Well gosh, I really took my sweet time with this didn’t I? Just as it happens every year, this summer has been absolutely jam packed and it has been hard finding the time to get a summer fashion post together. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by though, since summer is the best time for fun clothes (in my opinion). Let’s do this!

I love this bright and simple look for a night out with my friends. It’s cute without being too dressy and, like all of my favorite outfits, involves my super comfy jeans that I wear every chance I get. (Past season top from J.Crew, jeans, heels, earrings, necklace.)

This is the dress I wore in my photo for the recent Mamuye tote giveaway and when I posted the photo on Instagram, I got quite a few questions about the dress. For good reason – it’s fabulous! It is so comfortable and breezy, making it ideal for hot summer days when you are required to wear more than a bathing suit. (Dress, past season J.Crew belt, very old Target sandals, vintage filigree and pearl earrings, necklace. Remember, these earrings are 30% off with promo code annieseats!)

A couple of months ago I shared my love of these lace racerback bralettes for layering with other tops, and since then I have had a few requests to show how I wear them. This outfit is one good example. I tend to prefer them with wide neck or scoop neck tops in a contrasting color. Loving the gorgeous red striped top as well – if you like this and the next couple of tops, keep your eyes peeled for an awesome giveaway from Krochet Kids being posted tomorrow! (Top, bralette, jeans, sandals.)

You can’t go wrong with a basic white tee and jeans, and I love mine layered with a pretty colored bralette.  (Tee, bralette, jeanssandals, vintage filigree and pearl earringsnecklace.) More about this tee in tomorrow’s giveaway!

Another lovely and incredibly comfortable top from Krochet Kids. I especially love the cut out back on this one. It takes an otherwise plain tee to the next level! (Top, jeans, vintage filigree and pearl earrings.)

I tried to rephotograph this outfit specifically for this post, but it was impossible to recapture the happiness from the photo above so I gave up. A couple of weeks ago two readers took a road trip to Indy for a weekend full of good food and fun. I was thrilled to have the chance to meet up with them and chat for a while. Alyssa and Erin, you are two of the sweetest souls I’m sure I’ll ever meet and I hope we see each other again soon! The outfit seems kind of irrelevant with such great fun involved but nevertheless, I like this combo as an easy summer staple. Cute for parties, casual dinner out, etc. (Past season peplum top from Madewell, shorts, sandals.)

This look is definitely not summer specific, but I made this simple pullover top (Akita from Seamwork) in Purl Soho’s linen grid. It is a lovely light top that works well for this season, but I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with this same pattern in other prints and fabrics for fall and winter as well.

I adore this crisp popover top for practically any occasion. I wore it here paired with my fave chino shorts (I have them in many colors) for a wine tour in the Napa area. I also love it for work paired with white skinny jeans and a pair of heels (and no bra peeking – oops!) (Top, shorts, sandalsnecklace.)

This may be more appropriate for late summer when evenings start to have a chill to them, but depending on where you live, a lightweight cardigan may be a year round staple…or if you work in a freezing cold building, like I do. I have had my sights set on knitting this sweater for years and not that I have made one, I want several more! It’s so simple and versatile. What color should I make next? (Featherweight cardigan in Knit Picks gloss fingering in color way honey, shorts, past season J.Crew tank, vintage filigree and pearl earrings.)

One thing I have really enjoyed about writing these fashion posts is when I get great recommendations from you guys! A lovely reader Erika recommended this dress that she has in multiple colors and wears so often that her friends call it her uniform. After trying it out for myself, I can totally see why! This dress is simple, flattering, and SO incredibly comfortable. I’m now toying with the idea of trying to recreate a homemade version using this one as a template…we shall see. (Dress, past season shoes from Sole Society, necklace, earrings.)

I am always looking for well made flattering dresses for work, and this is one thing that J.Crew does very well. I have had my eye on this dress for several months. I was hoping for a sale but it was excluded from each and every one of their daily promotions. Finally I had some rewards dollars so I decided to go for it. I adore this dress. If it weren’t so pricey, I would be stocking up. Also, how great are these green heels?! I can’t believe they didn’t get more play in this post considering that I wear them all the time but either way, I think they were made for me! (Dress, heels.)

Another great dress for work, and this one I managed to get at a nice discount with sales and such. If it wouldn’t seem weird, I would probably wear it more than once a week. But alas, that would be weird. (Dress, heels, necklace.)

When I first conceived of this outfit in my mind, I honestly wasn’t sure how it would work put into practice. The lace crop top was the top part of my bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding back in June. The top itself is so cute, I have been dying to incorporate it into some other outfit. A night out on the town while on vacation seemed like the perfect opportunity. I loved the look of the mostly neutral clothes combined with my signature pops of bright red. (Lace top, jeans, heels.)

I’ll be sharing all the details about our trip to California very soon but for now, I’ll just share this photo of me positively bursting with excitement because it was taken minutes before dining at The French Laundry. What an incredible experience! This dress seemed like the perfect choice, being simultaneously sexy and classy. As predictable as ever, I paired with red heels and a red lip. (Dressheels, earrings.)

  • I have that same top from J. Crew (the one in the middle picture at the very top of the post!) It’s a favorite of mine too :) Looking forward to reading about the meal at The French Laundry!

  • Telza Brown

    Love that grey dress! I’ve been leaning on eshakti to restock my work appropriate dresses lately.

  • rebecca

    How tall are you? just trying to gauge how some of these dresses would fit me

  • Annie

    Good question! I’m 5’3″. I wear petite in almost everything.

  • Gorgeous choices lady! I’m loving how HAPPY you look in these photos too – not that you don’t normally, but you’re radiant!

  • Melissa Brooker

    I love your style! I wish i could wear stuff like that! You look amazing in everything!

  • Beth Wagner

    I love your style! I’m a physician too (in Vermont) and am in a private Facebook group called Style MD. Only doctors allowed. Most of the posts are makeup, style, fitness based. It’s a tribe of amazing ladies and is very positive. I think you’d like it…but I’m not sure that you have even 5 extra minutes in your day for FB scrolling as you seem pretty busy. Send me a message on FB if you are interested and I will get you vetted I’m Beth Grimaldi Wagner on fb.

  • Robyn MacDonald

    Just curious – don’t need to know the amount – but do you set a monthly fashion budget for yourself to manage spending?

  • MK

    love this!! thanks for including such a mix of casual/work-friendly/dressy. the black dress from revolve looks better on you than their model!

  • Cara

    Love that dress in the last pic! You look so cute :) Cant wait to read about Cali!

  • Callie

    I love this post so much! Also did you see that rifle launched their own fabric line? I am so excited and immediately thought of you!

  • Angela

    This is wonderful. Love all of these. I’d never heard of Krochet Kids before and I am enjoying their site. Love your commitment to ethics and your style.

  • Annie

    YESSSSS! I am beyond thrilled about it. Cannot wait to get my hands on some of it!

  • Annie

    Thank you Angela! It’s a work in progress, but the more we pay attention to it, the more companies will make changes in the right direction.

  • Annie

    Thanks dear :)

  • Annie

    Wow, thank you! You are so sweet :)

  • Annie

    Not really a set amount. I just have a general monthly budget and am always aware of what I spend overall.

  • Annie

    You can, girl! Wear what you like with confidence and it will look great on you!

  • Annie

    Thank you Kerry!

  • Annie

    I do love it so much! I had been toying with the idea of making my own and then came across what I believe is the exact same fabric that they used for my striped dress online, so now I’m even more intrigued at the possibility. I’ll be sure to let you know if I do it!

  • brendashandmade

    You look great in all the outfits. My favorites are the first one and the striped dress.

  • Jessica Bell

    You look amazing, Annie! You can see so much muscle definition all over your body. And your confidence is beaming!!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Jessica! :)

  • Annie

    Thank you!

  • Jill Edwards

    Love these posts! And you look great! :-) I have a question, and feel free to not answer if it’s too personal! What kind of bra (if any) did you wear with the Revolve dress? It’s gorgeous, but I’m just wondering about logistics… ;-)

  • Annie

    Haha, no worries! I didn’t wear a bra with that dress. I have a few types of boob tape (for lack of a better term) that I was planning to use if necessary, but I ended up not using anything at all. It definitely would have needed more support or security if I were doing anything remotely active but since I was only sitting at dinner, I wasn’t too worried about any wardrobe malfunction situations :)

  • Tricia VanderHaar

    A) You look great and I love your style! Crop top outfit is amazing! B) How do Madewell jeans run (I often wear Banana Republic jeans)? I am looking to invest in a nicer pair of denim and those look super comfy & classy!

  • Melissa Brooker

    Thanks for the pep talk! i recently bought a bright pink tank and my sister said “oh my God, you bought colour! i love it!” i suppose confidence is something i can work on!

  • Melissa Brooker

    i have to agree, i clicked the link and the dress definitely looks better on Annie than their model!

  • AD

    Love the outfits! They all look fantastic on you and these posts are fun.

    Out of curiousity, when you first began running to add to your Invoke exercise did you use some sort of running plan or just get to it and increase your stamina along the way? Maybe you’ve written about this before :) I’m a resident looking to do more exercise this summer to get back to the healthy balance I had 2 years ago!

  • Annie

    I truly believe confidence is the key to pulling off any look. That more than anything else has made a huge difference in me finding my sense of style and fashion. You can do it!

  • Annie

    I would say they run true to size or slightly large depending on the style of jean. If there is a store near you, I recommend trying them on, but they have free shipping and returns on denim anyway. I swear by their jeans and don’t really buy other brands anymore. They are so worth the investment!

  • Annie

    I have done the Couch to 5K thing in the past but that didn’t really stick for me. Even though I completed it, I fell right back out of running and it just didn’t make a lasting impact. Eventually what worked was that I started out just walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes most mornings, and started out running like 8 minutes of that time. Then each time I ran, I would run 1 minute longer. I kept this up consistently, and over time, my pace has vastly improved and so has my endurance and stamina. Mainly consistency but also not setting myself up for failure by working out on days when I was super exhausted and likely to have a bad run. I think being mentally forgiving, and appreciating that 10 minutes running is better than no minutes running has made a big difference.