As I mentioned earlier this month, I thought it would be fun to start doing occasional off-topic, non-food related posts here on the blog.  In the Things I’m Loving posts, I’ll share…wait for it…some things I’ve been loving lately.  Revolutionary, I know.   Here (in no particular order) is a peek at what I’m lovin’ in July!

Do you guys know about ModCloth?  If you don’t, you should.  It’s a totally awesome vintage clothing site with a massive selection and (mostly) reasonable prices.  I have ordered more than a few things from them and have loved every single one.  My two favorite recent purchases:

This polka dot top (though they call it a dress – say what?!!).  I wore it in our recent family photos and looove it!

And this cat t-shirt.  Are you kidding me with the cuteness?!  Andrew loves when I wear it :)

My biggest fashion weakness is J.Crew.  Le sigh.  Two favorite recent purchases:

I bought these sandals in early spring and have worn them practically all summer long.  I never got into the gladiator sandal trend when it got rolling and I’m still not totally on board, but these are so cute and they go with everything!

Thank goodness for J.Crew’s awesome swimwear line as well.  This summer I finally broke down and bought a one piece since my time at the pool is spent chasing the kids, hopping in and out of the pool, and trying to keep the kids from pulling my suit off.  I was not thrilled but they have so many stylish options that don’t make me feel like I just aged two decades.

I don’t get to partake in any tropical or even beach vacations this summer.  However, I have an obsession with coconut-scented products and this coconut body scrub from The Body Shop is awesome.  The beachy scent and the coarse grains of exfoliant make me feel, at least for a minute, that I might be at the beach (if I close my eyes and imagine reeeeally hard).  I also appreciate the company’s values and efforts towards important social campaigns.  Very cool indeed.

I don’t think I’ve bought (or wanted) a piece of super fancy jewelry since learning about Etsy.  The massive selection of handmade pieces there is all I need.  I am always amazed at the gorgeous and these peace sign earrings have been on my wish list for a while.  I finally ordered them and can’t wait for them to arrive.

If you’re ever looking for inspiration for home decor or design ideas, look no further than Design Seeds.  My brothers and I are getting ready to make some updates to our family home since it is in much need of some TLC.  I was at a total loss as to where to start but this site has given me so much inspiration.  I could (and do!) browse these beautiful images/color schemes for hours!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Shazam, but just in case you don’t, prepare to have your mind blown.  When I first heard about this app, I seriously thought the person telling me was trying to play a joke on me.

Another app I have been loooving is my White Noise app.  My mind is racing much of the time and when I lay down at night, it’s often very difficult for me to shut off.  This app has a big selection of different white noise sounds.  My favorite is, of course, the ocean.  The one with the cat purring totally cracks me up :)

Even though I don’t have tons of free time for fun reading, I try to do it as often as I can.  I’ve been a bookworm my whole life and it’s my favorite way to spend any early morning or late night moments of silence.  I recently read Life on the Line, the biography of Grant Achatz and story of the creation of his esteemed Chicago restaurant Alinea.  I’m not in the business of writing extensive book reviews and don’t consider myself a literary critic, but the bottom line is I devoured this book and I highly recommend it.  The transitions between the two narrators can be clunky at times, but otherwise this is a great read and reading about the thought process that went into starting the restaurant was particularly fascinating.

And to end with a good laugh, one of my favorite internet videos of all time (definitely NSFW).  Did our refrigerator magnets say “giant squid” for a really long time because of this?  Yes.  Yes, they did.

  • Natalie Stanfield

    Love this post! Lots of fun stuff all in one place! I heart etsy! My hubs wishes he could ban etsy! :-) Those colors are awesome! So fun and bright! And thanks so much for clueing me in to the white noise app! Gotta get it! Have a great weekend!

  • Kristin

    I have a new respect for Michael Bolton…that was hilarious!

  • Emily Clark

    Could this post be any better? Thank you for sharing all of your July favs. They are awesome! And I can’t wait to forward on the Jack Sparrow video ~ you made my day Annie.

  • June g.

    I think the white noise app may change my life;)

  • Susannablackman

    I really like this! Thanks for some very good tip and the SNL video with Michael Bolton is hilarious! Can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.

  • I love that last video!!! Too funny! I also am obsessed with J.Crew. I only let myself go there once a month, because otherwise I will literally have no money for food. lol

  • Glad you posted this, because I’ve been tempted to make a ModCloth purchase – but was hesitant of quality because their prices are so affordable! Was going to ask you where you got that top, actually. lol. This post reminds me of Kelly. Have you seen the Shoes video on YouTube?

  • Julie

    That Michael Bolton video totally made my day. I’ve already passed it on to several people, thanks!!

  • Lehar

    Hey Annie,
    If you liked modcloth then you should also check out They have very cute vintage inspired clothing.
    P.S : I love your top. :)

  • Nicole F

    First I love your website. I tell everyone about it. Second, you totally sold that red top from ModCloth. I stumbled upon their website a few days ago and pinned half their stuff. Now I need to purchase something.

  • those sandals are SO cute! love them!

  • Coby

    I love the family photos! The one of you snuggling Caroline is just precious!

  • I use a white noise app on my droid to get my 7 month old to go to sleep (and stay asleep!). I like making different combinations to find soothing sounds for him. Some of my favorites are chanting monks+train travel and heavy rain+large fan. There are such funny choices. Does anybody actually find crickets chirping to be soothing?

  • Cristy

    OK so listen: I’ve never seen the PotC movies, but that video was hysterical!!!! Who knew Michael Bolton had that in him?? Oh, and Design Seeds? Are you in my head? Because I’m re-doing my LR right now and that site is perfection! Thanks so much!

  • karen

    Great post! It’s fun to see what I’m missing. :) Design Seed is a gem. I can have fun playing with that website.

  • Love that kitty shirt, and I love Modcloth too! Must have it…

  • Tara

    You’re family pictures are adorable! How lovely. :) So is the kitten shirt, totally cute. And the Micheal bolton video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing everything, Annie :)

  • This is a great roundup! I’m about to have my mind blown with the shazam app. Also, everything from the Body Shop completes me.

  • I love the lonely island so much!!! I love this one, but I think “I’m on a boat” is probably my favorite from them.

    I actually have modcloth bookmarked but shipping charges would kill me since I live in Canada. One day, I’ll probably give in and order many many things.

    I didn’t know about design-seeds, thanks for sharing this will be very useful to me :)

    Love reading this kind of post from you :)

  • I know, modcloth’s “dresses” are usually so short! The good thing is that they make for awesome tunic tops :)

    I am lovin’ this series! It would be awesome to get updates on your home improvement, too! I saw your kitchen, and I love it :)

  • I love the non-food posts!

  • Suzan Green

    like the post very much, the shoes are very cute and lovable, and I like the dresses!

  • I love that red polka dot top!

  • I feel like I could have wrote this post! Love Modcloth, Etsy, Design Seeds and anything Lonely Island. I don’t watch SNL anymore, but I will definitely YouTube any Andy Samberg and Lonely Island video! And, I’m thinking I kinda have to get that cat shirt!

  • Jennifermarissa

    If you like Modcloth you should also check out It’s my own new obsession!

  • Ellie

    I love the White Noise app on my iphone. I have the same problem falling asleep and it works wonders! I’ve only used the thunderstorm sound so far, but I’m going to try the ocean one tonight.

  • I love that top! I noticed it in your photos and really liked it :) Hope all is well! XO

  • As designer I couldn’t avoid to see the Design Seeds image, their website is really cool!

  • Dee

    Thanks for the tip, Annie. I bought the Coconut body scrub and I love it. I also purchased the coconut milk body spray and it’s great, too. I feel like I smell sooo good!

  • Love the video! Ha, ha, ha… (off to send a link of it to friends…)

  • Hannah

    Hey! I know that it is prolly weird that I am posting on such an old post, but today i found the cutest one-piece swimsuit designer and it reminded me of this post and I thought that I should share it with you. They are cute and fun and look nothing like something a grandma would wear lol. The brand is reyswimwear, and the story that goes with it is pretty great too.

  • annieseats

    Thanks Hannah! I’ll have to check them out.