Here’s the thing about quesadillas…each time I make a new rendition I think, okay, we’ve done just about all there is to do with these.  We make them with chicken or shrimp, or go veg with various combinations of veggies, beans, etc. etc.  It’s all slightly different but essentially the same.  That is until I tried this fresh new spin on an old dinner time staple.  This simple version combines summer stone fruit such as nectarines or peaches with queso fresco and a hefty dose of jalapeno.  They kind of knocked my socks off.  I loved the way the spicy peppers played off of the sweet fruit and the mild tang and almost buttery flavor the queso fresco provided.  We’ll definitely be keeping these in mind for future quick summer meals and/or ways to use up extra fruit we have hanging around.

On a semi-related note, I’m still loving homemade tortillas.  Lately when I make them I’ve been subbing half of the flour for whole wheat flour with great results.  I make them in large batches and keep them in the freezer so they are ready whenever I need them.


8 small flour tortillas (or 4 large tortillas)
1½ cups shredded Monterey jack cheese
3-4 nectarines, sliced thin (peeled if you like)
¾ cup queso fresco, crumbled
1-2 jalapeño peppers, seeded and chopped
¼ cup fresh cilantro, minced
Cooking spray or canola oil


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    Place tortillas on a work surface.  Very lightly brush one side of each tortilla with canola oil (or spray with cooking spray) and flip over so the oiled side is facing down.  Sprinkle a thin layer of the shredded Monterey jack cheese over one of the tortillas.  Layer with the sliced nectarines.  Sprinkle with the queso fresco, jalapeño and cilantro.  Top with another tortilla, oiled side facing outward.  Repeat with the remaining tortillas.  (Alternatively if you are using a large tortilla, place the fillings on one half and use the fold-over method.)

  • 02

    Warm a skillet or grill pan over medium-high heat and if needed, lightly oil the cooking surface.  Carefully place assembled quesadillas in the pan and cook, turning once, until each side is golden brown and the cheese is melted.  Slice into triangles and serve warm.

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    *Measurements are approximate since making a quesadilla is kind of like making a sandwich.  No exact measurements are needed.

  • These sound awesome! Great idea Annie!

  • These look delicious and I really want to try cooking them.

  • RadMagicLove

    This sounds delicious! Are they more sweet or are they more savory? Are they more of a snack or could you eat them as a full meal?

  • Brittany

    The leftovers from our Maundy Thursday dinner went into quesadillas the next day: roasted garlic white bean puree, grilled peppers and onions, cilantro-lime marinated lamb kebabs, and feta cheese. Dipped in leftover tzatziki, of course…amazing. Our peaches aren’t ripe yet, but we’ll be trying these once they are!

  • gaea712

    I love using Maseca (or corn flour) for homemade tortillas. The corn gives a nice, subtle flavor, and there’s a really nice crunch when you grill them as quesadillas. I’m in Evansville, so I can get it easily from Azteca Milling, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it in central Indiana. You should give a try!

  • Angela

    This look delicious. I love peaches and nectarines with jalapenos. I think grilling the fruit would be great, too. I look forward to trying these.

  • How perfect for summer!! Looks delicious!!

  • annieseats

    Since corn tortillas are made slightly differently, I have a different post about that coming soon.

  • JensFavoriteCookies

    I’m not sure I would have thought to put nectarines in this… but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t just not make it. I’m dreaming of that fruit + peppers + cheese combo. This is gorgeous!

  • wow that looks amazing!!! i love cheese and fruit together, such good fresh flavors. :)

  • Gorgeous grill marks! Happen to have all the ingredients for this on hand. I’m thinking lunch this weekend!

  • AmyBailey


  • Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    How cute are these?!

  • Anna

    YUM!!! I love quesadillas, and just happen to have all these ingredients on hand. Today’s lunch. Check!

  • Gorgeous photo. I like the idea of mixing the sweet with the spicy.

  • Kelsey

    Love the flavor combination here, Annie. And HELLO GORGEOUS!!! What an incredible photo!

  • These look fantastic! I’m loving the combo of fruit with spicy peppers. Such a great sweet and spicy kick!

  • sweetsugarbelle

    I hate doing this to you! The comment load up, but I cannot say enough how inspiring you are! My favorite pizza has fig, provelone, prosciutto, and arugula…how did I never think to make it into a quesadilla?! Super idea!!!

  • annieseats

    What?! I totally appreciate it and I love your comments! I do it to you too, anyway… :)