As many of you know, over the past few years I have been making an effort to pay more attention to where the things I use in my daily life come from. In some areas, such as food, it can be fairly straightforward to accomplish this goal. In other areas, particularly clothing, this can be much more challenging. I have been working to find more companies that focus on ethical and sustainable fashion, that treat their workers well and help keep their practices transparent. I’m very happy to have discovered one such company, Krochet Kids Intl.

You can learn more about their story, their model and their impact through their website. It is an amazing organization and I am so glad to have found out about them and what they do. This is such an excellent way to illustrate the sort of change that can occur when we are conscious of the impact of our daily choices.

Not long after I learned about Krochet Kids, they contacted me and offered a review and giveaway opportunity. Since I know many of you are also interested in finding more companies of this nature, and of course because I was also eager to try their products, I agreed. They sent me a few items of my choosing, all of which are pictured here (from top to bottom: knit lace long sleeve, Erin tee, Bailey tee, standard tee.) I have to say, I am so thrilled with each and every one of them! Each article is cute, comfortable, and very well made. For the reader who asked me for a source for a favorite basic tee a few months back, here is your answer. I love this one!

Are you interested in trying out Krochet Kids products for yourself? Great, because they have offered a generous giveaway. One reader will win a $75 credit for their shop. Head on over to the giveaway page to enter!

  • Angela

    You look positively resplendent in that coral colour. Wow!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. (heading over to the other page.)

  • Angela

    You look positively resplendent in that coral and red colours. Love it.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I’ll head over to the giveaway page forthwith. :)

  • Amy Pullen

    Can I ask how the shirts are holding up with washing and wearing? I was just looking at the lace-back shirt and noticed it’s a polyester blend, and I find those usually pill unlike 100% cotton. I remembered that you had reviewed it a while ago and thought maybe you’d be able to say how it was holding up! I’ve been paying more attention to where my things come from lately but if I’m going to be spending more money on ethically-made clothes, I need them to last pretty long!

  • Annie

    They are holding up very well! I have washed all my shirts from them many times and they are all still in fantastic shape. I’ve been quite impressed and will definitely buy from them again!

  • Amy Pullen

    Thanks for replying! I hope to order a couple things for summer.