Sometimes a very simple idea can be so good.  Not just a cheeseburger – a pimento cheeseburger.  Why has this not occurred to me before?  Probably in part because it’s only within the last year that I was introduced to pimento cheese.  Clearly, I’m not a southern girl.  In any case, I’m very glad to have come across the idea.  The pimento cheese is all the condiment you need for this burger.  These were a melty cheesy mess and totally delicious.  (And perfectly accompanied by the soda I treat myself to once every three months or so.  Mmmm.)  Next time I may try these with a tex-mex version of pimento cheese like in the best cheese dip ever.  My, oh my.  This meal is a splurge for sure, but definitely worth the indulgence on occasion.

On a related note, you know what’s another simple yet fabulous idea?  Spontaneous picnics in the yard.  We recently invested in a set of patio furniture.  Andrew was bursting with excitement for its delivery but unfortunately it was still a few days away.  He just couldn’t wait anymore so I told him we could eat dinner that evening as a picnic in our yard.  You would have thought he had won the lottery.  He thought this was so super cool.  Admittedly, it did make an already wonderful dinner even better.  I mean, great food and then family cuddles on a blanket in beautiful weather?  I don’t know how it gets better than that.


For the pimento cheese topping:
4 oz. shredded sharp cheddar cheese
3 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 tbsp. diced pimentos
1 tbsp. grated onion
½ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper, to taste

For the burgers:
1½ lbs. ground sirloin or ground beef
3 tbsp. yellow onion, finely chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1½ tsp. salt
¾ tsp. freshly ground pepper
1 or 2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

To serve:
Burger buns, split and toasted
Sliced tomato


  • 01

    Heat a grill to medium-high.  To make the pimento cheese, combine the cheese, mayonnaise, pimentos, onion, and Worcestershire in a bowl; mix to blend.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Set aside.

  • 02

    To make the burgers, combine the ground beef, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce in a large bowl.  Knead together gently until evenly combined, taking care not to overwork the mixture.  Form into four equal patties, indenting slightly in the center.  Place the burger patties on the preheated grill and cover.  Cook, turning once, until done to your liking.  A couple of minutes before the burgers are finished cooking, add 2 tablespoons of the pimento cheese mixture and finish cooking so that the cheese melts on top.  Remove from the grill and let rest about 5 minutes.

  • 03

    Serve on toasted burger buns and top with lettuce and tomato.  Enjoy!


  • I love the story that accompanies this recipe. Eating outside together is great, we don’t often get to do it here in the UK. Your family look gorgeous and your little girl looks just like you!

  • Siunna

    Even though the cheeseburger looks absolutely scrumptious, I only have eyes for that beautiful family pic! Andrew has grown up so much and Caroline is too cute for words! She’s your mini-me Annie! :)

  • Anne Marie

    Oh Annie, you have the most beautiful family!! The look of love on Andrew’s face as he hugs his baby sister melts my heart. And I love the way your baby girl is looking right at you with those big blue eyes.
    And maybe this is inappropriate, but yowza, you have a cute hubby!!!

  • We eat outside often in the summertime as well. Caroline is really getting big, and Andrew is just adorable – look at him lovin’ on her!

    These loogreat. I made pimento-stuffed burgers a few weeks ago, and I think I would have much rather have the cheese on top vs. inside.

  • So impressed that you made your own burgers, I would definitely be a bit freaked out to do that! Maybe I’ll have to try it soon… Love the idea of a sudden backyard picnic, so delightful and perfect for summer! Gorgeous family photo and a wonderful story to accompany the recipe :)

  • Michelle

    I’m not a southern girl either, I just live in the south for now and boy oh boy do I LOVE pimento cheese!! It is truly the one thing I will bring back up north to share with everyone I love (whenever we find jobs so we can move back up north!). Thanks for yet another recipe for me to include my favorite ingredient!!

  • TheMrsatSuccessAlongtheWeigh

    OH MY GOODNESS! That looks like heaven on a bun right there!

  • Sylvia Kuck

    I recently had some pimento cheese and having a child who loves pimento cheese, but is funny about cheese on top of the burger, ended up mixing in. Not as strong of a flavor, but turned out well and my 5 yo LOVED it!

    I don’t know if you like spicy food, but a favorite from a local farmer’s market is a spicy pimento cheese. My 5 yr old loves it! I’m planning to play with different pepper add-ins to make my own and “perk” it up. Thanks for giving me a good recipe base! :)

  • Meg

    Annie — Caroline is SUCH a mini-you!! adorable

  • I absolutely love eating outside!

  • Mary

    The recipe looks great, but the family picture is priceless.

  • Adam Bowling

    I have had pimento cheese stuffed burgers, which are great.

  • Lauren Ochoa

    I like your homemade pimiento cheese. Unfortunately, I have this mental preconception of it as this pre-made processed gelatinous cheese-like product that doesn’t even qualify as real cheese. Im going to have to make yours and “re-educate” myself on what it is.

  • Jean

    add a bit of sweet relish to the pimento cheese and I’m there!
    The burger is major **swoon** worthy

  • Jessie Crow

    Sweet picture of your beautiful family!

  • I’m currently in South Carolina and my family has been putting pimento cheese on everything!

  • Haleymt96

    This looks like a lovely summer meal! That is a beautiful picture of your family by the way. Such sweet dears. :)

  • Erica

    What a cute picture :) Your daughter looks JUST like you, it’s insane!

  • Chatelaine

    Gorgeous family photo and wow does your daughter ever look like you!!!

  • Louann

    Sounds delicious, Annie! Did you put the cheese mixture on the burger while still on the grill or after it came off?

  • Joylynn

    Pimiento cheese sounds great on burgers! My mom makes a version using smoked cheddar that is amazing. My girls like to eat it as a filling for grilled cheese because it gets really melty.

  • Danielle

    looks delicious! and I admire your discipline . . . one soda every 3 months! Question about the recipe: you make an indention in the burger, is the cheese mixture supposed to go there or just be added at the end?

  • You have such a sweet family Annie :)

    Picnics are the best! My boyfriend and I had one last week and it was so much fun. A nice way to change up a week night dinner.

    This cheese topping sounds fantastic! Will be putting it on my veggie burger at my birthday BBQ this weekend.

  • annieseats

    Good question! The indentation is actually just a method to help the burgers cook into a nice patty shape. If you don’t do it, they tend to ball up a bit. If you make the center thinner, the patty will have a more uniform thickness when it is finished. (So, the indentation has nothing to do with the pimento cheese topping.)

  • annieseats

    Sorry, I edited the instructions to clarify that.

  • Sweetest little family, ever! So glad to hear everyone enjoyed the picnic AND these burgers! That makes for one fabulous evening. :)

  • those burgers sound/look AMAZING- and also your daughter is sooo beautiful, and she looks JUST like you!

  • RIley

    We use store-bought pimento cheese and put it inside the bugers :) Next time I’ll make your pimento cheese!

  • bergamot

    such a great recipe, so simple yet really tempting. I am sure you and your family must’ve enjoyed it.

  • Jmposti4

    Ohh does she looks like her mommy!!

  • hannahbanana_123

    Holy smokes does your daughter look like you! And on a side note, the burgers look delicious.

  • Coby

    I’m intrigued…my husband loves pimentos and cheese, but I’ve never had it, and I know this sounds silly…but it kinda scares me! :-) But this looks REALLY good! I may have to get over my fear of pimentos and try this!

    The photo of your family is so sweet!

  • your little girl is a splitting image of you :)

  • Ana

    Caroline looks like a mini Annie.She’s so beautiful, you have a wonderful family!!!

  • Jreese4peace

    What a beautiful family! I love the idea of a picnic in the back yard, and the burgers…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tessowens

    you are blessed – what a happy looking family :)

  • Pam

    Enjoy every day with your little ones!!! They will grow before you know it. There are days when all I wish is for them to be little again. But for now I focus on days when we can all just be together.

  • Rachel

    You have a beautiful family….your daughter looks just like you!

  • this burger looks so good! & the family picture is adorable~ your daughter is totally taking after her mother!

  • Dkh6821

    I made these last night for dinner and everyone loved them. We are visiting family and all were very impressed. Yummy!

  • Lauren

    I am a southern girl and have been eating pimento cheese for as long as I can remember! Hard to imagine some people have never heard of it! Next time try it with pepper jack cheese as well.. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Jessamyn

    I don’t think Caroline could be any cuter! And she looks just like you!

  • Sweetsugarbelle

    Picnics are the best! I guess I grew up on pimento cheese. By grandma always made it but she used Colby jack, and roasted red peppers vs. those little specks in te tiny jars. And always real mayo and garlic. When I moved to Va for college I got a craving for it an bought one of those little packed premade things. Talk about yuck! I’m any case what a great idea for a burger. I love how your recipes always evoke find memories when I read!

  • Well I certainly didn’t know what pimento cheese was, but I am not a Southern girl so there’s my excuse.

    Dinner and cuddles in the great outdoors – what could be better?

  • Coby

    We just had these for dinner, and they were very good! I’m no longer afraid of pimento cheese! ;-) It was also my first time making your light brioche burger buns, and oh my word, were they ever good!

  • Coby

    Commenting one more time to say that this morning we took the leftover brioche buns and pimento cheese and made a fried egg sandwich with them. We just toasted the buns, spread the pimento cheese on one half, and then topped that with a fried egg. It was delicious!!!

  • annieseats

    OMG – I kind of wish you hadn’t told me that. I have a breakfast sandwich obsession. Eek!

  • Celine

    These were great! This was my first time tasting pimento cheese, and it was delicious. Have you ever thought of trying pimento macaroni and cheese? I’ve seen a couple recipes out there, and I think it looks wonderful!

  • annieseats

    Oh yes, it’s on my list :)

  • LC

    We made these for the 4th! They were a huge hit! Thank you!

  • S-in-TX

    I am a southern girl and pimento cheese is a staple in our house. It’s great in mac-n-cheese, with grilled chicken, plain old grilled cheese sandwiches, and of course on burgers! I am so happy you tried it.. I love it!

  • Kristin

    These burgers are so good!!! We absolutely loved them!

  • I finally got around to making these for our 4th of July Feast. They were wonderful! I love the pimento cheese twist on our regular routine of grilled burgers