Every month or so, a catalog comes in the mail from a popular bright and shiny kitchen store. And every time I look through it, often with Andrew by my side, we “Oooh” and “Aaah” over all the fun kitchen toys.  They do their job well. They almost convince me that I need all sorts of gadgets and unitaskers, which is how I ended up seriously considering a very snazzy looking popsicle mold.  Yeah, it is crazy overpriced and yeah, it only holds three popsicles, but they almost had me.  But then I just have to think, what would my dad have thought if I bought a popsicle mold that cost that much?  Oh, I never would have heard the end of it.

So – find yourself a cheapy popsicle mold.  They should be in the seasonal aisle of most stores right about now, and are also easily available online.  Once you do that, make yourself some awesome strawberry yogurt popsicles.  These are an awesome healthy dessert option with only four ingredients.  Their sweetness is completely natural from the strawberries themselves, and a touch of greek yogurt adds a nice creaminess.  My mind is bursting with all sorts of fun popsicle flavors to try in the coming months.  Maybe this will just become a popsicle blog.  That would be cool, right?  Get it?  Cool?  Okay, I’ll stop.

Mix it Up – Some variations to try:

  • Strawberry Balsamic Pops – Add a touch of balsamic vinegar for a delicious savory note.
  • Strawberries Basil Pops – Berries and basil go beautifully together – why not in popsicle form?
  • Strawberry Lemonade – Add in the zest and juice of a full lemon or two for the sunniest of days.


  • 2 cups coarsely chopped strawberries
  • ¼ cup low fat greek yogurt
  • 1½ tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1½ tsp. vanilla extract


  • 01

    Combine the strawberries, yogurt, lemon juice and vanilla in a blender or food processor.  Puree until smooth (or leave slightly chunky if you prefer.)  Pour into a popsicle mold and place popsicle sticks.  Freeze until solid.  Enjoy!

  • 02

    A few notes: 

    • I used this popsicle mold.
    • The popsicle sticks are from Sucre Shop.
    • If you use a mold that doesn’t like the shape or size of popsicle sticks you use, cover with foil and poke the sticks through the foil into the pops to help hold them in place, as below.

  • Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

    Oh, I’m so excited for popsicle season! Love this.

  • These popsicles are looking so delicious!

  • Amy

    Oh Annie, these look so yummy! :) And pretty!! I try to feed my little boys healthier snacks & this is just in time for the beautiful weather coming up. Thank you for never disappointing!

  • I have been thinking about possibles for a while now! I wanted to get some moulds but have been holding off. However the look of those tasty strawberry ones convinced me to get some.

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar

    These popsicles are so yummy for Spring! Love this!

  • Liz N.

    These look so yummy! I know my daughter will love to make these with me. I’ve got some beautiful organic strawberries ready for this recipe!

  • Josie

    So cute! You know my kids will be all over these.

  • Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ali @ Solano’s Kitchen

    Gorgeous picture! Can’t wait to try the strawberry balsamic version :)

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    I love how simple these are!

  • Lauren Ochoa

    Haha, my 4 year old and I were just looking at Popsicle molds on amazon the other day and talking about all the delicious flavors of Popsicles we would like to make. Strangely enough, the highest rated mold is also the cheapest. We both love strawberries so these would probably go to the top of our list of flavors to try.

  • My dad would definitely be rolling his eyes at some of the things that I’ve bought over the years! I have a pretty simple tried-and-true popsicle mold as well, and that’s really all you need! (Though…my mom always used Dixie cups to make popsicles…) I am so into strawberries right now! Can’t wait to get these in my freezer!

  • Alison Lewis

    can’t wait to make these

  • Melissa Brooker

    Oh yum! I will have to make these for my niece and nephew this summer! (who am I kidding, for me too) the strawberry lemonade sound amazing!

  • Lakeisha Bing

    I can’t wait to try these. Like this weekend

  • Paula @ Dishing the Divine

    Awesome idea! I love anything that gets my kid to eat Greek yogurt! But best of all is the tin foil trick. Awesome!

  • Casspike22

    How important is the lemon in this recipe? I’m allergic to citrus and hoping to figure out an alternative.

  • annieseats

    I would just omit it. No biggie.

  • Jaime Szajna

    Those sticks almost make me sad that our Popsicle molds came with reusable sticks!

  • Love these pictures!! The recipes is great too :)

  • Cowen Park Kitchen

    Good idea with the foil! I’ll have to try that sometime.

  • Sarah El Guerrab

    That Popsicle mold your talking about is amazing!! Popsicles in 3 minutes!!!

  • Alice B.

    These sound fantastic! Have you tried making “adult” popsicles yet? We made mojito-inspired popsicles last summer and they were so fantastic. Can’t wait to see more popsicles on the blog so you get your money’s worth on your “cheapy” mold ;)

  • Tracy

    I bought a popsicle mold last summer, I’m excited to break it out again! Love the popsicle sticks!

  • Amber

    Although it’s not super warm, we just broke out the popsicle molds last week. I’m excited to try out this recipe on the boys- especially since we happen to have all the ingredients on hand! And what a fun idea to use traditional popsicle sticks instead of the plastic inserts. Thanks!

  • annieseats

    Not yet but oh, I have sooo many ideas! I can’t wait to play around with those. I’ll just have to make sure the freezer is stocked with kid-friendly pops first so they don’t get jealous :)

  • ifiibeke

    This recipe is brilliant, cant wait to try it out. bonus points for no sugar

  • I really need to get myself a popsicle mold and this is really tempting me!

  • Marie Maglaque

    I have tried this recipe this weekend after seeing it on Sucre Shop FB page. Awesome! I had bought a popsicle mood 4 years ago and never used it (shame!) so I was really happy to break it out :-)
    I made the popsicles last night and we had them for dessert this Sunday, we loved them! and we didn’t miss the sugar for sure. A must-try!

  • Jacquelyn

    I’d recommend finding a copy of People’s Pops at a library or online for some great and unusual flavor ideas. Also, with popsicle season in full-swing in SC already, I’ve been loving cucumber-based popsicles (super refreshing on hot days!) with fresh fruit of any variety blended in for sweetness, flavor, and color.

  • Heather w

    My 3year-old and I made these this morning for his birthday party tomorrow. We did the strawberry-lemonade version suggested and used our whole-fat vanilla Greek yogurt (for extra sweetness) and they are fantabulous! The best Popsicles we have ever had! Thank you Annie, this recipe helped me de-fog my mind and settle on strawberry-lemonade themed food for his “Under the Sun” birthday party. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me in the kitchen for the past 3 years as a mom!!

  • annieseats

    I’m so glad :)

  • My berries must’ve been extra tart because these turned out a little too intense for me. Next time, I will add a little sugar (or honey) and maybe up the yogurt to make it more creamy. Thanks Annie

  • Becca Harris

    What the? How have I missed these until now? The recipe is so simple and I like that it doesn’t include any extra sugar, since my mother is diabetic. These popsicles just moved to the top of my to-do list this week. Do you think these would also be good if made with blackberries instead of strawberries?

  • annieseats

    Blackberries would maybe need some additional sweetener because they can sometimes be super tart. I would consider mixing them with other berries (like strawberries) or maybe adding some honey. I don’t know much about the glycemic index of the various natural sweetness though…you may know better than I.