Whenever I entertain, especially when I host large parties, I try to keep things simple.  That may not be how it appears to many of you, since so often I receive questions about how I pull these parties off.  The truth is, it’s all in the planning.  To me, every minute spent planning in advance makes the event that much smoother when party time comes.

I’ve talked about my planning strategies a couple of times before, and this particular appetizer is a perfect example of the kind of recipes I like to have in my repertoire for entertaining.  It is elegant enough to deserve a spot on the table, but so incredibly simple that it comes together in mere minutes.  Brie pairs so well with fruit, and this particular match with the sweet-tart sugared cranberries is stellar.  In fact, of all the items included in our recent holiday party spread, these were by far the crowd favorite (after the sugar cookie tree, of course).  This is a perfect option for a snack to enjoy on Christmas or perhaps New Year’s Eve, or could be a great contribution to any other holiday gatherings you might attend.  I know we’ll be making these time and time again.

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24 wheat crackers
About 3 oz. brie, sliced thin
About 1¼ cups sugared cranberries


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    Place crackers on a serving platter.  Top each cracker with a thin slice of brie, and garnish with 3-4 sugared cranberries.  Serve.


  • Hi Annie! Love the blog, I make your recipes all the time! Just wanted to let you know the picture at the top of this post is coming up as unavailable on Flickr!

  • annieseats

    Fixed now. Thanks!

  • These are so pretty! And totally unique – yum!

  • Those are beautiful.

  • this is very silly, but can i just thank you for whatever magical trick you do that makes the links in your posts open into separate windows? seriously it makes my heart happy. it’s a little and seemingly unimportant feature, but it’s so organized and convenient.

  • These are so so pretty! I’m not a huge brie fan… may have to try it with another cheese for new years!

  • These are gorgeous! I just got off the phone with my mom, and we were discussing making some “high-end” Christmas appetizers for Monday night, and then I opened up my Google reader and saw these! Seems like fate to me :) I’ve seen versions of these throughout the blog world, and some used mint as a garnish. I’m not a mint lover (and I seem to remember from reading your blog frequently that you’re not either…) but I’m going to be tempted to add it to make these look even more Christmas-ey!

  • These are beautiful and sound delicious! On my list of things to make next week….. ;-)

  • Caroline L.

    Brie and cranberries… two of my favorite things! These look incredible and oh so easy!

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    So simple and elegant. Love this!

  • These little cracker bites are so simple, but they look so incredible! Got to try this one day!

  • Patti T.

    I already planned to make the sugared cranberries, now I have a nice little bite of heaven to make with them. Thank you once again.

  • Jennifer Drummond

    I love it! Bree and Cranberries are wonderful together!! I have your cranberries on my list to make!

  • What a lovely idea! :) So pretty!

  • CrunchyCreamySw

    How adorable! Love this idea!

  • Liddy Dover

    Such a beautiful appetizer! Adding this to my Christmas menu.

  • so how did you make the perfect circle of brie? The presentation is so beautiful with the circle of brie, rather then just a cut wedge that we see so many times before.

  • annieseats

    I just bought a log in that shape :)

  • Shannon MacLellan

    I already bought a cuptakes case after you mentioned the site in an earlier post, but I did want to say thank you for mentioning the website! I am in love with my case, the bold pink chevron. :)

  • bigbearswife

    Perfect little bites for a Christmas or Holiday Party

  • Meg

    This flavor combination is divine! And they look so beautiful! We’re having a little holiday dinner party tonight with these taking a starring role. Also made your caramels for the first time and may have to make another batch of everything before the family comes over on Christmas. Your recipes never fail, Annie! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and happy holidays!!

  • nmm

    These were amazing! The cranberries were super easy to make, and the flavor combination was fantastic. Super simple, too!

  • smcwk

    any ideas on how to keep the berries from sliding off the cheese? I have to carry to a potluck and I am worried about the berries sliding all around?

  • Beth

    I am making these tonight for a little dinner party with our British friends! They look amazing and I’ve heard first hand from some very close friends that they are fantastic!

  • Beth

    By the way- these were a hit. I had leftover cranberries, so they are now gracing my Greek yogurt parfait, alongside some chia seeds, pecans, and maple crunch granola. delish!!!

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    I was happy that my local grocer also carried the logs, but when I went to slice it the cheese was so soft that the nice round shape was lost beyond repair…do you slice it straight from the refrigerator? I don’t remember how long mine was out before slicing so maybe that was the case…any suggestions?

  • Kristen

    Just wanted to comment that I made these for a pre-Christmas dinner with my family this past weekend and they were a hit! My family loved all the different flavors in just one bite. Perfect appetizer for a holiday party!

  • Melissa Brooker

    These are so good and so easy!! I made them for a Christmas Day snack and everyone just loved them! I’m making them again for a low key New Year’s Eve dinner! We can’t get Brie in logs around here, so mine don’t look quite as pretty but they sure tasted amazing!