Here’s a look at what I’m loving in September!
Macaron note cards?!?!  Would it really have been possible for me to not buy this cuteness?  Um, no.  As always, Paper Source is irresistible.

This dress is a fairly recent addition to my wardrobe and I love it.  It’s classic and elegant from the front, and the cut outs in the back add visual interest.  Not to mention, it’s incredibly comfortable.  I wore it for our dinner at Alinea and it was perfect.  I think it would work in so many settings.

Okay, so I haven’t tried the marshmallow flavor of this set but 1) this Philosophy caramel apple lip gloss is my favorite lip gloss ever and I wear it every day, and 2) Philosophy lip glosses in general are awesome so I know I’d love the marshmallow too.  Plus, I’m a sucker for Halloween themed things and it’s getting to be that time soon(ish).

When the boots + skinny jeans trend first came about, it took me a while to warm up to it, mostly because a lot of the boots I saw were just not my style.  But then I found these boots.  Oh, how I love them.  After I bought them last fall I wore them as often as I possibly could.  They are cute and so comfortable.  Oh, and this season they have them in a new shade – vintage pewter.  They’re en route to my house right now :)

Are you guys familiar with Cuptakes?  This site sells the cutest iPhone cases.  When I bought the case for my iPhone 4, I deliberated for days over which design to choose.  The one above is what I eventually picked, and in fact I love it so much I just reordered the same design for my new iPhone 5.  Not only is it cute, it protected my phone earlier this week when it fell from the top of my car (early morning mommy-two kids into the car shuffle) into a busy street in the rain.  (Also, very glad for the Bluetooth connection in my car that made me realize what had happened so quickly!)

Now, onto what I’ve been reading lately.  Dudes, if you want a crazy suspenseful, twisty-turny read, pick up Gone Girl immediately.  It is completely gripping and you really can’t put it down.  So in that sense, it’s a quick read…just make sure you didn’t have any important plans.

And finally, the last person in the world to experience The Hunger Games series has tasted the Kool-Aid.  I was instantly pulled into these books and though there were certainly some plot points that I did not love, these books are definitely deserving of the hype they have received.  It really isn’t feasible to sum all this greatness up in a few sentences but let me just say, these books are worth your time.

The Honest Toddler blog and Twitter handle has really been making the rounds lately, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, get ready to laugh your butt off for the next 30 minutes.  I’m sure this isn’t nearly as funny if you don’t have much interaction with kids, but as a mom of two I seriously laugh until I cry almost every time I read it. It’s so, so hard to even pick favorites but make sure you check out a couple of highlights:  Yelp Review: The Womb and, of course, Recipes (DON’T BE LAZY).

  • nmtowell

    Gone Girl is next on my list of books to read. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. And the Cuptakes are ridiculously cute. Can’t wait to order one for my iphone!

  • anniebakes

    Good stuff, I too just got into the Hunger Games and am head over heals!!

  • Erin

    Thanks for the iPhone case rec – I’m upgrading to the 5 in Nov so I’ve been on the lookout – those are so cute!

  • Ellen

    Honest Toddler? Thank you, just… thank you.

  • Kimberlee Neville

    I’m totally with you on Gone Girl and Hunger Games. Well, your whole list pretty much rocks! Holy Cow was Gone Girl really, really good. And I just finished the 2nd Hunger games book and can’t wait to read the 3rd (I have a few other books lined up)… Happy Saturday!

  • Pam

    Love your blog. I have been reading it for some time but have never commented before. I really like this new series as well for each month. I have Gone Girl on my kindle just haven’t gotten to it yet. The Hunger Games is remarkable if you know what is out there for young adults. I have two teenage girls and one preteen girl. Having intelligent and thought provoking books are so rare. Glad to hear you have jumped on this bandwagon.

  • Great finds—the note cards are delicious, and so are the boots!

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Love those boots!! i just got a black pair like that from Target and am obsessed with them.

  • Mel

    I love when you do these lists! Why is it that everyone knows about the cool stuff but me? The lip gloss is going to be ordered asap. Thanks, Annie!

  • Natalie Stanfield

    Honest Toddler is one of my faves! So funny and so true! :-) Gotta try the lipgloss now… Thanks for these fun items!

  • Amy @ The Nifty Foodie

    I’m laughing SO hard over the Yelp Review of The Womb. I think I’m going to have to start following their twitter. :-P

  • AEOT

    Annie, if you like Hunger Games, you must read Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Very similar books but even better, in my opinion. Those are the first two of the trilogy, the third comes out in 2013. So, so, so worth the read- I promise!!

  • Maggie

    Maybe too personal, sorry — but do you wear a (special) bra with that dress? It’s awesome, I agree, but after three babies, I can’t do the no bra thing. Also, thanks for turning me on to Honest Toddler. Brilliant!

  • mambo

    I LOVE the dress! So cute, and thanks for introducing me to A thread. I’ve never shopped that site before, but it’s on my radar now :)

  • Gone Girl was a great book! I am going to be a grandmother in the next few weeks so I will plan on checking out the Honest Toddler!

  • Coby

    I’m loving that dress! I may have to save up for that one! Okay, so the skinny jeans-boots thing…I actually really like it. HOWEVER, contrary to what a friend told me, I don’t think everyone can wear skinny jeans (ahem, i.e., ME). Although slender, I am a pear-shaped woman, and skinny jeans on me are just not at all flattering. But I sure love those boots! ;-)

  • Maranda Williams

    Hi! I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I have had my eye on athe Booker boots for a while now, and I really want to order a pair. Do you mind telling me if the boots run true to size or do they run big or small? Thank you, Maranda.

  • annieseats

    I think they run true to size, but honestly I own so many J.Crew shoes, their sizes are my “true size” if that makes sense. I know what size I order there and that it always fits me. Enjoy your boots!

  • annieseats

    Yes, it’s fairly new to me too but I’ve bought a few things and most of them were great! (One I sent back.)

  • annieseats

    I thought I would have to buy a special backless one, but for me the back didn’t plunge quite as much as in the photo. I just wore a regular nude bra and pulled the back down a little lower than normal. Seemed to work okay and definitely cheaper than buying a specialty bra I won’t get much use out of!

  • annieseats

    “Shout out to my fallen homie, Placenta!” I died.

  • Meg

    I am 8 months pregnant and have a two year old. I literally almost wet myself reading “Yelp review of the Womb” My favorite line…”Check out was a mess.” Thanks for sharing it! This hormonal girl needed that today!!!

  • Courtney

    I had high hopes for Gone Girl, but it didn’t live up to all the hype {at least for me!} It started out great, but midway through the plot just fell apart and became ridiculous. Plus, the two main characters were so unlikable!

  • KellyB

    Love that dress! That whole site is awesome. Thanks for the info !

  • Melanie

    LOVED the boots……until I saw the price : ( They are a classic style through so I suppose they would be worth the investment.

  • Stacy

    Hi Annie, I love these posts – you always pick the cutest things! I haven’t heard of cuptakes or A Thread, but just ordered something from both. I always appreciate anyone who loves J. Crew as much as me!

  • annieseats

    I have to say, I think they’re totally worth it (clearly, having bought two pairs). I have more than gotten my money’s worth out of them and my first pair is only a year old.

  • Kelsey

    Annie, I SO agree with you on Gone Girl. What a fantastic read. I definitely didn’t see the major twist coming at. all. Also–Hunger Games? I haven’t read it either. And I’m a teacher. Yikes.

  • Thank you for the tip on the boots! I’ve been looking for a pair since last fall but just never found the one. All the ones I tried on were so uncomfortable or had a giant heel…these look perfect!

  • great roundup! Love the iphone case and the boots. Honest Toddler always makes me laugh, especially when he talks about working his way into the “big bed”

  • Cynthia

    I just pinned the macaron cards. They are soo cute!

  • Angie @ Coffee and Cannolis

    I think if I made a September list as well I’d have a lot of the same stuff on there! I just bought those cards a week ago, I’m addicted to Honest Toddler and Philosophy lip gloss sets are the best. My favorite set of all time is “A Few Good Men” with the Milkman, Ice Cream Man and Gingerbread Man!

    Oh, and Gone Girl is on my list to read soon!

  • I have the J.Crew Booker Boots from last year – I get compliments on them all the time and I am totally obsessed with them!

  • Agreed – definitely worth the investment! Or, if you want to wait, they typically have lots on sale around February.

  • Oh my goodness! The Honest Toddler blog is so funny! I might have to find some boots that make the skinny jeans look work for me too. Thanks for sharing!

  • monica

    I am glad to read that you’ve actually read the books you ‘review’ for this month ;) Nice work!

  • annieseats

    To clarify, last month the thing I liked/reviewed was the hilarious review…not the book itself. Sense of humor, it helps :)

  • Jill

    I love, whenever I have a dinner party, i always get really cute stationary from there. I hand write each invitation to give it a personal touch.

  • Lydia

    Thank you for the post of the iPod case! I have been searching for something cute, but durable and the website was adorable! =]