As you may have noticed, the main thing I do here in my little piece of the internet is share the things I like with you. I figure if you are here, we probably have some similar interests and similar tastes, so if I like something chances are good you will like it too.  For a long time, this was strictly recipes only. Then a couple of years ago I started “things i’m loving” and learned we have aaallll kinds of things in common.  These days, I also love the opportunity to share news about select businesses and companies with good people who do great work. Artifact Uprising is one of those companies.

I first purchased from them back in December when I used their custom photo book template to create a storybook of Caroline and Little Gray Bunny during their first year together.  (See more about that here.)  I loooved the finished products.

As much as I love the ease and portability of digital photography, I feel sad when I think of the many wonderful photos that might never make their way to print form.  As a child I adored sitting at my grandparents’ house leafing through the pages of photo albums or sitting in my dad’s study sifting through box after box full of old family photos.  I don’t want that to be lost for my kids.  And I don’t want the lovely little photos that capture the life we are building to never see the light of day, so to speak, beyond the select few shared on Facebook or Instagram.

I decided the best way to address this is to get my digital self organized starting by printing photo books organized by year.  I’m starting current and working backward. I am loving it already and am SO glad to make what has been a vague penciled in to-do become a reality.  Of course, the first book arrived and as predicted, the kids already love looking through it. I opted for the large square soft cover album, but they have so many beautiful options it was hard to choose.

The assembly process is so, so easy with their page templates.  Essentially you upload your photos, and just drag and drop photos and/or templates onto the pages.  You can add extra pages as well (up to 200 total!) which comes in handy trying to fit a year’s worth of photos into a single book.  They also have a nice app for the iPhone that makes it really easy to create a book straight from your phone.

I have been wanting to make something for the kids to commemorate our recent Seattle trip, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do that.  Rather than a photo book, I thought it would be fun to make a small collage of some of the highlights.  The square print packs come in sets of 25, so I was able to make a collage for each of them using just one set of prints.  I bought a pack of canvas-style cork board at Target, covered in some random fabric secured with a staple gun, and stapled on the photos (regular staples, no gun necessary!)  I used little strips of washi tape to cover up the staples and to give it more of that handmade, scrapbook look.  (Push pins or thumb tacks would also be good for this, but I didn’t really want those in the kids’ rooms.)

I’m hoping to continue this for future trips as well so their walls fill up with photos from our travels. (I also probably need to go back and make some of past trips now!)  I tried to select prints for each kid that reflected what I knew were highlights of this trip for them. They didn’t see they final product until they were hung in their rooms but they were both totally excited about them and loved pointing at each photo, reliving their favorite moments.

A few final words about why I think this company is great.  Their passion for what they do and the products they create is so evident – it completely draws me in.  Also, they are very environmentally conscious, printing on 100% recycled paper and using minimal packaging for shipping purposes. You know that’s right up my alley. I’m excited to explore more of their products (I already have my eye on this wood block + prints for my desk for my new job.)

If you’re digging Artifact Uprising as much as I am, maybe you’d like the opportunity to win a custom photo book?  We’re giving them away to two lucky readers so head over to the giveaway page for your chance to enter!  (Also, even those who don’t win will receive a follow up discount code via email.  Hooray!) 


Disclaimer: After I posted about Caroline’s bunny book, AU contacted me and offered a giveaway for my readers.  How nice!  I wanted to do a bit more of a review just because I love them so much.  I paid in full for my order, but the super nice folks there insisted on refunding most of it.  Other than that, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

  • Kelly B

    Annie, I love the color of the kids’ rooms. Would you mind sharing them?

  • Liz N.

    Thanks for sharing another great product/company! I love the fabric board and how you used washi tape. I’ve been obsessed with washi tape too! Caroline’s book with bunny is just too stinking cute. Love it!

  • annieseats

    Thanks Liz!

  • annieseats

    Hey Kelly! Andrew’s paint was the decorator beige that was in that room when we moved in. I liked it so I left it alone, but I don’t know the details of that color. Caroline’s room is Bubble by Sherwin Williams.

  • annieseats
  • Jennifer

    Love the room!

  • I feel the same way you do about photo albums…I LOVED spending hours looking through albums at my parents/grandparents, and I’d hate for my kids not to have that. I’m also working to make photo books for every year, as well as separate ones for vacations and for each baby. So much work, but so much better than than having pictures trapped inside my laptop! :)

  • Love the scrapbook-ish photo wall decor for the kids. Such a great idea. I’m pinning so I can remember this. I did the wooden frame with pictures and tiny clothespins you posted awhile back and love them!

  • Diana

    Love preserving photos for kids to look at. I’ve scrapbooked for many years but just started doing photobooks for 2014 (obviously a work in progress). My Mom kept separate photo albums for all my sisters & myself and it’s awesome having a pretty complete set of pictures from my childhood. Because of that I hope to make a photobook for each of our kids from birthday – birthday. I have my son’s first one done (14 months), just waiting on the right sale to buy it! I’m a big fan of putting them together so far!

  • Heather Locke

    I am actually working on a softcover book for my husband’s first Father’s Day right now! Live the hardcover vertical books best though. Hope my name is called! :)

  • Jillmc

    Love the soft covered books….this may just be the jump start I need to start printing photos of the grands!

  • Natalie Stachon

    You mentioned a new job – congratulations!

  • Jill

    Love the photo books, both hard and soft! Would really like to do a book of my recent trip to Spain.

  • annieseats

    Thank you!

  • SK

    I am so copying your trip photo display idea :-)love it, they look adorable.

  • Amanda Blake

    The signature print!

  • I missed your giveaway, but wanted to mention that I’ve used AU before too and love them. I really like your square prints collections. You are creative in so many ways!

  • Morgan Goodwin

    Hi Annie! I entered the giveaway on the other page, but never received the promo code email. I created a softcover photobook and am excited to get it ordered! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • annieseats

    It will be coming soon, likely this week. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out. It’s just taking me some time compiling everyone’s addresses.

  • Morgan Goodwin

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Morgan Goodwin

    Hi Annie,

    I’m sorry to be a nuisance about the Artifact Uprising promo code. Since the giveaway ended, I have started receiving emails from their company site, but never received a discount code. I waited to order a birthday present in hopes of using the discount. So, I am a little discouraged about the delay. Should I contact Artifact Uprising to see if I missed the email?

    I am thankful for the giveaway opportunity and I certainly don’t want to seem ungrateful. I just want to make sure I didn’t miss out!

    Thank you for your help!


  • annieseats

    Yes, I think that would be a good idea. I am frustrated by that too. I hope a coupon code was sent out since that is what was discussed with me. If all that happened was you got put on an email list, I won’t be very happy about it.