I’m Feeling Brand New

I’m Feeling Brand New


Friends, the time is finally here. The site is all kinds of brand new in all the best ways. This change evolved naturally over time as I began connecting with readers about topics beyond food, and eventually it became clear that I needed a new platform for the many areas of content I am excited to blog about. The new site has a clean look, lots of new functionality, and is a perfect space for me to delve into other areas such as lifestyle, fashion, travel, and more. Everyday Annie is my new chapter, but Annie's Eats will always be part of this. Don't worry, all of the food is still here and fresh new recipes will continue to be an integral part of the site. I won't let you go hungry!


Things you should be excited about:

  • 01
    New Name, Me Everyday

    I’m still the Annie you know and love, but today we officially move beyond the kitchen and into my everyday. This expansion allows me to more freely share the things I am passionate about, the things that inspire me, and the things I love to do day to day. Don’t fret though, the food is still here and many new recipes will still be shared. Thanks to Second Street Creative for going on this journey with me and building a brand and site that truly reflect my voice.

  • 02
    New Content Areas

    You’ll find four main categories: food, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Embedded within these, you’ll find a bit of everything – outfits I’m into right now, products I love, city guides, travel tips, home project tutorials, knitting and sewing projects, book reviews, personal writings, and more. If you have requests of topics you are interested in, I would be glad to hear them!

  • 03
    More Mobile Friendly

    As more and more of us access the web through our mobile devices, a mobile friendly site is key. We did our best to make your mobile experience of Everyday Annie a great one. Explore and enjoy!

  • 04
    Improved Recipe Presentation

    The new layout means recipe posts have a cleaner look to them. It also allows me to better feature those drool-worthy food photos we love so much.

  • Annie this is amazing! I’m only one post in, but already so excited to explore everything new on the site :) I discovered your blog as a first or second year medstudent and still remember loving taking study breaks reading your recipes (on the old-old platform!) and trying them out. Have definitely enjoyed watching the site grow and evolve and am so pumped to read more about you beyond the food :) Congrats, girl!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Anna Maria! This means so much to me!

  • Tracee Marshall

    Yay!!!! I love it!!! Is it creepy that I’ve been obsessively checking everyday since your instagram teaser? Love the new sight and I’m super excited for all your postings and musings. Congrats!!!!!!

  • Annie Shepherd

    The new site looks great! I just came on to search for an old favourite recipe and I couldn’t find the search bar. I might just not be looking in the right place or need to get my vision checked, but help?

  • Jenifer

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I’m poking around recipes and the photographs are so beautiful, I’m heading to the kitchen now to make quesadillas! Am I not seeing the search button or will it appear soon? I can work around it for now but it’s a handy tool when I know I want your pizza dough recipe (or in this case, tortillas!) Happy Website Birthday!

  • Lara Tickle

    I love your recipes, but please bring back a search box. I’ve always loved your ice cream recipes, but now need to go through pages and pages of desserts to find them. I was at the store on my phone trying to find the ingredients I needed and couldn’t find the recipe. I had to go through a google search to pull up your basic vanilla ice cream recipe.

  • Annie

    Please be patient with us as there are always a few hiccups in big transitions such as this. You can use google to find anything you need and it will give you the page you’re looking for. Thanks!

  • Annie

    It’s missing currently and will be fixed once my team is back at work on Tuesday. In the meantime you can use Google to find whatever you’re looking for. Thanks for your patience!

  • Annie

    Not creepy, super sweet and flattering! So glad you like it! Thanks Tracee!

  • Peggasus

    Hmm…I guess my comment didn’t get through the other day. I was wondering if I will need to Feedly add each section, or if they will be all be available from some main page. And what is that page? Thanks!

  • Annie

    Your comment went through, I’m just a little busy and wanted to respond when I had the time. Sorry. You should be able to receive all updates with http://everydayannie.com/feed/ but let me know if that isn’t the case.

  • Annie

    It will be fixed soon. It was overlooked in the chaos of launch but once my team is fully back after the holiday we’ll get it fixed. In the meantime, Google will bring you right to whatever you’re looking for.

  • Sarah

    I love your recipes, but the new site doesn’t lend itself well to printing or easy reading. Are you going to add a printable version, like you used to have?

  • Annie

    At this point, we are not planning on it. The printer friendly version is quite a hassle to produce and offer, and most people seem to be cooking directly from mobile devices these days. You can always copy and paste a recipe into a word processing program to print if you feel it is necessary.

  • Nicole Lodahl

    Yay! I am so excited for you. I have always enjoyed both your recipes and bonus content. It is so fun to know all of your passions will be shared here. Congratulations on the relaunch – the site is beautiful. (And I’ve already used the mobile version twice for recipes. Worked like a charm!)

  • Ryan Hunley

    Now that search is back, I can officially crown this as the greatest site I have been to

  • Rebecca Ashton

    recipes are harder to pin now?
    and the ones I had already pinned are not directing correctly?

  • Annie

    I haven’t had any trouble pinning recipes. There is a Pinterest link at the bottom of every recipe post so just click on that and it should be very easy to do. As far as all the old pins working, all of the links from the old website redirect to the URLs on the new website. If there is an issue with in Pinterest, that is obviously beyond my control.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Nicole!

  • Rebecca Ashton

    thanks for responding, I’ll give it another try.

  • Annie

    No problem, I hope it works out!

  • Faith Heitman

    The site is fab! I’ve noticed my email updates (for new posts – daily, etc.) no longer come to my inbox. Has the email subscription gone away?

  • Annie

    Yes, unfortunately it has. We are exploring the best option for email subscriptions moving forward and I’ll share what we decide soon!

  • Lauren

    Hi Annie – Your new site looks amazing! I am also a long time reader and have enjoyed watching your blog evolve over the years.

    The majority of meals we make at our house come from your site and we come here frequently for new ideas as well, so I have a question about browsing recipes. It looks like the only way to go back into the archives to browse older recipes is on the main food page via the “keep reading” feature. If I click into a specific category, there doesn’t appear to be a way to look at anything other than what shows up on the first page. Is there a different way to do this to be able to browse all the recipes within a category as I was able to do on your old site?

  • Annie

    Are you using Internet Explorer? We have tried to replicate the issue you are having and so far it seems isolated to IE. We are working to provide a targeted fix. On other browsers, there is a “Keep Reading” button with an arrow so you can browse all the way back within a category.

  • Lauren

    I must have been. I am using Google Chrome now and it is working! Thanks so much for your reply.

  • Lucy

    Woohooo! Annie the new site is gorgeous. Congratulations to you and I’m so happy you’ll have a broad range of posts. Loooong time reader and have always loved the food post (seriously always, making the roasted garlic, broccoli, chicken penne this evening) but have loved your voice and other lifestyle posts too, so excited there will be more of those.

  • Annie

    Thank you Lucy!

  • jennie lopez

    Just popped on for the first time in a while, and WOOHOO! Go you! Can’t wait to follow along.

  • HollyStormBurge

    I just noticed that I haven’t gotten a post in my email for a while…nice site!

  • Annie

    Thank you!