The thing I love most about sugar cookies with royal icing is that with a few fun cookie cutters and different icing colors, you can make gorgeous treats to suit just about any occasion.  Two of my good friends are getting married this weekend and I could not be happier for them.  There have been two showers in honor of the bride in the past month or so, but unfortunately I was unable to attend either of them.  I sent a gift for the first one, but wanted to do something for the second one as well without spending too much money.  I thought some wedding themed sugar cookies would be a nice gift so I ordered a few new cookie cutters that seemed fitting.  The bride definitely loved them, and I had a blast making them!  I think these would make fantastic favors for a bridal shower and will keep that in mind if I ever have the opportunity to host another.

The more I decorate with royal icing, the more fun I have with it.  This time around I tried adding a metallic sheen to the icing with Wilton pearl dust.  I used gold for the champagne, silver for the ring band, and white for the detailing on the cake and the ring.  You can’t see it very well in the pictures, but it actually looked really cool.  I will definitely be using this more in the future!  My only other tip to pass along is that sketching out your cookie designs can save you a lot of time and not-so-pretty cookies.  I love brainstorming and sketching out ideas before starting to make sure I choose the best designs.  So, bake some cookies and have fun decorating them for someone special in your life.  They are sure to be a hit!

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  • You are so insanely creative! I made cookie favors with royal icing as favors for our wedding but they were nowhere near this nice. I’m so inspired…I just wish I were more artistic. Beautiful!!

  • apinchofthisandthat

    I LOVE these! What an inspiration to try my hand at royal icing!!

  • cookingbride

    These are very impressive looking. I’m sure they were yummy!

  • oneordinaryday

    They are adorable. I always admire seeing cookies decorated with royal icing, but I’ve never tried my hand at it. You’re inspiring me to get a step closer though!

  • HB

    I’m just now getting into cookie decorating! And I love it. I like the pearl dust and I use the edible glitter on my decorated bday cakes. My sister’s neighbor does this as a business and is so generous in sharing all her knowledge with me…in person! She truly has a magical artistic touch! Yours are so fun and adorable and I’m sure a greatly appreciated treat! I hope to make lots of these in the Fall and Winter. I loved your snowflakes from last year too! That’s a great idea to sketch. I’m not always so good at freehand design. But oh well, they’ll still get eaten!

  • HB

    Also, love your onesie cookies. Great idea. Picked up a onesie cookie cutter this week. Wanted to make them for two babies born on our cul-de-sac! Thanks for the continuous inspiration. You make it all seem so effortless!

  • Oh my gosh! These are adorable!

  • These look great! And yummy too!! I love the champagne cookies, too cute!

  • These are ridiculously precious! I am going to have to step outside of my cookie comfort zone and try cookies. They are just entirely too cute for me to avoid any longer. Great job!!

  • These are the cutest ever!!! Love your detailing on the little wedding cakes! So so adorable! I’m curious how you stood the cookies up in the first picture? Very cool. I’ve wanted to try that pearl dust for a long time. My cousin’s little girl is having her 5th bday soon so I thought I’d try it out for her.

  • Beautiful!! I love them. You are so talented. These will make a wonderful favor at a bridal shower.

  • Annie

    I believe I just used my little Wilton icing colors to stand behind the individual cookies. I think they were just the closest thing, so I grabbed them and it worked!
    :) Annie

  • Tamara

    These are too cute! I love them.

  • They’re so adorable, I’m very impressed with your piping skills! I just decorated cookies with royal icing for the first time and really enjoyed it.

  • Wow! These are gorgeous! I would have totally stolen your idea if you did this, say, 3 months ago?

    Actually, making 150 of these cookies would have probably stressed me out before my wedding, but wow, I want to make some pretty cookies now!

  • brownilena

    These are so cute! I definitely want to learn to work with royal icing.

  • These are so cute! I’m planning to follow all your advice for some cookies for the holidays this year :)

  • laura

    Adorable! Your recipes always turn out so well (light wheat bread is probably the most adaptable recipe I’ve used recently!)

    Just wondering, where do you order your cookie cutters from?

  • Annie

    Hi Laura,
    Glad you enjoy my recipes! As for cookie cutters, Sur La Table has a pretty nice selection if you have one near you. Online, I like to order from Cookie Cutter Shop. They have good prices, a huge selection, and affordable shipping (much cheaper than many other sites I’ve searched).
    :) Annie

  • Those are amazingly decorated! You are a pro f’sho.

  • betchacanteatjustone

    These are beautiful! I made similar cookies for my cousin’s wedding to use as favors. I haven’t done any sugar cookies in quite a while but I should make some and decorate them up for the kids.
    I will definatley be checking out the Cookie Cutter Shop! (I hope they ship to Canada!)


  • Angie

    Cute! Your are so talented!

  • Angie

    I meant you are so talented, not your!

  • Annie, WOW, you are so very talented. These look amazing! You should be selling your baked goods, I for sure would be a customer ;)

  • Annie

    Haha, thanks Lindsey! Believe me, these cookies ship very well so if you ever do want to order some, I’d be more than happy to help you out!
    :) Annie

  • These are adorable. Your friends are so spoiled.

  • These are SO cute! I love-love-love ’em!

  • Christina


    These are awesome! I wish you would have posted this early this year and we so would have had you do these for our wedding. When my sister gets engaged I am going to be coming to you for either her shower or reception!

  • Carolyn

    These inspired me to do the same for a shower I’m going to! My gift ended up being a hodge podge of kitchen items from her registry (mixing bowl, spoon, trivets, etc….so I thought it would be cute to do a little gift basket and include some sugar cookies. I found wedding cutters at Michael’s, and I’m going to make a few cookies and stick them in treat bags to put in the gift basket…hopefully they look as good as yours when I’m done!

  • I just wanted to tell you that these are gorgeous. I was inspired by your detailing and the cute baby shower cookies. I baked up some for a baby shower this weekend and will begin decorating later in the week. My hope is that they’re even a fraction as beautiful as yours. Keep up the good work.

  • Louanne

    Hi Annie! I’ve meant to write you about these cookies since you posted them…they are lovely! And, you’ve inspired me to try cookie decorating, again. My little boy, (he’s an Andrew, too, btw) will turn 5 in December. I thought I’d practice with Halloween cookies to get more experience with royal icing. Which brings me to my question…when you outline the cookies, how long do I wait before filling in the rest? And, then, once I’ve filled in the cookie, do I let the cookies sit out uncovered until they are completely dried? Thanks for your time & best regards!

  • Annie

    Hi Louanne,
    Oh yay, I’m glad I’ve inspired you to try royal icing. It is so much fun! I just made another batch of cookies decorated with it last night. After outlining the cookies, I would wait maybe an hour before doing the flooding. You can just carefully test a bit of the piping and see if it is stiff enough (it usually hardens pretty quickly). After flooding you want to wait several hours before adding any more detailing. Usually I do the flooding in the evening and leave the cookies to dry overnight.
    Have fun and good luck!
    :) Annie

  • micaela

    Hi Annie..Love these cookies! I’m making some for my brother’s wedding next weekend. Question…did you mix your pearl dust with a liquid and paint it on? I bought something similar..not Wilton’s…the lady at the cake store I bought it from told me to mix it with vodka or clear extract but I really didn’t think it turned out that great. Wondering if I used the wrong ratio of dust to liquid. Thanks Annie!

  • Annie

    Yes, I use clear vanilla extract. Good luck!

  • You’re my new hero! There is no better tip than to try things. These are very pretty. The wedding cake is an exceptional design.