It’s here!  It’s here!  In case you didn’t know, July is National Ice Cream Month.  I enjoy ice cream all year long, even in the dead of winter, but I certainly indulge more frequently in the summertime.  It’s no secret that I have a major sweet tooth, but if I were forced to choose a single category of dessert that I like best above all others, it wouldn’t be cake or cookies or pie – without a doubt, it would be ice cream.  It makes perfect sense to me, then, to have an entire month dedicated to ice cream.  Not just a single day like other food holidays – doughnut day, chocolate chip cookie day, etc.  This deserves a full month to celebrate.

I found these ice cream-themed cookie cutters a few months ago and grabbed them off the shelf faster than you can say, “OMG so cute!!!”  It seemed only fitting to decorate some cookies for the start of National Ice Cream Month.  These were such fun to make and I loved the way they turned out.  I have a major thing for sprinkles these days so I couldn’t resist using some on at least one of the cookies.  The pink ice cream cones were looking a little bit too plain to me, and I knew I needed to do something to jazz them up.  I ended up just piping on a few squiggles near the bottom of the ice cream scoop and sprinkling with pink sanding sugar.  This was my favorite detail of all.  I love the sparkle it provided, and how it is reminiscent of the ice crystals in real ice cream.  New to the site and want to decorate cookies?  See my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my tutorial on decorating with royal icing.

This month I’ll be sharing some new ice cream recipes as well as some ice cream toppings and other ice cream desserts.  There will also be a themed giveaway, so keep your eye out for that!

Bless his heart, Andrew sees countless cookies that I make for various events covering our countertops only to be told that they are not for us and that he cannot eat them.  After seeing these cookies progress, he was more than a little excited that he got to taste one!


    How cute is your son?!

  • those are too cute!

  • Oh, Annie they look gorgeous! I’m finally gathering the courage to try them out. I’ve been wanting to for a while but National Ice-cream Month is too noble a cause to let it just pass by without a blip. Wish me luck!

  • Kirsty

    Hi Annie,

    I hope you and yours had a happy and safe Fourth :).

    Thank you for this post. I had no idea there was a National Ice Cream Month, but it just makes SO much sense! I make your Roasted Banana ice cream at least twice a month, my family adores it. I’m thinking in honor of this month, I’ll have to explore your other ice cream recipes!

    Take care,


  • These cookies are adorable! Ice cream is also my favorite dessert. I’ll eat it no matter what the weather is.

  • Gorgeous cookies…and good to know that it is national ice cream month! I’ve been on a frozen custard kick lately but ice cream will always be my #1!

  • Linda

    all i can say is: WOW! i love ice cream more than cookies, but these just look perfect! very fun and cute and absolutly adorable, just like your little one!

  • Suzanne

    Annie, these cookies are fabulous! Where do you find the time to make something so delicous look so easy to make? Would you be up to making and selling some to me for my daughter’s 5th birthday? Please contact me if you would. Thanks for making the day a little sweeter with these gems!

  • These cookies are adorable! : So is Andrew!

  • Yum! Now I’m in the mood for some ice cream… and cookies… and it’s only 8am. Going to be a looong July 5th!

  • You’re a gal after my own heart. I LIVE for Ice Cream Month! These cookies look like a fab way to celebrate!

  • Oh my goodness…HOW CUTE! We celebrate ice cream in our own way where I work–Give Kids The World Village. We do ice cream for breakfast! :) Check it out:

  • I love the sundaes! The combo of yellow and aqua is gorgeous!

  • Nicole G

    Super cute little boy and very cute cookies!!!

  • Those are amazingly cute!

  • OMG! Annie, these are INCREDIBLE! I don’t know how you find the time!

  • Heather W.

    Andrew is so cute! The cookies look awesome also! I can’t wait for the ice cream recipes.

  • Liz N

    Annie, I love the variety of colors you have been using for your sugar cookies. Do you have recommendations for gel food colors? Where do you purchase yours from?

  • Those look awesome! I am always impressed by how amazing other people can make sugar cookies look :D The picture of Andrew with the cookie is just adorable :D

  • Kelsey

    Annie, these are just so cute! What a wonderful way to kick off ice cream month. Hooray!

  • YUM! Ice cream is without a doubt my favorite food too! I could eat it day and night. I’m so excited to get some new ice cream recipes. I’ve just been trying my hand at homemade ice cream this week. I’ll be checking back :)

  • WOW Annie! These are amazing! So much detail!

  • What beautiful cookies. Lucky little guy getting to eat one!

  • You never cease to amaze me at your cookie decorating skills, these are awesome!

  • Noelle G

    These are AMAZING!

    I look forward to seeing more “ice cream” posts this month. But I know I don’t pay attention to them as much as your other posts because, to be honest, making Ice Cream scares me! LOL. I’m not sure why it’s intimidating. Could you do a post that includes some basic things, like what to look for when picking out an ice cream maker, or just an ice cream tutorial for complete beginners? (Or direct me to the link if I’ve somehow missed it in the past)

    Thank you! :)

  • LOVE THEM! These might be one of my favorite cookies you have ever designed…I want an ice cream cone right now! And I love his precious little smile. He’s so cute, Annie!

  • Annie

    Hi Liz,
    I used to use the Wilton brand gels but recently switched to Americolor and much prefer them. I think I’m going to add this info to the FAQ page because it gets asked a lot, so check back in a week or so when I’m back from vacation and I’ll have it posted. Thanks :)

  • Gorgeous of course! I’m loving my set but I haven used them all yet!

  • Danielle

    Wow, those are so amazing!!! You’re so awesome! Can I hire you to make the cookies for my daughter’s birthday party?!?!

  • Mmm ice cream month is my kind of month! I’m in Europe, so there is tons of gelato to find! Cute cookies!

  • These are sooo cute!!!

  • Katherine

    I was just looking at the Atecco set on Amazon, it sounds like they might be a sneakily repackaged Americolor set. And it seemed that all, at least most, reviewers prefer them over Wilton!

  • These cookies are adorable!!!

  • Annie, I’m in awe whenever you share your decorated cookies. It’s been a long while since I’ve worked with royal icing and after seeing your pics, I’m conflicted. Conflicted because I’m so inspired to play with sugar cookies and decorating them… yet intimidated because I know when I do get to doing them, they’ll look like a hot mess lol. Thanks for sharing as always & once I get my cookies to look semi-presentable, I’ll be sure to post how you inspired me. :)

  • lee

    that’s one cute “taste tester” you got there =D

  • I wish I had that same attention to detail. You can pull off amazing things, Annie! Those cookies are perfect!

  • Ellen

    Love love love these cookies! And what a cute picture of your son. :)

  • Wow you did an amazing job on these!

  • Thumbelina9987

    Andrew is adorabl!

  • These cookie ideas are to die for!! I thought you might enjoy seeing that I posted about them in my ice cream party theme blog post today. You can check out the blog post here:

    The Preppy Planner

  • Bethb06

    My niece Jordan thinks these look delicious. They look incredible.

  • kristen

    What an adorable little boy! He steals the scene away from your cute cookie!