Woooo! Spring is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It is so much more enjoyable to get up and get dressed every morning without having to worry about being freezing cold all day long. Since I debuted my fashion inspiration series last winter to a great response from you all, I have been really excited to work on a spring fashion post. Knowing that you would enjoy it, I was much better able to manage my BRF and showed mild progress in my pose versatility, though hand on hip still reigns supreme. Let’s get right into it!

Last fall I shared my love for my J.Crew cream colored midi length skirt and lately I’ve been rocking this lemon yellow version for spring. Though it is no longer available in this color, just keep your eyes peeled for this skirt in any color. It is simply my favorite – a classic, beautiful piece! (Scoopneck top, midi skirt, many years old nude patent D’Orsay heels from J.Crew, necklace.)

In my book, the very best thing about warmer temps is how much easier it is to put an outfit together. Throw on a great dress and you’re good to go! I love simple well cut shirt dresses. This past season black shirt dress from Anthro is a staple in my wardrobe and a favorite casual option. Let’s also talk about Sseko sandals for a minute! I recently tried them out for the first time and I am completely in love. The countless ways to tie, the versatility of interchangable straps, and availability of other accents makes them kind of amazing. Even better, this is an ethical fashion brand with a fantastic mission. I look forward to supporting them more in the future! (Dress no longer available from Anthro, belt no longer available from J.Crew, sunglasses, sandals.)

Move over little black dress, little red dress is taking your place! This simple piece is a relatively new addition to my closet but I have already gotten quite a lot of wear out of it. It is just irresistible! I also love it paired with the tortoiseshell sunnies from my recent Things I’m Loving. (Dress, nude patent D’Orsay heels from J.Crew, sunglasses.)

I adore the color green, but I am very particular about the shade. I like a nice bright kelly or grass green. Not sage, not mint, not apple, and definitely not faded. I have been looking everywhere for a pair of green jeans and finally found some. They are getting put to work in my wardrobe for sure! Here I paired them with a few year old Anthro top, strappy sandals and simple accessories for a casual look.
(Jeans, past season peplum top from Anthro, sunglasses, earrings.)

Another comfy casual dress that I’m looking forward to wearing lots in the next few months from another excellent ethical sustainable fashion brand. I love how the addition of the crossback detailing on this makes an otherwise simple dress pop. (Dress still available in other colors, Sseko sandals with almond silk ties.)

This is my absolute favorite casual look. I’ve already professed my undying love for these jeans, but paired with my favorite perfect white tee and some hot little red shoes, it is a simple chic look that I adore. This is my preferred option for a casual evening with friends or errand running. (Top, jeans, shoes, necklace, earrings but red/gold combo.)

Side note – let’s talk about jewelry for a minute. It’s pretty obvious that my taste in jewelry is very simple. As you all know by now, I adore everything from Erin McDermott. She is a master at layering multiple pieces of jewelry and it always looks amazing on her. We were discussing this recently and she offered to send me some layering pieces to experiment with for this post. I did my best and was really happy with the results. Layering multiple delicate necklaces with a statement piece is a great way to dress up a basic look. Since she is so wonderfully generous, she offered a giveaway in combination with this post as well as a promo code. For 30% off your order on her site, use the code annieseats. And to enter the giveaway, click here!

The items featured in the photos above are:

I love pairing a patterned pump with a solid dress. These particular gingham heels are no longer available but there are many other great prints available. I usually pair the look pictured above with a navy cardigan for work to pull it all together. (Dress, pumps, necklace.)

As you may know, I adore pencil skirts. However, almost all of the pencil skirts I have from even last fall are now too big to the point of looking stupid and falling down. I am happy to have found this bistretch cotton version, since the stretch helps it fit better and it shouldn’t get too loose on me. You can’t go wrong with a red pencil. It makes any outfit a 10. (Top, skirt, necklace.)

This is probably my favorite way of all to wear the green jeans. I remember learning in various art and photography workshops about complimentary colors on the color wheel. Though I love to rock a good blue/orange or purple/yellow combo, red and green is one that has generally eluded me. I think Christmas, the Italian and Mexican flags all have something to do with it. Last week I was getting ready for work and already had these jeans and top on and decided on a whim to add the red heels and lipstick. I totally loved the look and loved the contrast of the red and green together. (Jeans, top, heels, several years old earrings from Anthro.)

Chambray with colored jeans or other colored pants is a favorite casual option for work or slightly dressed up casual look for every day that wear often. I almost always wear my multistrand pearl necklace with the chambray – it’s a favorite combo of mine. Though I dressed the look down here with strappy sandals, I would wear this with either a neutral heel or leopard print flats for work. (Jeans, shirt – mine is many years old but this seems close, necklace.)

I bought this dress in the winter when I was desperate for some nicely made dresses that could still work with leggings. This dress is a stunner and I just adore it. It is very well made – I love the fabric, the color, and the cut. Definitely a classic piece. (Dress, shoes.)

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about an outfit, which is saying a lot. In part, it is because I will be wearing this to see Queen Bey in concert in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!! but it is also because both the dress and the shoes are show stoppers and the combination simply slays (do you see what I did there?) I wish I had a reason to wear this every day, because I totally would. (Dress, heels.)

Last thing – it seemed like just too much to include in this post but would you guys be interested in a fashion post focused solely on athletic wear? I’ve greatly expanded my collection of workout wear over the past year and I think I have at least some good recommendations in that regard. Let me know if this is something you would like to see!

Disclaimer:  These posts are a way for me to share the things I love with you, simply because I love them!  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning that if you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This helps to offset the costs of running this site and allows me to continue providing you the content you enjoy.

  • Angela

    These are fantastic. I love your sass. :) No brf detected (or looked for, if I’m honest and I am). Those red lace up flats are dreamy.

  • Laurel Nippert Miller

    Love the post Annie. You have arms of steel. I particularly love the green jeans and may just have to order some for myself.

  • Emily Clark

    LOVE the red dress – you are rocking it Annie! I visited your site this morning to find a nice granola recipe, and now I have some fun ideas for spring outfits. Love the dresses!

  • Lisa

    Cute looks! You are a good inspiration to wear more color. Yes to athletic wear! What brand are the casual strappy sandals? Thanks!

  • Sarah W

    Awesome post! Yes to work out wear, it is always good to see what people like and how they hold up to workouts before buying. Question on the jcrew shirts, are they thick enough to not be see through? I can’t tell you how many shirts I have recently returned as I don’t want to wear a cami underneath.

  • Kristin

    Love the post, and would definitely love one focusing on athletic wear!

  • Annie

    Yes, these shirts are thick enough that you don’t need to layer with a cami. That is one reason that I love them!

  • Lisa

    wait…are they the same sseko sandals and you just changed the ribbon out? Thanks so much.

  • Annie

    No, they are a few years old pair from Target. They don’t sell them anymore and I can’t recall the brand off the top of my head but they probably still offer something similar.

  • Laurel Nippert Miller

    Also- when I first read the post, I thought you said you were going to a Queen concert and I thought, “hmmm- didn’t know Annie liked queen and I didn’t know queen was still a touring band.” Haha- totally made more sense when I re-read “Queen Bey.”

  • Annie

    HA! Yeah, Beyonce makes waaay more sense ;) LOL!

  • Melanie

    I agree with everyone, yes please to the athletic wear!

  • MK

    Loved these outfits! I’m in med school and starting clerkships in July so it’s nice to have some warm weather fashion inspiration that’s not so Coachella-y (skimpy sundresses and crop tops which I will not be enjoying this year…) Definitely yes to athletic wear! I’m always looking for high quality athletic clothes that won’t wear out with repeated wears and washes.

  • Oh man, you are putting moms everywhere to shame the rest of us moms everywhere to shame! (Currently working in the lab wearing exactly the same thing I will be wearing to pilates later. Good thing “athleisure” is a look these days!)

    I love every one of these looks, but that cobalt blue dress is especially phenomenal.

  • Kelsey LaValle

    Yes please to athletic wear post!

  • Lea

    love these posts. I’ve clicked at most of the items and now I have about 15 tabs open :) Last time you did a fashion post, I bought a Jcrew dress that I’ve loved since then.

    We have the same body type so I love that you model these clothes so I can see how it would look on me too.

    yes to athletic wear please

  • Leah
  • Annie

    Ha! Girl, believe me, if I could wear my yoga clothes into my lab, I totally would. I figure since I cannot, I might as well make the best of it with other fun clothes.

  • Ha – just reread this first sentence… yikes! Why yes, I was up until 4am with a teething baby… zzzzzzzz.

  • Annie

    Ha! No worries, my mind auto corrected for you!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    So many cute outfits. I love all of the bold colors.

  • Elizabeth

    Love this! Thank you for sharing all of your snazzy outfits. Question, where did you get your strappy sandals? Also, yes to athletic post…also a hair post?!

  • Love these post. I love the red pencil skirt and you look gorgeous on that with the dark blue blouse. Every out fit is so great and looks good on you. The red skirt attracted me. Just one question, do you wear business suits often or periodically? I am wondering whether it’s ok to wear a cotton T-Shirt inside the suit or should it be a dressy blouse/skirt? With warm weather coming, wearing a sweater inside will be a no no for me

    Thanks for these posts. I am not a mix and match person, at least does not know much – but this helps.

  • Christy Spurlock

    Great blog post and the bold colors are awesome, even though I normally stick to black and white. The scoop neck shirt is awesome and definitely on my list of items to include in my capsule wardrobe.

  • Erika Robinson

    I recommend the afternoon dress from madewell.. I buy it in almost every color every time I notice a new one is posted. I wear these dresses so often that everyone just calls it my uniform. But they’re incredible dresses and so flattering. It seems like something that you would enjoy as much as I do. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Avilene

    Hi Annie, I’ve been following you for 6 years!
    Yes please show your athletic wear…I have recently taken to running and I am in dire need of cute & comfy athletic wear!
    Love your style and your recipes.
    You are an absolute inspiration….a mommy & a working professional that has time to manage a blog and rock at it.

  • Stephanie

    Stunning! We are on the same page about green, although I think I need to incorporate more colors in my wardrobe. Question about the Ribbon sandals (I am smitten!) – how is the arch support/support in general?

  • sweettoothduo

    Love the colors. You look great in your clothes and have picked pieces that are classy and fun and well suited to you.

    I might just have to splurge on jeans.

    Yes to workout wear!
    looking for as a runner in clothing: no seams under armpits, gusseted crotch, rubber grips on the legs of all running skorts, reflectivity in the front (I’m running toward traffic), colors!!

    Oiselle is a brand I’ve wanted to try, and I just spotted Janji stuff at an expo, but haven’t tried. They give back a percentage for clean water. If you’ve tried either let me know! Have always worn athleta and Title 9 pieces.

  • Annie

    I don’t tend to have trouble with shoes that have low/no arch support so I may not be the best person to answer this. However, I feel that compared to similar gladiator style sandals, these are extremely comfortable. The sole is slightly cushioned and I said to myself numerous times the first weekend I wore them, “I can’t believe how comfortable these are!”

  • Annie

    THANK YOU for the rec!!! I just looked at it online and I will definitely grab one this weekend at the mall. Being a J.Crew affiliate, I look to Madewell a lot but often their other clothes beyond jeans seem mostly shapeless/without structure, which I hate. However, I do have one bright red peplum top from there that I adore and wear constantly. I can tell just from looking at the dress that it has a similar style. Yay!!

  • Annie

    I don’t really wear suits at all unless for an interview (which I hopefully won’t have to do any time again in the near future!) I do occasionally wear various suiting pieces but not all together (i.e. I have some pants, skirts, and dresses from J.Crew’s suiting lines.) I think it is fine to mix and match suiting pieces with any type of top as long as it looks polished. If it is a good quality cotton top, it will be fine. Glad you are enjoying these posts!

  • Annie

    The strappy sandals I reference are a few years old from Target and no longer available. I bet they still offer something similar though.

  • Melissa Brooker

    I LOVE those green jeans on you! It is so your colour!

  • Joanna Gregg

    I just love your style! :) I enjoy your posts so much! You are K.I.L.L.I.N.G. IT in that black dress!!!!! You look AAHH-MAAAZING!!!

  • Annie

    Thank you! I so appreciate it :)

  • Stephanie

    SOLD! Just placed my order! Thank you!

  • ellysaysopa

    First of all, you look super fly. ;) Second, I’ve never heard of Sseko but these look awesome. It looks like they don’t have half sizes so how do you think they run? I am a 6.5 and debating if I should get a 6 or 7 but am leaning 6.

  • Tara McLaren

    You look amazing in all of these, but I especially like the white blouse worn with the green jeans. I too would love to see a post on workout wear! your photographer did a great job too, especially with catching the light in your outdoor poses. Loved this post!

  • Annie

    Oh my gosh, ha! I am actually the photographer of all of these. I use a tripod with timer/remote so that I can take them myself. It just works out best that way, so I don’t have to critique anyone else or drive them crazy with taking a million shots. So thank you!

  • Annie

    Thanks girl! I think if I were you, I would probably go with a 6. I’m usually a 7 but I got a 7 in these and they are just a touch big.

  • Melanie Esquivel

    I love all of these looks! You look amazing, happy to see that the yoga is having such a healthy impact on you, Annie. I would really appreciate a post about athletic clothing. Thanks!

  • Callie

    I love these posts Annie! Your style is much closer to mine than most of the full-time fashion bloggers I follow so I am glad you started doing this! I am sure you don’t always have time but you should do daily outfit pictures on instagram once in a while- I can tell that I am not the only one who loves your style :)

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Callie! I’ll definitely think about doing that on IG…it’s a fine line though. Most readers seem to be loving these posts, but some people find them offensive. I got an email this morning from someone who says she used to love my blog and thought I seemed “family-focused and like a person of substance” but that I no longer give that impression. LOL! Haters gonna hate, I guess. Bye Felicia.

  • Chelsea Wagenaar

    You look so amazing, Annie!! I love these posts. Proof a person can love great food and look great too!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much :)

  • tara

    Giiiirl that black dress is perfect for b concert! One question how tall are you? Are you able to buy dresses and not have them hemmed? I would love a brand where i could do that. Im 5’2 so its hard. I dont really have a good tailor that i have found in my area that is of a younger generation that sorta seems to get what i am after. Plus it is swas expensive sometimes. Also i want to compliment you on being a pake girl and not being afraid to show it off. It doesnt appear u r wearing panty hose or self tan but if u r it looks natural. If u r not…from a fellow pale blond…i love to see girls embrace the pale!

  • Annie

    Thank you! I’m 5’3″ so we’re pretty close. I never get stuff hemmed if I can help it. I generally buy petite in most dresses/skirts and that seems to do the trick.

    And thanks for the love on rocking my paleness! As a physician who spends all day diagnosing cancer, I embrace the pale. I have no interest in getting melanoma!

  • Karen

    Thanks for the jewelry recommendations. I just ordered one of the necklaces you suggested and the white filigree earrings from today’s flash sale. Bonus I was able to combine the discount code you gave us and the flash sale price. I continue to love all your posts, from food to books and fashion you always deliver good content without selling out like a lot of bloggers I used to like.

  • tara

    Lol pake girl. Oh my spelling on iphone. Totally with u. Cancer in my family = embrace the pale for me too. I still would love a great self tanner. I still feel the pressure that color is good but i try hard to think long term. Pale can pretty !!!!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad you love all the posts, food and otherwise. I really make an effort to maintain authenticity in a world that often lacks it, so your comment means more than you know!

  • Christy Muckey

    I adore your style sense!! I’m a pale blonde also & I’m obsessed with color this year…obviously, your pics appeal to my pale, fashion deprived fashionista wanna be! I’m a NICU RN, so I’m real good at scrubs, & working on the rest. Lol! LoVe your queen Bey outfit! My legs are my worst feature, so I’m not a short skirt kinda girl. I adore that cobalt blue number. And YES to the athletic gear!!! PS You+Red=For life! It’s your spirit color!

  • Annie

    I agree with you on still feeling the pressure a bit, and I do like the look of a tan. I am on the lookout for a good self tanner and will be sure to recommend one if I do find one!

  • Renee

    I have always loved your food posts but I really am enjoying these style posts and appreciate that you take the time to put them together. Your style is accessible but also a notch above what I typically wear so I love your recommendations! Keep these posts coming!

  • Marissa

    So fun and inspiring, thanks! I love the bright pops of color you use!

  • Lindsay

    I’ve heard good things (though haven’t tried myself) about the Rodan & Fields self-tanner.

  • Anne Blackwell

    Athletic wear would be great, I’d especially love to hear if you have any recommendations of sports bras that actually keep the girls under control!

  • Danele

    Oh I love the green jeans. I have been on the hunt for a pair of nice green jeans for a long while. Also, I would love a post about workout clothes. I have recently been trying to expand my collection and would love some tried and true recommendations.

  • Annie

    I know, it just makes me roll my eyes. The idea that caring about myself and my own appearance is mutually exclusive with caring about my family is absurd. I think one of the best things I can do for my kids is to lead by example and show them to always take care of themselves! Whatevs…I’m not going to worry about it. Thanks for always being so sweet and encouraging!

  • Natalie Stachon

    WOW – every one of these outfits is so flattering on you! Bold jewel tones are definitely your jam. And it doesn’t seem possible that you could improve upon your gorgeous hair and makeup and yet you continue to do so. Your spring fashion game is strong, my friend.

    Side note 1 – hope you have a wonderful time at the Queen B concert!!

    Side note 2 – I thought of you in NYC last week as I devoured a piece of Junior’s cheesecake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK-6H79JOxc

  • Natalie Stachon

    Forgot to ask – nail color?

  • Andrianna

    You look fantastic and are a major inspiration as I get back into my fitness routine! I would love to learn about your athletic wear choices.

  • Annie

    In almost all of these, I believe I’m wearing an Essie shade…sunset sneaks (or something like that). Love it!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much dear! You are way too sweet. I loved following your NYC eats through IG. And YAAAASSSS to that clip. Seriously, it is the truest thing ever.

    And yes, I cannot wait for Queen B! The weekend cannot get here fast enough!

  • Nathalie Bickley

    Looking fabulous Annie! Great post, as usual. And yes, bring on the active wear!

  • Lindsay

    First of all, you rocked these outfits! I am immensely impressed that you can wear heels to work all day and not have sore feet, too. I am a genetic counselor, so not on my feet all THAT much, and heels still kill me!

    Secondly, after reading this, I got sucked into buying far more than I originally planned on the J. Crew website and my package arrives Saturday..whoo! I also bought the pumps from Sole Society in black and white striped and cannot wait to pair them with a cute skirt/top combo for spring. I did want to let you know that the pencil skirt link no longer works, but I was easily able to find it by searching the website.

    Lastly, YES to an athletic wear post!

  • Lori

    I would love a post on athletic wear! I love your style, Annie!

  • Rena

    Does Erin McDermott use real gold in her jewelry? I can’t tell from her site. I am looking hard at the mini teardrops (isn’t that you in the photo?!) but want to make sure they are gold and not just gold colored.

  • Annie

    I’m pretty sure she does, but you could contact her to check for sure.

  • Aimee

    I would also appreciate an IG Daily Look post on occasion (like your lunchbox posts on IG). I can’t believe people would actually think such horrible things. I happen to love these posts for the same reason I love the recipes on your blog – I can trust the recommendations to be solid, well-researched, and fantastic. Keep doing you, girl!

  • Annie

    Thank you Aimee!

  • Ruthie

    Wearing those green jeans today and I need two hands to count the compliments I received BEFORE noon! Thanks as always for the amazing finds, Annie! You’re the source of so much amazing inspiration!!

  • Nina

    Annie- I so love everything about your blog and am thrilled to see you branching out in new directions! All giving me something to aspire to! I totally second the requests for a “day in the week” on how you handle everything, and a “what I wore” IG post. I also had a very random question– I love the lace bralette idea but I have no idea what t-shirt to layer it with. I’ve noticed t-shirts these days are of variable quality and a lot of them are too sheer or form-fitting for me to be comfortable wearing. I’ve been on the hunt for a year now for a good solid white or gray t-shirt without luck. Do you have a go-to brand for a quality, relaxed fit t-shirt, and maybe in your next “outfits” post can you show how you style your bralettes? THANKS!!!!

  • Annie

    Thank you for your kind words and your feedback, Nina! I am glad you are enjoying my branching out into multiple content areas. There will be much more to come in the future so I’m glad to know you like this direction! I don’t have a brand of tee that I am loyal to yet. However, as I have mentioned in many posts, I’m always researching more ethical clothing options. Here are some ethical clothing brands with nice basic tees that have caught my eye:

    I will be sure to include some styling options for those bralettes in my next fashion post!

  • Nina

    Annie- as always, thoughtful and meaningful suggestions! You are a wonder– thank you!

  • Annie

    Aw, thank you so much! I am so glad you find them helpful!