After a stretch of what I would generally consider to be less than great years, 2015 was nothing short of amazing. It was positively full to the brim with beautiful moments, fun times with friends, and incredible travels. I also had an unplanned but very welcome weight loss of over 30 pounds and have finally found an exercise routine that is effective, enjoyable and actually fun. And of course, as you can see here, the year was also full of plenty of amazing food! As I usually do when one year draws to a close, here I recap the top reader favorite recipes for the year as well as my own favorites (below). This year I chose to round up the top nine favorites in each category because it makes the prettiest picture – ha!

Above are the top reader favorites. You all have great taste, and quite a sweet tooth! Without further ado, the most popular recipes from 2015:

Funnily enough, the majority of my personal favorite recipes from last year don’t have much overlap with the most popular recipes (except the vanilla caramel latte cake – that one is top top top!) It is always so hard to whittle down all of my posts for the year to just a few top choices since nothing gets published unless I really love it. But, it must be done! Here are my personal favorites – these are the recipes I feel you simply cannot miss from 2015.

  • So many delicious things to make! Thanks for sharing these Annie! I bet lots of us would be interested in how you managed to lose weight (and you look amazing!) while still eating delicious foods!

  • Michelle

    Happy New Year! Can I ask what workout program you like so much? I’m looking for a fun one as well.

  • Elizabeth from Indy

    Oh, how I love your DYI Nutella! Every time I open my corner cabinet and see that hazelnut oil on the shelf, I have the urge to make it! I would love to hear about the workout routine that you’ve found to work for you…tis the season! :) Also, I am truly happy that your 2015 was so marvelous.

  • Emilyenchantinglyemily

    I’m glad you posted this since I’m new to your blog – this gives me a good idea of old posts to look at. Thanks – and looking forward to new 2016 greatness!

  • annieseats

    It isn’t a specific workout program, just a combination of things I found that I love. Lots of hot yoga with a teacher I adore, barre classes, and running much more than I ever did before. It has been wonderful!

  • Julie

    I always love your yearly roundup. Those fish tacos have suddenly peaked my interest after all of the treats we’ve had these last few weeks!

  • Sarah W

    How do you manage to get it all done? I need to revamp my time management skills!

  • Angela

    Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us. Happy New Year! Here is to a great 2016 as well!

  • Karen

    I’ve been reading this blog for years and have only commented like 3 times, sorry. Anyways I have been loving the healthier recipies you have been posting this past year and look forward to whatever you post this year. My two favorite meals this year were the pinto bean and swiss chard burritos and the shrimp and veggie quinoa bowls.

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    That DIY nutella was phenomenal!


  • Ashley

    I discovered hot yoga in 2015 and have to say it’s one of the best things ever. Love it!

  • Lauren Ochoa

    That pretzel pie was nothing short of amazing. I made it and my kids were like, “pretzel pie?! Pretzel pie!” And they were totally on board with it. But just that one night because after that I hid it in the very back of the freezer so I could convince them that the pretzel pie was only a figment of their imagination so I could savor one piece every night for myself until it was gone.

  • Kathy

    Your blog is still my go-to because I know anything I make here will be awesome. The fish tacos are one of our favs and we had them last week!

  • Danita Day

    Happy New Year. The hazelnut spread was a big hit at Valentines last year so I’ll have to make it again. The bolognese is on my to-do list. I hope 2016 is another great year for you and your family.

  • Kelli

    Annie, can you do a ‘day in the life of post’? I just want to know how you do it all!!!

  • annieseats

    Oh gosh, I get these requests a lot but I am just not sure how to answer! I don’t really think I do anything especially remarkable so I’m not sure what it would accomplish. I just have so many things I enjoy doing and generally find that when you really like something, you make time for it. If I ever think of a useful post in that regard, I will be sure to share!

  • annieseats

    Thanks Karen! I’m so glad you have been enjoying the healthier recipes. That is definitely a trend that will continue this year. Thanks for reading :)

  • Sarah S

    Hi Annie, thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I went to click on the link for the Salted Brown Sugar Toffee Cookies, and I noticed that it actually takes you to the Samoa Cookie bars. Just thought you should know. Thanks again for all your delicious recipes.

  • Sarah

    Annie, I have been reading your blog since the days of baby food making with Andrew. I have loved every recipe I have used, but the Farmer’s Market Salad is hands down my very favorite. I can hardly wait for the first sighting of fresh basil.

  • Larisa

    I read all your posts, but can’t make everything in real life. I did, however, make a version of the vegetable tart / puff pastry thing – it was heavenly, and a huge hit at my book club. Thank you!

  • annieseats

    So glad to hear it! I adored that dish. If it didn’t involve puff pastry and cream cheese, I would eat it every day :)

  • annieseats

    Aww, I love that so much! Thanks for being such a loyal reader! It is so so appreciated. I’m glad you enjoy the farmer’s market salad so much! It was definitely one of those dishes that surprised me this year!

  • annieseats

    Thanks for the heads up! I just fixed it.

  • Stacy

    Happy New Years to you and your family! So nice to hear about how well your 2015 was. I have also been a daily reader since back in your baby food posting days :). Your recipes and recommendations/things I’m loving that I have tried are always spot on for me. Thanks for taking time to share with us!

  • Natalie Stachon

    Hi Annie! I always look forward to your “best of” post and this one was terrific! I am so glad that 2015 was a wonderful year for you. Spending time with loved ones and creating memories is probably the most important thing we all do…so not to diminish what you said on that topic…but my word!!!! A 30-pound weight loss is a major accomplishment! Good for you, girl!!

  • annieseats

    Thanks Natalie! I always appreciate your comments. Thanks for being such a wonderful reader :)

  • annieseats

    Thank you Stacy! I so appreciate your kind words!

  • Sarah Newman

    I loved this post! It was a pretty good reminder of all the things I made too! :) One funny note – I made the apple cider caramels over the holidays and sent some leftovers in with my husband to share. Someone asked him for the recipe and he claimed it was a family recipe (haha!). But later, that same coworker made something that I wanted the recipe for so we did an even exchange. I told her the family secret was that I make everything off of Annie’s blog and sent her your way!
    Hope you had a great Holiday season!

  • Liz N.

    What would my life be without your blog! The Milk Bar Birthday Cake is one I will be making for my own birthday in 2016. The cookbook is near impossible to get (I’m on a waitlist on Amazon) and I’m so thrilled you published the recipe here so I can play with it. Your blog has been a wonderful source of inspiration in many ways and I’m forever thankful that we got to meet in person. I’m hoping that you’ll find a way to make it to Charlotte so we can shop at Erin McDermott’s jewelry studio! Squee! Here’s to wishing you a wonderful 2016. Can’t wait to see where your wanderlust takes you this year. And, hey, you’ll lookin’ pretty hot these days lady! My fitspiration!

  • Annie

    Ha! I love that so much :)

  • Annie

    Oh Liz, I always love your sweet comments and appreciate them more than you know. I had no idea the milk bar book was hard to get – I hope you are able to get it soon! I could pore over it for hours. I am sure I’ll pop through Charlotte at some point and we will absolutely visit Erin’s studio together! I would love that! xo

  • Prithacb

    Hi Annie,
    I don’t usually comment, but I always enjoy your posts and recipes – this year’s round up looks very pretty indeed! Any hints as to which exercise routine has been so successful and enjoyable for you this year?

  • Annie

    I have been doing a mix of hot yoga with a very challenging teacher that I adore, barre classes, and running. It has worked wonders!

  • Jennifer Pearson

    I love your recipes and always love the best of. You said you had a 30 pound weight loss and I was wondering if you did anything special? For me I find it so hard to cook delicious foods and maintain a healthy weight. Thanks.

  • Annie

    Hi Jennifer, I’m definitely not the type to deprive myself when it comes to eating. I have lost weight mainly with exercise (though I think I have also cleaned up my diet some.) I do a lot of hot yoga, barre, and have gotten into running. It has worked wonders!