every 5-10 minutes to ensure even cooling.  When slightly thickened, transfer to a pastry bag fitted with your tip of choice.  Pipe a ring of ganache around the top of each cupcake, leaving a hole in the center.  Add the toffee bits to a bowl and dip the ganache portion of each cupcake into the toffee bits, pressing very gently to adhere.  Let the ganache set.

  • 04

    To make the frosting, combine the egg whites and the sugar in a heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water.  Heat, whisking frequently, until the mixture reaches 160° F and the sugar has dissolved.  Transfer the mixture to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment.  Beat on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form and the mixture has cooled to room temperature, about 8 minutes.  (The bowl should be cool to the touch.)

  • 05

    Reduce the speed to medium and add the butter, 2 tablespoons at a time, adding more once each addition has been incorporated.  If the frosting looks soupy or curdled, continue to beat on medium-high speed until thick and smooth again, about 3-5 minutes more (or longer – don’t worry, it will come together!)  Blend in the salt, vanilla, and caramel until smooth and completely incorporated, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.

  • 06

    Fill a pastry bag fitted with a decorative tip with the frosting and pipe a frilly pile of frosting on top of each cupcake, filling the hole in the center of the ganache.  Top with additional toffee pieces, if desired.


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    Partially kidding, of course.

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  • Annie

    Yes! Or maybe exploding? My kitchen is very hazardous ;)

  • Annie

    I give them a menu, but they are welcome to suggest other flavors as well.

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  • Louann Zundel

    In looking at the original recipe, it calls for 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of sugar for 1 stick of butter and 2 eggs. Your recipe calls for 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of sugar for 2 sticks of butter and 4 eggs. Just wondering if this is a typo or if those are the correct proportions.

  • Annie

    Oops, thanks for catching that! Math error when doubling. I have corrected it.

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    These are INCREDIBLE. I made them for our little community farmers market and sold out. I did make a change but only because I panicked and ran out of time. I omitted the ganache and then whipped up your frosting you included with your Smores cupcakes. I piped a rim around and dipped in toffee bits them finished piping on the icing. They looked great and were delicious. I do plan to make them again and do it right next time! :)

  • Becki Sue

    I made these last night on a whim, after planning dinner for tonight with a friend. I gave her some flavor options and was thrilled when she picked toffee! These cupcakes are why toffee was an option. :-) Even though there were a few steps in making these beauties, everything came together fairly easily. I did manage to trash my kitchen with lots of pans, bowls and measuring spoons, but that is why I have a dishwasher. The visual impact of these cupcakes is impressive, but then the taste does not disappoint. The caramel frosting was my favorite part!!

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  • Annie

    Freeze it.

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    I made these for an end of term party and everybody LOVED them. They were taking pictures of them and taking extras home with them, big hit. Thanks for posting!

  • super yummy. My frosting still didn’t incorporate completely so it had a weird texture and way WAY too sweet, but when combined with the not-sweet at all ganache and semi sweet cupcake, it worked. they were a hit!

  • super yummy. My frosting still didn’t incorporate completely so it had a weird texture and way WAY too sweet, but when combined with the not-sweet at all ganache and semi sweet cupcake, it worked. they were a hit!

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t beat the buttercream long enough. See the FAQ page for more info on Swiss meringue buttercream.

  • annieseats

    You didn’t beat the buttercream long enough. See the FAQ page for more info on Swiss meringue buttercream.

  • ElaineV

    Hi Annie, I made these cupcakes for a co-worker’s birthday last week and I want to tell you they turned out awesome!! Everyone loved them and I have been getting orders for them. Fantastic cupcake recipe!! Thank you

  • SassaGirl

    How did you make the light coloured toffee bits? Mine turned out tasty but quite dark. Or, are these an ingredient which are available for purchase in the United States? (I live in England). Thank you so much for your lovely site! I made these cupcakes and they were well loved by everyone who tried them!

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased them, didn’t make them myself. Some toffee bits are chocolate covered and some are not (at least here in the States). I’m sure you could make the toffee, though I’m not sure I’d go to the trouble just for this. Glad you enjoyed them!

  • Nick Furlong

    I was just going to try and explain why my Swiss butter cream was not coming together after 15 min of whipping; took it out of mixer and put in air tight container in refrigerator; read your faq and you said it could take upward to 30 min to come together, promptly unpacked and started whipping again and presto 2 min later I had perfect frosting :) yipee

  • Anonymous


  • Kristen

    I made these cupcakes for a coworker for her birthday and they were amazing! Such a huge hit! Your recipes are my absolute favorite!

  • Did you use regular or dutch process cocoa in the cake batter? I know many of your recipes uses the dutch process (nothing wrong with that- since it is so awesome!). Thanks!

  • annieseats

    If it doesn’t indicate Dutch-process, you can just assume natural unsweetened. Enjoy!

  • Thank you so much! I will be making these for Easter… I can’t wait! They have been on my list of cupcakes to try for too long… :-)

  • Carolyn

    Is it really necessary to the frosting recipe to use 4 sticks of butter? Could I reduce the amount and still yield the same results? Why so much butter?

  • annieseats

    It is buttercream, and this recipe uses 4 sticks.

  • Funyboy2796

    If I use a hand mixture for the frosting will i still get the same resluts or tell me what i can do different

  • Ashley

    These were a huge hit at work! I send your website to my coworkers on their birthday to pick a cupcake. These were declared the fave so far…but they say that everytime! It was my first time making swiss buttercream and it came together perfectly and was so fluffy but stable at the same time…LOVED IT!

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    i baked these last weekend and they turned out amazinngggg…the only kind of weird thing was the frosting. because of all the butter in it, it tastes a little strange (like pure butter) for the first few seconds in your mouth, but after that it tastes incredible. so don’t be fooled by the frosting, it tastes reallyyy good eventually!

  • Colie

    Have you every tried baking it as a cake?!??

  • annieseats

    No, but you certainly could. See the FAQ page for more info.