Last year was the first year I did a recap post of my favorite recipes of the year.  I used to think these end-of-year round-ups were a bit silly, but now I really enjoy reading them on other blogs, as well as writing my own.  I love looking back over my year in food and seeing what recipes really stand out to me as the best of the best.  Like last year, I’ve narrowed my posts down to 30 favorites.  Thirty may seem like a lot, but considering that I posted over 200 recipes this year, it’s not an easy task.  Without further ado, the first half of my favorites from 2010:

Everyone needs a great classic lasagna recipe, and this is my favorite.  It takes some time to assemble but feeds a large crowd (or a smaller family for days!)

This recipe for scallops Provençal is my favorite way to prepare scallops.  Fairly quick and simple, yet rich and indulgent, this is a great meal for a special occasion.

Pizza bites – a simple, genius idea for one of the best snacks or appetizers around.  I can’t make them too often because they are irresistible.

For cookie dough lovers, these cookie dough truffles are a must-try.  Personally, I can’t think of any truffle filling I would prefer more than yummy (eggless) cookie dough!

We’re major enchilada fans in this household, so this recipe for chicken enchiladas was a true revelation.  It immediately became my reigning favorite and eventually won over Ben as well.

I absolutely love soup.  I would probably be eating it every day if it weren’t for my wicked pregnancy-induced reflux.  It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but French onion would definitely rank near the top.  With caramelized onions, baguette slices and melted Gruyere, what’s not to love?

These burger buns are so wonderful, I haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase the store-bought variety since trying them.  I make them and keep some in the freezer almost all the time.

If I had to pick a favorite dessert of the whole entire year, it is without question this chocolate mousse.  It is thick, smooth and incredibly rich.  Oh, I cannot wait to have it again!

To me, these blueberry scones are the scones that all other scones should be measured against.  Light, tender and buttery with a bright flavor from the blueberries and lemon zest.  A freezer staple, in my opinion.

This spring green risotto really took me by surprise.  I thought it would be good, but the final product is so much more than the sum of its parts.  The flavors all meld together to produce a fantastic meal that is even more wonderful because of the fresh green color.

Cookie dough cupcakes are probably one of the most brilliant dessert creations I have encountered.  These are incredibly rich but so worth it.  True cookie dough lovers only, please.

I was always lukewarm to chocolate ice cream before trying this recipe.  Now I’m a believer.  It puts the store-bought kind to shame.

Since first trying this recipe for wheat pita bread, I have made it countless times.  For gyros, hummus, and anything else I can think of.  It is puffy and delicious.  Even Andrew loves it!

These grilled chicken fajitas are one of my favorite dinners of the whole year, and good enough to make me uncover the grill from inches of snow in the dead of winter to have them again.

With shrimp, white fish, and lobster, this seafood gratin is full of flavor and perfect for a special occasion.   I need to think up some more special occasions….

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second half of my “Best of 2010”!

  • Those seem to be winner recipes! I particularly like those cookie dough chocolates, the seafood gratin, the pizza bites, the pita and the chocolate ice cream.

    Happy New Year!



  • Charli

    Brilliant, I was just wondering what to do with the blueberries in the fridge and this post just answered that question! Thanks!

  • So many delicious looking recipes! I am saving some of the recipes I hadn’t seen before!

  • I have made those burger buns (except I shape them into hot dog buns) many times, and I love them! I haven’t bought them from the store since, either.

    And I made those cookie dough cupcakes into a 2-layer cake earlier this year and it was the best cake I’ve made. I want to make it again!

  • I’ve been waiting for your year-end round up for weeks now and not surprisingly, 8 of your 1st 15 are things I’ve made and loved…and we’re making the pizza bites tomorrow night. :)

  • I just made a list of the things I want to make from this post! Cookie dough truffles, spring green risotto and chocolate ice cream. I just got a new, huge, awesome stainless steel ice cream maker for Christmas. I’m 23 and get excited about getting things like vacuum cleaners for Christmas now. I love dumping thick greek yogurt into the ice cream maker for a quick dessert on week nights, but I’ve been looking for something different. Can’t wait to try – thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for doing this! I just started reading your blog in the past few months so it’s great to see the yummy things I missed!! Everything I’ve made from your blog is delicious!!

  • Popping over from “Smells Like Home” and wondering how I had missed visiting your blog before. What beautiful food and tasty recipes! I will be back!

  • I actually made most of the non-sweets on this list. Very cool. Though I think our favorite this year was the chicken gyro recipe. That was a hit with all of us, though the boys had trouble handling it with their smaller hands, so we cut it up.

    (It’s not that I don’t like your sweets. They look lovely. I just don’t like sweets myself, so I rarely make them in the house. And when I do, I go for stuff that’s easy. HA!)

  • I’m having trouble bookmarking recipes … too many different ways to do it, and lots of times the big mags will change their archived file addresses, so there are all of these broken links. So I love it when you run these recaps and collections. Right now I’m just saving them in a Good Eats folder. Maybe make it a bit more organized in 2011! Cheers!

  • I am so glad for this Best of 2010 review! How did I ever miss the Spring Green Risotto recipe?? I now have ther recipe bookmarked so that I don’t forget to try this recipe!!!

  • I look forward to reading your blog every morning and it is so fun to see which recipes make your “best of” list. I’ve made five of the recipes on your list already, and now I really want to try the lasagna, blueberry scones, and cookie dough truffles!

  • I love recipe roundups! I have to say that everything here looks like absolute heaven :) Especially the cookie dough cupcakes – yum!

  • Yum!!! I am a semi-new follower so I’m glad you posted this so I could get some new recipes that I haven’t seen yet! I’m gonna have to try some out!!

  • Brenna

    I’m so glad you included that enchilada recipe!! I made it for my in-laws for Christmas Eve lunch (just to spice things up a little bit) and everyone absolutely loved them… there were no leftovers!! It’s a great recipe and I will definitely be making them again and again!!

  • You’ve done some amazing work in 2010. Congrats!

  • You’ve officially made my mouth water! Can’t wait to see what you have for next year!


  • all of the recipes look fabulous, but those cookie dough truffles look especially good!! i am a HUGE cookie dough fan (can’t resist eating some every time i bake a batch of cookies), and can’t wait to try this recipe!

  • Shelly

    All of your food looks so beautiful and delicious, but your desserts, in particular, are soooooo lovely! You are amazing!

  • Pippa

    It’s amazing how many of these recipes I’ve actually tried and have become a staple on our weekly menu! You’re clearly one of my favourite food bloggers and my first source when it comes to new recipes! :)
    Happy new year Annie! May 2011 bring joy and happiness, for you, Ben, Andrew and the new little one that will be coming very soon!

  • Jane

    The seafood gratin is to die for! We made this for my daughter’s wedding dinner and it was a hit. I love the chicken enchiladas and another of my staples now are the herb rolls. Thanks for some great recipes.

  • Wow, what a great top 10! I’m especially drooling over those scones…they look so amazing! Happy New Year!

  • You officially have my mouth completely watering. I would say that is successful!! :-)

  • WOW, I made your chicken enchiladas for the first time for dinner last night, and they were amazing! I have a feeling these will be making regular appearances on our dinner menus.

  • I just made the seafood gratin for our new year’s eve dinner. Its so rich and special – delicious! And soon I’m heading to bed because I’m expecting a little one in a few months, too :) Happy new year and thanks for all the wonderful recipes and inspiration!