Holy moly, has this been in the works for a looong time! If you have followed the blog for any amount of time, you likely are aware that I am a girl with a lot of hobbies. In addition to cooking and baking, I have gotten very into knitting and sewing in recent years. For anyone who loves to knit, sew, or craft in general, you can probably relate with me that these hobbies come with a ridiculous amount of stuff. Knitting needles, yarn, fabric galore, paint, brushes, glitter…in other words, craft explosion! Prior to now, this vast amount of craft paraphenalia had been scattered in a completely disorganized way throughout many areas of my house. To say I am not a fan of clutter is a vast understatement, so this was making me absolutely nutty. Something had to be done. Almost exactly one year ago I started the process of designing a dedicated craft area to corral the vast quantities of stuff, have a place to do said crafting activities, and mostly not continue buying duplicate knitting needles simply because mine were scattered all over the house.

So, I started what turned out to be a very long process! As I have mentioned before, I am a very, very slow decorator, but for good reason. I like to take small steps while I decorate a space so I can watch it evolve and really think about my needs and how I want it to look. Initially I purchased the set of shelves pictured above, the table, the chair and the stools. Only the table came in quickly – everything else was backordered for many months! Once all of the furniture was in the space (summer at that point), I was able to approach the aesthetics of the space. I wanted to keep it simple and colorful, and I unintentionally ended up with a triangle theme but I like it.

I made the triangle bunting with random fabric and I love the pop of color it adds. Lighting in this corner of my room is problematic and the main overhead light in the room really doesn’t illuminate this area, especially at night which is when I usually have time to craft. After looking at what I’m fairly certain was 99% of available light fixtures on the internet, I was thrilled to find this task lamp on clearance. Since it is very bright and focused, the string lights were a nice way to add more of a general soft glow. Side note – the vent cover was way problematic for me aesthetically. Its placement was a big part of the reason I didn’t have actual lighting hardwired into the space, either sconces or pendants. Eventually I decided to spray paint it and I love the way it no longer feels like an eye sore but instead like a fun addition.

Finding a rug also took quite a long time because I wanted something that looked right and was also fair trade certified and nice and cozy. I’m so glad West Elm is expanding their fair trade offerings because they finally came through with a perfect option! The stools were a fun addition and also necessary as the kids love to sit with me when I am sewing.

I found this little cell phone holder at a favorite local shop and it is perfect because I love to listen to music and sometimes podcasts or audiobooks while I sew. I like that it doubles as a vase because the dried flowers provide yet another pop of color.

Wire baskets have been a great yarn storage solution for me. (This is an older photo – most of this has been turned into clothes by now!) Some people buy yarn whenever they see something that strikes their fancy but that doesn’t work for me at all. I purchase specific yarn in the needed quantity for the projects I have planned so I don’t have a huge need for extra yarn storage space. For those interested, Quince and Co. is my favorite yarn supplier and I use their yarn for the majority of my projects (though I do intense yarn research on Ravelry before I select a yarn for each project, so I use a decent variety.) I also adore Purl Soho but it is crazy expensive so I consider it a splurge. Madelinetosh also makes beautiful yarn, though many of them are more variegated than I prefer. I want to love Brooklyn Tweed but the few times I have used it, it tears constantly and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Organizing my knitting needles was probably the most daunting part of this project because they had previously been littered all over creation. After much research and thought, I designed this quilted holder for them and it has been absolutely perfect. I can always find what I need and my knitting needle purchases have gone way down since I have at least one of most everything I need at this point.

Other than baskets, trays have to be the perfect way to keep everything on the shelves contained and organized. Gotta love a good glitter collection!

This file folder basket was kind of a random purchase but has ended up being a perfect way to save any sewing patterns/templates that I have printed out. Super helpful for the times when I reuse the same template multiple times and I don’t have to reprint, piece together, cut out, etc.

Another random tray I found that has been a great way to contain all the little paraphenalia associated with sewing and knitting – various needles, sewing machine attachments, stitch markers, bias tape makers, measuring tape, etc.

More rainbow organization that makes my heart happy!

These spool holders come in many shapes and sizes but this was the version that fit best in my space. I made sure to have plenty of extra space there because you know I’ll just keep buying more thread!

Rainbow sharpies in a beautiful wooden holder?! Heaven.

This chalkboard sign was an impulse buy but I love it to help remind myself what projects I have on deck to keep me focused. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and over inspired!

I needed something to help organize those little random notions like ribbon, elastic and buttons and this tiered tray turned out to be just the thing!


That’s pretty much it! I hope this has been a bit of inspiration for any fellow crafters to get your stuff organized. It truly has made my artistic endeavors far more enjoyable now that I can find what I need and everything has its place!


  • Katrin

    This is so perfect! And I love the rainbow of colors you’ve got going everywhere :)

  • Cerissa

    LOVE! Your craft room makes my heart happy too! You have so many great ideas. I’ve recommended your site to just about everyone I know. I’ve made so many of your recipes to share with others and whenever they ask me for the recipe, I send them to your site. Thanks to you, I have several pieces from Erin McDermott, I’m subscribed to Julep, I’ve used your party themes/ideas/tips, just to name a few. Every time you share a resource or idea or business (or recipe) I’m compelled to check them out because I’m never disappointed. I look forward to your posts and visit your site several times a week to see if a new post is up. Thank you for sharing! On a different note…May I ask what sewing machine you have? I’d love to take on sewing, but with so many sewing machines out there, I’m not sure what to get! :)

  • Angela

    All of the heart eyes. This room is fantastic. Your organization and decoration makes it look like the best place to create and not get overwhelmed by it all. I just love it. That hairpin table is just amazing.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much for this sweet and thoughtful comment. It made my morning!

    My sewing machine is a Singer Curvy and I really like it. That said, I recommend going to the store and talking to a salesperson about your needs, your budget, etc and they can make some recommendations. I bought my machine when I still didn’t know all that much about sewing but I told them what I was hoping to do eventually and she gave me lots of good info that helped me make the right choice for me.

  • Madonna

    This is so beautiful! I cannot wait to have a craft area. Do you have fabric/yarn suggestions? Do you buy organic/fair trade? I’ve been interested in creating my own clothes but part of me wonders if that accomplishes my goal. I would like to slowly upgrade everything to organic, fair trade in my home.

  • Kristin

    With both kids in college, and my daughter set to start grad school next year, I’ve been thinking that we really won’t need four bedrooms when they move out for real, and this may be my daughter’s room in a few years! I don’t want to rush her out the door, but it certainly would be nicer to have this to work with, rather than having to haul my sewing machine out of the basement and set it up on the dining room table. This is lovely and inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  • Callie

    I wish my craft room/office was this cute! This post is full of great ideas. I just wanted you to know that I really love that you have started adding more craft/fashion/general lifestyle posts to the mix, in addition to your fabulous recipes! I hope you continue to do so because I love them so much! Hoping for a Feb Things I’m loving too :-)

  • Callie

    Also, did you use a tutorial to make the needle organizer or just wing it? That is SUCH a great idea!

  • Heather Moore

    I love the knitting needle organizer. I hate the ones that roll up because it’s not readily available and easy to scan looking for the needle you want.

  • Cara

    Love it Annie! You inspired me to order some of those cute wall decals to complete an area in my living room! :) Thanks for sharing!

  • hannahk1012

    “After looking at what I’m fairly certain was 99% of available light fixtures on the internet”

    HAH I totally identify with this. Love your cheerful craft room!

  • Mindy Pannell

    Love the sharpie holder. I’m off to Etsy…

  • Hi Annie, I have been following your blog for a couple years now with the occasional comment but wanted to say how beautiful your craft space is! I hope someday to have a space of my own for crafting and what not! So lovely! Lauren

  • Annie

    Thank you Lauren!

  • Annie

    Callie, your comment could not have been more timely! I have really enjoyed doing more of these posts and readers seem to love them too. To that end, I just met with my designer yesterday about ways we can expand the blog to encompass the new scope and we have some good ideas. Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I have another things I’m loving ready to post soon!

  • Annie

    I didn’t use a template, I just sort of winged this. I first laid out all of my needles to see approximately what size I would need and then just improvised. I love it and it has been incredibly useful!

  • What a gorgeous space! Such a retreat, I’d want to craft all the time if this was my house :)

  • Natalie Stachon

    Annie, this room is so great! I could stare at the closeup picture of your thread collection all day. And the paint color you chose for the walls is soooo pretty!

  • Julia Gilham Witbeck

    Ooohhh, I just love everything! You did a wonderful job creating such a fun and clean space! This is one of the few craft rooms I’ve seen with a minimalistic look – so refreshing and inspiring!

  • Karen

    I love it. After many attempts at creating an organized craft space for my kids, I should just give up and make one for myself. At least I know everything would stay where it’s supposed to stay! I have an entire dresser dedicated to housing my yarn stash though, so it would have to be a bit different. :)

  • Melissa L

    I’m gonna need to see that Knuffle Bunny dress ASAP :) We have a bunny loving gal over here too.

  • This is so fun and organized and pretty! Wish I had such a nice dedicated craft space!

  • Ashleigh @ Beckham + Belle

    Oh I love this room! How can you not feel inspired looking at all the fun and colorful craft supplies?!? Tackling my craft room this weekend!!

  • Sarah Ali

    Do you have recommendations on where to get good fabric?

  • Annie

    Yes! First of all, I try to support my favorite local fabric shop Crimson Tate before shopping elsewhere. Other than then, my favorite online fabric shops are Hawthorne Threads and Purl Soho.