Hey there friends. I am so sorry for the silence around these parts lately. Some of the reasons are the usual – work (SO busy), life (busy busy), and being in the midst of a huge site redesign that you all are going to love (EXCITING!) But to be honest, the main thing occupying my time is all of the turmoil in our world right now. Each day since the inauguration has brought news of more disgraceful and unqualified cabinet picks, blundering bigoted executive orders, and alarming legislation being introduced. It takes SO much emotional and physical energy to stay informed and to process all that is happening. Honestly, this video sums it up really well. Pair all of this with an administrative press team pushing alternative facts like a brand new plague, and now I truly understand the crucial importance of supporting our free press. The POTUS literally said (via Twitter, of course) that “any negative polls are fake news.” ::biggest eye roll ever::

Now more than ever we must seek truth and transparency and just as importantly, show our tangible support to those asking the tough questions, doing the deep investigative work, and practicing responsible journalism. To this end, I urge you to purchase paying subscriptions to those media outlets providing high quality reporting. I have done so myself and to further bolster these efforts, I am offering a different kind of giveaway today for you, my lovely readers. Six entrants will win a subscription (or combination of subscriptions – explained further on the giveaway page) to The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and/or The Atlantic. Head over to the giveaway page to learn more and to enter.

On a related note, if you aren’t already following the page News and Guts, headed by former news anchor Dan Rather, you need to be. Find them on Facebook to catch their frequent updates. Rather has offered some of the most articulate, wise and insightful commentary on these fast moving headlines and I have found his page to be an utter gem in these challenging times.

More food and Things I’m Loving coming at you VERY soon. Pinky promise.

(Don’t bother with comments or emails calling me a snowflake or a crybaby. See the POTUS for example numero uno of that shizz.)

  • Anagha

    Hey! Tried to enter the giveaway but it says comments are closed :/

    I totally feel you about the fatigue that sets in when you’re barrage daily with discouraging news and rhetoric. Keep fighting the good fight mama!

  • Annie

    Should be good now. Sorry about that!

  • Annie @ Annie’s Cooking Lab

    I’m right there with you. I’m struggling to not let everything that is happening in the world drag me down. The thing that is helping me the most right now is the podcast Pod Save America. The guys doing the pod were speechwriters for Obama. They’re super knowledgeable, super funny, and they get all the credit for helping me stay both informed and sane right now.

    I’ll check out News and Guts too!

  • Annie

    A friend recommended that to me recently. I have subscribed but haven’t listened yet. I will soon! Glad to know you love it too.

  • amy

    Great idea Annie, thank you!

  • Thank you once again for using your platform to speak out on this. As a longtime reader who is also struggling with this new “reality,” I appreciate it immensely.

  • Annie Danko Amos

    Thank you! Such an important message in such a weird, scary time.

  • Laura Jewell

    I love this. Thank you. Like many others, our insurance premiums went way up this year (more than doubled!) and are trying to figure out how to recoup that cost. We thought about dropping my husband’s NYT subscription, but decided that we need to scrape from somewhere else; real news is too important right now. (I’d love to get The Atlantic, though!)

  • Christine Cardus

    I was going to recommend Pod Save America too – they also started Pod Save the World. Listen to their interview with President Obama before he left office – it’ll give you a much needed breath of fresh air and some sanity.

  • Hanna

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love this post and your passion.

  • Steph

    I too am struggling daily with this new “reality” and am trying to not get too bogged down by it. Your insight is so eloquently delivered and helps keep my hope & will to fight this world of “alternative facts” & demeaning rhetoric alive. Thank you.

  • Maia Reed

    Lady, we are on the same page. After the election I had a long think about where my money could best be spent to support the things I care about that are now under threat. It turns out meaningful, high-quality journalism was my number one. I already have a TIME and NatGeo subscription, but I added in a digital NYT subscription and donated to my local NPR station as well. As a nonprofit employee it wasn’t a small expense, but one that I believe is well worth it. I’m glad you feel the same and are sharing this idea with your readers!

  • Molly

    Thank you for this! I can relate to so many of these feelings, and I think it’s noble (and honestly, necessary) that you are using your platform to speak about these issues. On a totally different note, I went to San Francisco last week and visited some of your recommended places—Al’s Place was incredible!

  • Katie (The Muffin Myth)

    What a great idea, and thanks for the reminder. I’ve challenged myself to donate to a different charity each month this year, but hadn’t considered how paying for a high-quality media outlet could equally make a difference. Off to subscribe!

  • What an amazing idea. Trying to sort through everything online is so exhausting, both physically and emotionally. As a long time reader (but sort of a lurker in regards to comments) thank you for speaking out about this. It’s reassuring to know that we’re all not alone in this bewilderment.

  • RachDm

    The news media has become so biased with reporting that to hear a full story you almost need to read it from 10 different sources and put the puzzle pieces together yourself. You notice that FOX news will *never* say anything negative about Trump but CNN always have nothing but *negative* things to say about Trump. While I don’t agree with everything Trump says or does I will say that he has shed some light on just how untruthful our media has become.

  • Annie

    I must admit that I think CNN would report on something positive, were there something positive to be reported. And I wouldn’t consider Trump a reliable source to shed light on anything. But that is the point – consume information from multiple credible sources and use that information to reach your own conclusions.

  • Elton Dodson Ueoka

    We love you. Stay strong. Keep it up.
    We tend to be private, but this has all hit us so personally, lately:

    And for a 180, I am going to try to make my own ricotta per your guidance this week. Thanks for all the years of food love.

  • RachDm

    That’s my point. They (CNN) wouldn’t even if it *was* positive. Just like if Trump did something awful Fox news would never talk about it. You don’t have to like Trump but to deny the fact that the media is bias is a bit ignorant.

  • kkcooks44

    I have followed you for 8 years. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND HONORED TO KNOW (through the interwebs of course) SUCH A BADASS. The woke ones will win out eventually. Nevertheless, she persisted. SO much love, Annie.

  • Annie

    No, I understood your point. My point was that he has not done anything positive to be reported thus far. I believe that many credible sources, even those that are liberal leaning, would report it. That is responsible journalism. I accept that media bias exists to various extents from each outlet but I also know good investigative work when I see it. And that is the point of consuming media from multiple reliable sources.

  • RachDm

    I agree. I hope more people are able to see both sides of the fence and make decisions based on those conclusions. To only view liberal media or only view republican media will brain wash you. :) That was my point. The sources you’ve included here are good ones, I forgot to mention that!

  • Erika Robinson

    Yes this is great! I’ve been so stressed out by the news. It got personal really quickly. It was easy to be enraged from the beginning. But the travel ban affects people I love oh so dearly and that was TOO MUCH. UGH. I’ve been trying not to focus on the rage I feel but instead on taking this suffering as an opportunity to embody love and compassion. It’s really hard.
    I’ve been calling my senators and representatives every Monday morning at 8 am. Following those calls up with emails.
    Also just faxed Mitch Mcconnell a copy of the “forbidden speech” with a nice heading saying “SHE PERSISTED” and I might have added a MF-er to the end. That wasn’t nice. But I’ll do better tomorrow. ;)
    If anyone else wants to do the same, there are free fax services online (I used Hello Fax), and here is a copy of the letter. His fax number is +12022242499. https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3259988/Scott-King-1986-Letter-and-Testimony-Signed.pdf

  • Angela

    This is the best thing ever. Heading over now. You are amazing.

  • Elton Dodson Ueoka

    All awesome. Just keep in mind that my childhood treasured NatGeo is now owned by Fox. :-(

  • Mattie Russell

    another pod save america fan here. and pod save the world is fascinating. i finally had to delete twitter from my phone because it was just constant bad news, every single hour of the day. but pod save america is a good way to stay informed. the guys are funny and super smart and know probably more about how to run a government than our own POTUS, so that’s cool. or not (definitely not).

  • RachelHossenlopp

    You are so, so great and I completely agree that we must stay woke and continue the good fight.

  • Krista U.

    That video is hilarious! But so true. Thank you for acknowledging all the turmoil and all the abnormal stuff that’s going on. I haven’t read many other blogs since the election because I can’t understand people who can go on writing about fashion, food, decorating, etc. while acting as if everything is fine. It feels like they’re fiddling while Rome burns. Thank you for keeping it real! Our country is in a scary spot right now, but I’ve never been more committed to staying aware and engaged and fighting for what’s right.
    P.S. The work you do on this blog really matters. You’ve inspired me to live more sustainably, shop more ethically, read more books, sew more clothing, cook better food, and be more politically active. But take it easy on yourself, too. We’ll still be here when you feel more inspired to blog again. :)

  • Maria McCloud

    Hi Annie. Glad to see a post from you…been awhile. Yes, these past few weeks have been utterly exhausting trying to follow all the chaos. Yesterday was a particularly big blow for us teachers as we watched DeVos get nominated. Talk about demoralizing! I just read this great article about the exhaustion people are feeling. It also provides a list of actions and a few fantastic and uplifting quotes. https://journal.thriveglobal.com/how-to-get-out-of-the-cycle-of-outrage-in-a-trump-world-ffc5b2aa1b5f#.tryktaopo

  • Poppy

    ;) Love the post. You are amazing. Thanks and keep on fighting.

  • Linna Fang

    YES!!! Completely agree. We must resist! and PERSIST!!!!

  • Helena

    Hear hear!

  • Anne

    Scary times. The only thing that gives me hope is that I find more people paying attention to what’s going on, calling their representatives, and taking action. If you haven’t yet, sign up for Daily Action (dailyaction.org) and they’ll send you a text each day about and issue phone numbers to call to voice your opinions.

  • Jeannie

    Longtime reader/admirer, first-time poster. Thank you, Annie. You give me hope (and amazing recipes)!!

  • Megan

    Great idea! It’s encouraging to hear so many people are making a commitment to stay informed and become more active participants in our democracy – especially in these times!

  • Dena Snyder

    I appreciate and respect how you are using your platform to do good. Keep it up. “And she persisted.”

  • Trisha

    Love this. All of it. Especially that last little thought in parentheses. ;) It’s incredibly exhausting, and difficult, and well, depressing to keep up with everything going on these days. Admittedly I find myself shying away from any news at all. Watching PBS with my kids is my happy place these days. That said, I know I need to be aware. I have been thoroughly enjoying Dan Rather’s posts and will head over to the giveaway page now. Thanks, Annie, for always keepin’ it real.

  • Kim

    Just love this, Annie. I’m with you and upped the amount of good media that we pay for this year. Can’t wait to see what’s next for your site.

  • Kate Motter

    Thank you for not staying quiet, and for being brave enough to use your voice on your blog in this public way. <3 http://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2016/11/17/the-post-election-case-for-speaking-out-naomi-shulman

  • andrea

    Hi Annie. I’ve followed you for years now (your royal icing and sugar cookies are my go-to recipes) but fell off a little on account of dietary changes: less sugar, carbs, and gluten in my life mean less fun baking. :(

    Anywho, I stopped back by to find your macaron tutorial because I just might be ready to attempt them (hey, they’re gluten free at least!) and here I find this post, voicing what so many are feeling. You’re not alone, WE are not alone, and we can never forget that. I too have daughters, 9 and 13, and I’ve been trying to reiterate at every opportunity: THIS is not normal. THIS is not the country I grew up in and have loved and been proud of all these years. THIS is not how humans, be they female, minority, veteran, Muslim, deserve to be treated. Stay strong, fellow food lovers. (And if you feel inclined, donate to the ACLU. For the first time in my life, I set up a recurring donation because I feel like we’re going to need a lot of legal help for citizens in these upcoming years.)

  • TheQuickBite

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Long time follower – love your blog. This was what I needed to read today. I am so mentally exhausted. And that’s what I think was intended to happen. So I need to be fired up and ready to go. Thanks for speaking up.

    Nevertheless, she persisted. <3

  • Jenn V

    Thank you!!!

  • maia

    I really appreciate this post, Annie. I recently unsubscribed from another blog because I could’t handle another post about “why you should wear stripes,” given everything else going on in the US these days. Don’t get me wrong – I still appreciate recipes, book recommendations, and other interesting suggestions. It’s refreshing (and important!) however, to also acknowledge the need to remain engaged in the political world, and to advocate for causes that lend to a democratic society. Besides – don’t most baked goods taste better when they’re consumed along with an engaging, well-written, thought-provoking article?

  • Anna H.

    Stick to your recipe and food sharing unless you’re thinking of changing your website name to Annie-thinks. I know I, and many others don’t come to your website for politics and social justice opinions.

  • Heather


  • Annie

    Don’t like it, don’t read it. I’m a person, not a free recipe generator for you.

  • Anna H.

    And so gracious about it!

  • elaine harris

    Thank you!!!

  • Annie

    Oh my goodness! You are right! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling me to be quiet.

    There, is that better?

  • Robin Chedister

    I come here for both. Annie is a human being with thoughts and opinions. She’s free to share them as she wishes. If you don’t like it, then you’re free to google a recipe from anywhere.

    Persist Annie!

  • Emily Rockey

    Love it Annie! Keep it up, your voice is valuable!

  • Sarah E. Rieger

    This. All this. Thank you for speaking up.

  • Sarah Watson

    I really hear you. It’s so hard to focus on anything else right now. I used your royal icing recipe for Super Bowl party cookies and couldn’t help myself and snuck in a “Repeal The Ban” cookie.


  • Tamara Millo Reid

    Thank you, Annie, for this post. I am a long time fan! If you would like to add a right-leaning but still reality-based media outlet to your reading list, might I suggest the Wall Street Journal? It has great factual reporting and thoughtful conservative commentary.

  • Annie

    Agreed! I do read them as well, but haven’t subscribed yet.

  • Tara

    Thank you, Annie!

  • Lauren Ochoa

    There are times in life when graciousness is a sin. This is one of them. You basically told her to stop thinking and get back in the kitchen. How dare you?

  • Erin

    This is such a hard topic for me right now. Attempting to “stay woke” has only lead to exhaustion and despair. I’m really struggling with what is the proper line between ensuring I am well-informed and not letting it consume my thoughts and impact my mood so severely. Between my full time job and keeping up with the horrific news headlines, I’ve been coming home grouchy and tired – which just isn’t fair to my kids. Maybe subscribing to one of these outlets and shutting out all the rest is the answer? I don’t know, but if someone figures out that perfect balance, be sure to let me know your secrets!

  • Anne Schwartz

    Okay, So I’m in it with you so much and this made my day yesterday: Need a pep talk?


  • Shari

    It is one thing to disagree and another to just be mean. Absolutely uncalled for.

  • Annie

    Which was the mean part?

  • Elton Dodson Ueoka

    You are in her space. She is not in yours. Her blog, her rules.

  • Staci Valentine Carroll

    I’ve had to give myself pep talks over the last few weeks. Can I suggest adding the Wall Street Journal to your list? It is such a credible news source and gives a different perspective than the ones you’ve listed.

  • Anna H.

    I’m sorry, that was rude of me to say.

  • Anna H.

    Just hoping you could listen to someone else’s opinion and respond with tolerance. I didn’t mean to make you mad.

  • Donna Welch Borst

    Hi Annie – I LOVE this post. I’ve been trying to decide about subscribing to one or more of these publications and you now have helped me make the decision. I admired you when you spoke out right after the election and I admire you even more now for continuing to stand up for your convictions. You (and your readers) might want to check out another blog “The World Needs More Pie.” Beth lives in rural Iowa (near me) and is a wonderful person. Recently she starting posting some amazing pies like “Impeach Pie”, “Tiny Hands” Pie, “I Cannot Tell a Lie Pie”, and “Save Our Schools Pie”. She got some flak just like you did but she has persisted – as shall we all!

  • Annie

    I gladly listen to other people’s perspective. You weren’t offering one though. You came to my site and told me what I should or shouldn’t be writing about. Of course you have every right to your opinion but to tell me not to voice mine seemed intolerant, especially when you have the option of simply not reading it. That was my point. I’m not mad, but I’m also going to continue writing what I like.

  • Annie

    I will check it out for sure. Thank you!

  • ChicanaAllstar

    Thank you so much for being a positive voice! After the election I felt completely distraught, and afraid. I was afraid to go out in my very red town in Georgia. I moved here from California a few years ago, so it’s been quite the culture shock. Where I came from was obviously more liberal, but I also had friends and coworkers and acquaintances that had opinions and stances throughout the whole spectrum. I was afraid to go out here after the election because I am brown and I have two toddlers. I didn’t want to be, i don’t know? Sneered at? It happened during the campaign. A man at target wearing a bright red Trump shirt made eye contact with me and pinched up his shirt. Why? Just because I’m brown? Mexican-American? So, voices like yours, really just voices of reason are so reassuring. Thank you, keep doing you, you are so appreciated! Also, about to use your recipe for chocolate cake – there are still things to look forward to!

  • Shari

    Hey Annie, her initial comment was mean.

  • Ilene

    Hi Annie. I am also trying to find a balance between being involved and being consumed. It doesn’t help that my office recently added TV’s in our break rooms and we hear these stories play out throughout the day. I am supporting Free Speech TV. It gives a voice to people like Amy Goodman as well as other activists. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years, but wanted to add my voice of support to you during this difficult time.

  • Shari

    I was stating the initial comment made by Anna H. was mean , not Annie’s.

  • Elsa Jenels

    Thank you! I have always been more on the shy side but I am finding motivation from people like you who are willing to be out there. Thanks again. And the sugar cookies are my favorite.

  • Natalie

    Hi Annie! Long time reader (lurker I guess too!) and big admirer! Thank you for your posts, I feel the exact same way. I’m trying my best to get involved for my own sanity, I have subscriptions to all the above, and just try to stay hopeful that the system will throw this presidency out the door. Mr. Trump’s election has divided both my family and my husband’s and it seems like it’s done that to a lot of families, sadly. Anyway, you have my support. I definitely miss your more frequent posting, but again, I know how debilitating these feelings are and you are dealing with the best you can. :) I look forward to the new site and everything you’re planning, I just started my own blog so I finally understand all that goes into this stuff. You’ve definitely always been one of my favorites, thank you!

  • Jessica Wuensch

    Love this giveaway! Thanks Annie :)

    Also, I got to see Dan Rather speak at my local college a few weeks ago… a wise man and an engaging speaker!

  • Samantha E.

    It’s possible to wish the blog was still “just a food blog” (admittedly I kinda do, I liked having my blog reading be a break from news instead of reminder of it), and also be polite about it, and also respect Annie for what she’s doing. All at the same time, even!

  • Cindy Petko

    Thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t stop fighting we need more positive voices !

  • Sarah

    Great post! I’d also urge people to donate to Pro Publica. They support excellent reporting in the public interest. https://www.propublica.org

  • Erin G.

    Unfortunately, the only way I’ve managed to keep myself sane is to stick my head in the sand and pretend like the news doesn’t exist. I cannot handle to read the headlines day after day and see how incredibly screwed up this administration has already become.

    I do want to share one of the charities that I support – Free Press (https://www.freepress.net/). Their mission is so important, especially now.

  • Erin G.

    What a cool service – I just signed up. Thank you for sharing!

  • tara

    i am going to check out some of these. like others have said i’m struggling with info overload a bit and sometimes just need a day where i watch bad tv, don’t check the news, and watch youtube makeup tutorials. i guess we all have to find our balance of news overload today. i dont get any print subscriptions right now but maybe i need to add something. i have been watching more news shows lately, albeit more liberal ones like Van Jones, Rachael Maddow, etc. But have also watched my share of Meet the Press and This Week (i love george!). i like to hear the interviews where you are hearing the words straight from the individuals mouths vs watching sound bites. thank you for posting. any other blogs/feeds you have that are politically geared that you like, i’d love to know !

  • Annie

    I hear you. It is really hard to find the balance right now. Everyone has to keep figuring out day by day what works for them.

    I don’t have print subscriptions either, but all of these publications offer online subscriptions and that is what I am most advocating for. It saves massive amounts of paper but way more importantly, our paying support of the free press is making a difference! Even today with the news of Flynn’s resignation, we see clearly that this would not have happened without the tireless efforts of the reporters who continued to go after this story and the facts.

    I think the best we can do is do what we can, take a step back for self care and makeup tutorials when we need to, and then jump right back in into making our voices heard and making change. It’s the only way forward.

  • tara

    Well said. I just did 6 mo sub to new yorker and the nation. I choose print so i can share w friends. And then recycle of course. I guess mayb my “balance” will b jumping in but also out when i need to take a break. To be honest i had checked out a bit more than i should have over the past 2 years. I have a history degree for god sakes! I know better and need to do better. Thank u for the reminder. I 100% agree the press the REAL press needs support! I am considering going to a planned parenthood support event in may. Something out of my comfort zone (i dont know anyone else going) so I definitely feel the call to action and its exciting!

  • emdh

    Annie, I would have worded it way more politely (as in, it’s your blog and of course you’re free to post whatever you like). But I have to agree that it is really frustrating for those of us who view things very differently when so many of our favorite food bloggers take such a virulent stand against our political/cultural views. Again, of course it’s your prerogative to express yourself however you like on your own platform, and if your readers don’t like it they can go elsewhere. But I do wonder if food bloggers you follow/admire had expressed similar sentiments in similar ways after the 2008 and 2012 inaugurations, would you wished they’d kept politics out of their blog? The cabinet picks and executive orders and everything else about the past administration were just as abhorrent to me as the current administration is to you (and I promise I am not a racist or a bigot), and so a post like that basically comes across like a lecture. I don’t expect you to agree with me — my goal is just to present the other side in a hopefully more respectful manner.

  • Annie

    To me, blunt doesn’t equate with rude, although it obviously does to some. If a blogger I followed had included politics previously, I would have either followed the parts I liked, or unfollowed without comment. I have unfollowed PLENTY of people over the years but never felt I was so self important that I should give said person a lecture on my way out the door. Because the thing is even if I disagree with them, I respect their right to their views and their right to respect them.

    As a side note, I have to say with the most recent developments if you still support this administration, I think you are deluding yourself to the point that logic is pointless and then I just prefer not to engage. The “not a bigot, not a racist” disclaimer is also irrelevant to me. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be one, it wasn’t a deal breaker for you. But that is absolutely a deal breaker for me.

  • emdh

    My comment was meant as a hopefully thoughtful and considerate response as to why some readers wish food blogs steered clear of politics. I would think with your level of success that you have many politically conservative cooks and bakers among your followers and assumed that another perspective might be helpful just for the sake of understanding. I was obviously deluded on that.

  • Annie

    I understand that some readers wish to steer clear of politics. They are free to steer clear of my blog. I don’t mind a bit. I am also cognizant of the political breakdown of the general population and recognize that a significant percentage of my readership demographic may not share my views. Understanding this fact makes me no less inclined to express my own thoughts on the matter. My blog may not be for everyone. That was true before I expanded my content areas and that is true now. This is not news.

  • Annie

    Yes, do it! One silver lining of this heinous situation is the spark for activism that has ignited in so many. I was interested in these causes before, but now I am actively engaging and it feels great. I also think actively supporting at least one cause you are passionate about is therapeutic, because it makes you feel less helpless in a situation that is largely beyond our control.

  • Harriet B

    Thank you for this!!

  • emdh

    Yes you are of course correct, it’s not news. Having been an avid reader of your blog for many years I’ve long been aware of your perspectives that are different than mine and didn’t give them a second thought. Those are part of your world and so is your blog. And I was there for the recipes and decorating and other ideas and great inspiration. Actually I had no intention of steering clear of your blog even after the political slap in the face, so to speak. However being called self-important and delusional simply for seeing things differently Is clearly an encouragement to head toward the door. So I’ll go that way and try not to let it hit me on the way out. Wish you the best regardless.

  • Annie

    You seem determined to misunderstand my point so I’m sure I’m wasting my seconds responding but just to clarify, you are self important for telling me that some of my readers have different views and that perhaps they don’t want to read that here. I am well aware of this and have been for a long time. You seem to think maybe thanks are in order for the wisdom? I guess I’m not sure what sort of response you expected. Either way, I’m not worried about it. All the best to you.

  • mom244evermom

    It’s impossible to “move on”. Sadly, it seems like it is every bit as bad as we feared it would be. He is beyond awful. Unqualified, unprofessional, unsteady. He is putting our nation at great peril and it is so hard to step back, step away and try to concentrate on anything else.

  • Thank you for this! I have actually deactivated my social media accounts and find myself cocooning myself into a quiet world. Every morning before I turn on the TV I think to myself ” What fresh hell has been created today?”. I feel like I missed how insightful and precise Dan Rather is as journalist. Like you I love (and miss without Facebook) his page and the News & Guts page. The hardest thing for me to get over are the “friends and family” who inexplicably still support the inarticulate buffoon that is the new mouthpiece for an administration he is clearly not running. Thank you for this post.

  • Rob W

    Annie, I love your recipes, photography, etc. I am so frustrated with all the political news also. So your site is one I come to when I want things not related to politics. It sure would be nice to keep it that way. A happy, uplifting place to find a few delicious morsels. Thanks.

  • Colin Smith

    Love this!

  • Tempa

    You inspire me, Annie! Love hearing from you always, on all things, food, favorites, politics, life -it’s all good! Keeping it positive and proactive. Lots of love to you and the fam!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much, Tempa.

  • Diane Harrison Dukes

    Love this post! Thanks for speaking truth vs what may or may not get you more followers! #TheResistance!

  • Miranda Froehlich

    This is kind of unrelated, but I came across this book and immediately thought you would like it – https://www.rebelgirls.co/. If you have already heard of it, then you ignore my post! Love the blog!

  • Annie

    I had heard of it but we didn’t have it yet. However, I bought it for Caroline for her birthday this week. We are all LOVING it! Such a well done book.

  • Nikki Thomas

    Just when I thought I couldn’t enjoy your site more…Bravo! And for the haters…well they gonna hate. Stay woke! :)

  • Annie

    Thank you Nikki!