Here is a peek at a bit of what I’ve been loving this lately.  A few fashion finds, kitchen fabulousness, artsy fun, favorite music, a good movie, and a hilarious video.  But, before I forget, today’s holiday giveaway is brought to you by King Arthur Flour, one of my favorite companies!  Head on over to the giveaway page to learn more and enter.
I’ve had these gorgeous navy heels on my Zappos wishlist for at least a couple of years now.  Finally I have a fancy navy dress to wear to a very fancy date we have coming up, so I decided it was time.  Bonus – they were on sale!

Another thing that has been on my wishlist for ages are these vintage jewel bracelets with ribbon from Dreamy Vintage on Etsy.  Seriously, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gazed at these bracelets.  I decided this would be the perfect finishing touch for my fancy date outfit and now that it’s here, I love it just as much in person!

It really took me a while to come around to the leggings + boots trend, but now I’m totally on board.  I finally think it looks cute, not to mention it’s incredibly comfortable.  These leggings have become a staple in my wardrobe of late!

Okay, so it’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I have been using the world’s worst, most frustrating garlic press for the past five or six years.  It only cost around $20 so I have no idea why I insisted on sticking with it so darn long, but recently I was purchasing some gifts online and added this OXO garlic press for myself on a whim.  All I can say is amazing.  Should have bought it six years ago.  Kicking myself, for sure.

I’ve become quite enamored with canvas prints for decorating our walls, and had heard great recommendations from trusted photographer friends that CG Pro Prints had great quality canvases at a fraction of the price of other vendors.  I decided to go for it and ended up ordering 11 canvases, some very large, for a pretty fantastic price.  I am thrilled with the quality and just can’t get over the great value!  I’m sold.  Totally ordering more soon.  (And I’ll be sharing some photos of what I did with mine soon!)  Just can’t say enough good things about them.

Are you ready for this?  Ready to see maybe the coolest cookie blog I’ve EVER seen?!  Please, feast your eyes on Arty McGoo.  I think I sat with my mouth agape for about 30 minutes while I first perused this site.  Her talent and creativity are incredible!  Every cookie is a true work of art.  I could stare at these for hours, I think.  You go, girl.

I think I mentioned before that my friend and I have been taking a knitting class and we have been really been enjoying it.  Anyway, our ritual after knitting is dinner at Bru Burger Bar on Mass Ave.   Hence, we have named this night of the week…Knit and a Burger.  Indy locals, if you haven’t tried this place, you must.  The burgers are all amazing.  I’ve tried so many of them, and I have loved every one.  My current reigning favorite is the provencal.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

It may seem weird since last month I revealed that Britney Spears is one of my all time favorites, but my other all time favorite female artist is undoubtedly Sarah McLachlan.  I love her music so much, and it’s the soundtrack I can always count on to calm me down when I need it.  When I first discovered her Wintersong album a few years ago, it was like finding the perfect Christmas music for me.  This is my absolute ideal holiday soundtrack.  Ben can confirm that this is on near constant repeat in our house (with occasional Feliz Navidad, Jingle Bell Rock, and All I Want for Christmas is You for dancing with the kids).  I just adore this album (except the Noel track…we’ll just pretend that one didn’t happen.)  If you are looking for more holiday music to love, please check this out.  I *may* have been listening to it since early September this year.  Maybe.

It’s been about a year since Ben and I saw a movie in the theatre.  It’s not something we do often, mainly because not many movies are worth getting a babysitter for.  However, Ben has always been a Bond fan and I have been one since Daniel Craig took over the role.  We have been anticipating Skyfall for quite some time and finally got around to seeing it last week.  We really enjoyed it, though to me it was quite different from what I might expect in a Bond film.  The villain is infinitely creepier than what I am used to – some kind of cross between the Heath Ledger Joker and Hannibal Lecter.  I had bad dreams the whole night after I saw it.  But, it was a good movie overall and I’m already kind of wanting to see it again.  Judi Dench was fabulous, per usual.

And finally, a bit of humor passed on to me by a reader.  I’m sure many of you have seen this already but it was new to me and I think it is hysterically funny as someone who love(d) Instagram.  Look at This Instagram (Nickelback Parody) from College Humor.  (This is NSFW).  Speaking of which, in light of the recent uproar over Instagram, I’ll be deleting my accounts in a snap if these terms aren’t appropriately revised soon.  I have no doubt another company can fill this void in a snap, in a way that makes users feel comfortable using the service.

  • Julie @ Table for Two

    I just went to check out that canvassing website and those prices are incredible! I do have a question though – it says the prices are only available for pro photographer artists to print their work for their clients. If I want to print family photos and such, it’s not food blog related so I couldn’t really say that I’m a pro photog for family related photos, only food. Did you have your photographer order them for you?

  • annieseats

    On their Facebook page, I’ve seen tons of random individuals post about the family photos they have ordered, etc. so I don’t get the impression that you have to be a photographer. I didn’t do anything special – just ordered directly through their site.

  • Rahaf

    Those shoes are so cute! They can complement so many outfits so nicely. I love Nina shoes. Can’t wait to see the canvases :)

  • Angie

    1. Those are COOKIES?!?!?! Whoa. Mind = blown.
    2. I LAHVE Sarah McLachlan’s Christmas album. Easily my all-time favorite. (With She & Him as a close second.)

  • Lauren

    I love Judi Dench too – so sad that will be the last thing we see her in. She is amazing! (LIke those cookies, amazing!)

  • Caroline L.

    Great pics! That bracelet is GORGEOUS, and that video is hilarious but SO TRUE! Guilty, but totally don’t care :)

  • Those cookies are too beautiful to eat!

  • All the Instagram hubbub isn’t as bad as it was made out to be. No different that what Facebook is doing already.

    Love your blog, btw:-)

  • annieseats

    Yes, I read the response. Still not really sold. And to me, this is different than Facebook since it’s an entirely different media with only photo sharing and nothing else.

  • Denise Wesely

    Wow! Really love the Arty McGoo website/blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ok so I found your blog about 2 years ago I think when I found your Pumpkin Cream cheese muffins. Then I found out you were in Indy and loved it even more! We live in West Lafayette and were in Indy for a concert last Friday night and now I am kicking myself because we went to Bru Burger but the wait was too long for us to stay–I would have definitely made time had it come so highly recommended! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

  • I also love the Sarah McLaughlin Wintersong album – I purchased it in November the year it came out. It was an impulse purchase at the airport on my way back home after visiting my husband (boyfriend at that time) while he was away earning his Master’s degree. I listened to “Song for a Winter’s Night” as I counted down the weeks until we would catch up again at Christmas. It remains one of my favourite holiday songs. There is nothing cozier than listening to this album while making Christmas cookies and warm cider!
    Happy holidays and thank you for sharing your wonderful blog.

  • Jessica @ Sunny Side Up

    Wintersong is one of my favorite Christmas albums! My other favorite is the Mariah Carey Christmas CD. I just can’t help it. Reminds me of my childhood. :)

  • I am so glad you posted this! We had family photos done recently and I’ve been wanting to get some canvases printed. Those are FANTASTIC prices, and I love that I don’t have to wait for a sale. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Adams

    Well shoot! Any day I can be on the same list as James Bond {ESPECIALLY the Daniel Craig James Bond!} can be called an epically awesome day I’d say! Wow! Thank you so much! Please excuse my excessive use of exclamation points, but I really am honored! Thank you, you made my day and also made me want to replace my old garlic press. ~Liz aka Arty McGoo

  • annieseats

    Oh, you are basically the James Bond of cookies so I think it is fitting. You have an incredible gift! Glad to give your day a little boost :)

  • cmacolini

    Sarah has another beautiful Christmas tune you may not have heard. It’s available as a free download on her website.

    Here’s a direct link to the youtube video:

  • preveena bhagianath

    I am loving the shoes Annie, such a pretty colour. And Elizabeth’s Arty McGoo website, its breathtaking. What a talent!

  • Christmas Eve update! Those amazing Nina shoes are now on!

  • annieseats

    Yes, I’d heard of it. Love her :)

  • Maire

    I moved country a couple of months ago and on my first day here i went to three places to find an oxo garlic press. Bitobesive maybe but what can i say I was lonely! Once you’ve had one nothing else is good enough!

  • Dreamy Vintage

    Thank you very much for your kind words and the fabulous feature! I am so happy to hear that you liked your bracelet. I hope you had an amazing date :)

    Didem aka Dreamy Vintage