Here’s a look at our month of September, Instagram style.

1. I loved the game memory as a kid and I’m thrilled that now Andrew loves it too.  We play together all the time, and our favorite match that we always compete for is Steve the crab.  Andrew is thrilled he won Steve this round.  I am not.
2. Sweet Caroline.
3. Andrew has taken to drawing me a picture every single day at preschool and when I pick him up, it’s the first thing he wants to show me.  So sweet.
4. My dad built this playhouse in our yard when we were little.  Now Andrew loves to play in it.  Bittersweet.
5. Still loving my pink flats, a lot.
6. This girl loves the swings at the park!  It’s all she wants to do when we are there.
7. Lovely sky during an evening walk in the neighborhood.
8. With the onset of cold weather, I’m going to miss planning dinner, and more importantly desserts, centered around the fire pit.
9. Sometimes ModCloth sends cute freebies with your order.  I love these bobby pins they sent me!
10. Caroline has the best belly laugh in the midst of tickle attacks from her dad.
11. Andrew has started playing vet with all of his stuffed animals.  It is adorable, and keeps him occupied for hours!
12. He’s also super snuggly, and I’m trying to soak up every second of it.  I know I’ll blink my eyes and suddenly he’ll be way too cool for me.
13. Halloween window clings = major amusement for my little buddy.
14. My basil plants got a touch of frost damage so I chopped them down and made a quintuple batch of pesto.  I think we’re set for a while.
15. I started taking a knitting class with one of my best friends and it is awesome!  Our first project is a sweater.  Afterwards we go out to a fab restaurant with really fab burgers so we have deemed this girls’ activity…Knit and a Burger.
16. We bought Andrew this bike back in June for his birthday but he was a little scared of it then.  He’s over that now, and wants to ride his bike as much as possible.  Love it.
17. Caroline is a major snuggler at bedtime.  I can’t get enough.
18. She also likes to play with/gnaw on mini pumpkins.
19. Popcorn and wine.  Friday night snack of champions.
20. We just bought Candy Land for Andrew and we’ve already played approximately 8,136 rounds.  I think I’ve won once.  I get sent back to the cupcake every time I’m about to win!  (Side note – the old board was way cooler.)

  • Laura C

    Totally agree about the Candyland game. I played about one million games when I was little with my best friend and then when we bought it for my 5 year old I was disappointed in the new version.

  • I love these posts each month!

  • lehar

    Looks lke you’ve gotahumbsucker there. So cute! :)

  • wendy

    Love everything about your blog! I am always amazed by how much you get done – would you ever be willing to do a post about time management?

  • agree on candyland! my son is about the same age as Andrew and i remember liking the old board so much better.

  • annieseats

    Many people have asked about this but I’m never sure exactly what I could say that would be useful to anyone else. I just make a lot of lists and make sure everything gets done that needs to. I wish I had some magic strategy to recommend!

  • Kiran @

    Your kids are absolutely ADORABLE!!

  • Vicki Bensinger

    I love your photos, they make me smile. I remember those days. My daughter showed me a photo today that we took when she was probably 4 sitting on our dog. It is adorable. They really do grow up fast. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Sarah Townsend

    Yay annie’s knitting! I like MassAve but you need to go to KnitStop and when you’re in Btown stop by Yarns Unlimited.

  • One word: ADORABLE ♥

  • Jamie

    Looks like a great month! I do something similar on my blog. Can you tell me how you got all of the instagrams in such a nice block??

  • annieseats

    I use Lightroom to make the collage.

  • annieseats

    I definitely will! My mom used to weave on a loom and spent a lot of time at Yarns Unlimited. We still have her loom and I’m hoping someday I can figure it out. So cool!

  • Courtney

    You’re right about the Candyland board being a major letdown. Wish we had the “vintage” Candyland from my childhood!

  • You amaze me. You are super mom! My oldest is 11 and he will still lay down on the couch with me, and even will hold my hand at the grocery store. I know it will stop any minute, but there’s still hope for you that it will last awhile longer. I’m still crazy excited that he still isn’t embarrassed by me completely!

  • Noel

    Annie, I really enjoy how you’ve added these instagram month summaries and your latest favorites that you are enjoying. Makes your blog that much more personable and you that much more human, even though you still accomplish more in a day then I do in a month. :) Keep up the good work. Sure do enjoy your writing, and cooking.

  • annieseats

    Thanks! I’m so glad you are enjoying them :)

  • What a wonderful collection of memories :) Your kids are absolutely adorable. And love the Knit and Burger idea! Nice way to keep up with good friends.

  • Kristen @ The LBK

    It seems appropriate that you get sent back to the Cupcake!!

  • Sarah Townsend

    Very cool, I weave a little bit (i’m actually a spinner). If you want to talk about it, or need someone to look at the loom, let me know on facebook.

  • annieseats

    Awesome! Will do. Dad wanted to get rid of her loom a year or two ago but I made him keep it for me. I’m so glad I did, and hope to use it someday!

  • I love that you have popcorn and wine! I do that all the time and my friends always make fun of me for it :) They just don’t understand the magic!

  • Sarah Townsend

    Glad you did too!