Hey! Caroline turned six and I’m finally getting around to writing about it! (See below for more on that.) Oh, this sweet girl of mine is a ball of energy with loads of personality and sass. When I asked her what party theme she wanted, she bounced around with a few ideas and finally settled on super heros! I could hardly think of a more fitting idea, so we went with it. We didn’t want to go the route of trademarked heroes, particularly since the majority are traditionally male, so we went for colorful, fun, and generic super powers. Even better.

Happily, my niece was born the week leading up to the party and I was able to be at the hospital to meet her shortly afterward. Unhappily, work was completely insane in the week leading up to the party. Due to both of these factors, I didn’t have nearly as much time or energy as I would have liked to put into party prep. Even keeping it simple, I was still fairly pleased with how things turned out. More importantly, Caroline had a blast with her friends and that’s all that really mattered.

I didn’t get much planned as far as party activities went, but we had truly perfect weather for the occasion (especially for the first week in April!) so we mainly just let the kids run around outside in the yard and pretend to be super heroes. Fun for them and easy for us!

Since I didn’t have a bunch of fun games and activities set up like I had hoped, I did want to have one concrete thing for them to work on. I sewed super hero capes and masks in a variety of colors (made a hybrid self-drafted cape pattern inspired by several free versions I found on the interwebs). We had several sets of fabric markers for the kids to decorate their capes and they had such a blast doing it! I considered letting them also use fabric paints but then decided against it so they wouldn’t have to wait for them to dry and could change into their super alter egos stat!

As I said above, details were kept pretty simple due to time constraints but a variety of fun party supplies is an easy way to bring any event together. Loved all these fun plates, cups, and napkins (vendor details below).

Food was kept soooo simple. We grilled hot dogs and had a huge platter of fruit, a plate of veggies, and of course, deviled eggs. No Annie party is complete without deviled eggs because really, they are for me.

Caroline and I had recently tried a blackberry layer cake that we loved at our beloved Cake Bake Shop, so we decided a homemade version would be perfect for her party. Her party was at the tail end of her school’s spring break and as such, I expected low attendance. However, TONS of kids came and I panicked and ended up making two tiers. So glad I did because 1) we needed it, 2) tiered cakes are just so striking, and 3) too much cake is not a thing. Recipe is here; note, for a tiered cake I made one regular 6-inch cake and one 8-inch cake using a 1.5 batch recipe.

These little super hero cookies were a little idea that came to me rather randomly and I simply couldn’t stop thinking of them. I baked chocolate sugar cookies, flooded them with a layer of plain white royal icing, and then drew the cute little people on them with a set of edible markers. The kids went NUTS for these. I made enough for the kids to have one each, but it was a good thing I had extra plain flooded cookies set aside because they were begging for more. I ended up drawing on demand, like some sort of caricaturist or something. It was fun and so silly!


My darling Caroline, I think you absolutely are super and I am always excited to see what you will do next!


  • Night sky mural made using navy and black wrapping paper from Paper Source and balloons purchased on Etsy. (If you are interested in a step by step post on how I made the mural, I may oblige!)
  • Plates, napkins, cups, straws and candles from Shop Sweet Lulu
  • Drink dispenser from Target


Note: My lovely readers, I truly apologize for the silence here lately. I don’t want to make excuses, but I also don’t want you to think I don’t want to be here! That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several contributing factors to my absence:

  • The new site is so close to being ready and as such, this is an awkward time for me to be posting on the old version.
  • We are just tying up a complete kitchen and master bath renovation which has left our house in a state of upheaval.
  • My work bag was recently stolen from my car including my ID and cards, my laptop, all makeup, car key, and even a half finished knitting project! Getting things back in order has been a challenge and certainly hasn’t made my life less chaotic. 
  • We just got back from vacation! (Err, vacation with kids which is kind of vacation but also not.)

I hope to be back to posting more regularly very soon. At least now I have a finished kitchen which should help A LOT!

  • Katrin

    I can’t believe Caroline is already six! The way time flies!

    Looking forward to the new site! :)

  • eatlovemove

    This is amazing and so inspiring! My son wants a superhero party for his 4th birthday so you’ve given me lots of ideas. Would you mind sharing the pattern for the capes and masks? Thanks!

  • Amy L

    Super-cute party, and that cake looks amazingly delicious! Glad to see a post from you and glad that all is well (well, aside from the bag being stolen). Can’t wait to see the new site!

  • Melissa Brooker

    Oh Annie this party looks lovely! Caroline and Andrew truly are so lucky to have you!!

    I’m so sorry about your bag being stolen! That’s horrible and so much work to replace!

  • SallyT

    You are MY superhero! Seriously, my 11 yo loves having at home parties – I love it too, but it’s stressful to plan, and yours looks super fun. I’m seriously in love with those cookies!

    Also, I’d love if it you would post about the kitchen reno – so interesting. Sorry about the bag theft – such a violation.

    Thanks – you’re worth waiting for :)

  • Anne

    Adorable! The cookies are super cute :)

  • Heidi

    Beautiful party! As always, thank you for all your ideas and inspiration. Quick question about the tiered cake…did you use a dowel or straws to support your top tier? Thanks


  • Lauren Ochoa

    They stole your knitting project? What beasts!!! We are dealing with some really low criminals here. Next thing they will be breaking into your house and stealing your vanilla beans!

  • Michele Siuda Jacques

    So glad to have you back. I love the recipes, but also love how much you manage to do in a day. It’s inspiring. So sorry about the work bag theft. That is awful!

  • Shari

    We still love you! By the way there is strawberry lemon momofuku cake on the Internet, I made it twice in one week. Simply amazing!! Instead of the milk crumbs I made the graham mixture, I was going for a cheesecake flavor. White cake, pickled strawberry jam, graham mixture, lemon liquid cheesecake TO DIE FOR.

  • Sara Reynolds

    Glad to see you back, Annie! Don’t stress- you know we’ll take what we can get! And so sorry to hear about the theft- it’s happened to me and it’s terrible. But the party looks amazing as always! Have a great week back!

  • disqus_SgRY77WhZK

    Those cookies are so cute! Loved the party theme too!

  • Angie

    I absolutely love this theme. My daughter, nearly 3, loves superheroes, but it bums me out that the parties are so male-centric. She’d be totally cool with that, but it still annoys me. I’ll have to keep the generic version in mind for her 4th. (For her 3rd she requested yellow… and Gwyneth get’s what Gwyneth wants!)

  • Lanette

    You’ve certainly been missed, Annie. I would’ve been worried if not for Instagram. :) I’m sorry about your work bag. How frustating! I look forward to seeing the new site as well as photos of the new kitchen and master bathroom.

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    That cake looks amazing! I need it in my life!


  • This is such a cute party idea and so fitting given the current state of our country. LOVE women superheroes, especially ones like Caroline!

  • Annie

    Thanks dear! Agree 100%!

  • Annie

    Thanks so much Lanette!

  • Annie

    Thank you Michele!

  • Annie

    I need to try that soon! Sounds so good!

  • Annie

    I KNOW! Honestly, the knitting was the part I was the most upset about! All of it was a hassle and a huge expense (and the added sucker punch of them using my ID at the bank drive through to steal even more money) but the knitting was time and effort I can’t get back! I have since restarted the same project but still – grrrrr.

  • Annie

    Thanks Heidi! I didn’t use dowel rods this time around. I usually play that decision by ear based on when I put the tier on top, how heavy the cake is, the overall texture/structural integrity of the cake and filling, etc. In this case the cake and filling set up so well I knew I wouldn’t need additional support.

  • Annie

    Thank you!

  • Annie

    Thank you Sally! I will definitely post about the renovation at some point. It was a good experience overall and I’m in love with the results!

  • Annie

    Thanks Melissa! :)

  • Annie

    I wanted to share links to them but honestly, I can no longer remember which patterns I used because I was in a state of extreme sleep deprivation when I got to the cape/mask making. The cape I ended up using ideas from a few free patterns and after testing one on Caroline, made my own hybrid version. I do remember that all the ideas I found were on Pinterest so I’m sure a quick search would bring you plenty of free options to choose from!

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    My dear Annie…I have long wondered how you seem to do it all – Full-time Mom, full-time professional, and blogger. I am the first two and can NOT imagine trying to fit one more thing in. While I used to check your blog daily (before kids) I now can only manage once every couple weeks. And if I see a new post, GREAT! And if not…that’s ok too. I appreciate all the help you have given me in the kitchen over the years, but please don’t hold a single feeling of guilt over having a busy life. I think I speak for many when I say “We get it!!” You’re amazing, and I’m thankful you take even a few moments to share that “amazing-ness” with us. God Bless!

  • Tara Sallinger Margetson

    Such a wonderful party! Those cookies are absolutely adorable

  • Victoria

    What an awesome party, I love the theme. Sorry to hear your bag was stolen, some people are just horrid. Looking forward to seeing the new site – and of course the new posts!

  • Susanne

    Welcome back! We did a superhero-themed Vacation Bible School this year and it was the most fun ever!

  • KylieV

    Adorable party! Question for you… I’m a momufuku devotee but have always wished the cakes were bigger! What size rectangular pan do you use to make the sponge for an 8 inch cake?? I think I could handle the rest of the math. :)

  • Annie

    I believe I used a half sheet pan and then an 8-inch cake ring to cut in the same way as the normal 6-inch cakes (two full rounds and one pieced together). Hope that helps!