Back in April, as I do every year, I got really excited about Earth Day.  It’s the time of year when I make environmentally-minded New Year’s resolutions, if you will.  This year I had a two primary goals.  First was to really focus on our garden by building raised garden beds and starting a compost bin (double check and mark.)  Second was to kick the habit of buying lunch at work or getting carry out in favor of bringing my own lunch from home.  Even with good intentions, this can be a difficult cycle to break but I’ve been doing really well with this goal so far.  In hopes of inspiring others to do the same, I’ve been working on a series of posts full of lunches that are quick and easy, transport well, and relatively healthy.  Oh, and of course, they also have to taste great so you won’t be tempted to buy something instead.

This is the first in my Let’s Do Lunch series: a fabulous greek veggie wrap inspired by….wait for it…. a hospital cafeteria. I won’t lie, most of the food in our various hospital food courts is mediocre at best.  However, there is one place in our children’s hospital known as “the wrap place”.  I’ve been frequenting the wrap place since my first year of med school.  My friends and I used to go between lectures, sometimes (often) waiting in line for 30 minutes, but it was always worth it.  They have peppy music playing, and the workers are friendly and a little bit sassy.  They have daily specials that are usually pretty irresistible and usually not all that healthy.  However, on the day when the special is the reuben (yuck), I get the veggie wrap instead.  Every single time, I’m amazed at how something seemingly uninteresting as a veggie wrap can be so darn good.  This is my recreation of the veggie wrap, hold the styrofoam container.  Our whole family loved this meal and Caroline in particular was all over it.  She ate hers in record time and we had to give her more! For the sake of easy morning assembly, I recommend getting all the ingredients ready to go (veggies washed, diced, etc.) and portioned into separate containers so that everything can be thrown together in a flash.


For the dressing:
3 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
5 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste

To assemble:
4 (10-inch) wraps or tortillas
Cooked whole wheat couscous
Baby spinach leaves
Diced fresh tomatoes (or halved grape tomatoes)
Julienned or shredded carrots
Chopped banana peppers
Crumbled feta cheese


  • 01

    To make the dressing, combine the balsamic vinegar and olive oil in a jar or squeeze bottle with a closed lid.  Shake well to combine.  Season to taste with salt and pepper and if necessary, adjust amounts of oil and vinegar to your liking.

  • 02

    Lay a wrap out on a work surface and spread with a thin layer of hummus.  Top with a handful or two of couscous.  Add a small mound of baby spinach leaves, a handful of diced tomatoes and a handful of carrots.

  • 03

    Top with a handful of the banana peppers, a sprinkling of the feta and a drizzle of the balsamic vinaigrette.

  • 04

    Fold the bottom edge of the wrap up.

  • 05

    Fold the sides of the wrap inward, and then roll the wrap up tightly to enclose all the fillings, burrito-style.  (This may take a couple of tries but even the less than perfect wraps still taste good.)  Store airtight and serve within 4-6 hours.
  • Shea

    This looks so good Annie. I am ridiculously exited for your upcoming “Let’s do lunch” posts. I dread making lunch as it’s always the same old things. Can’t wait to get some new ideas!

  • Danielle

    I don’t think you realise how excited I am for this series. I bring my lunch to uni every single day, because a) the food here is awful and b) the cost is astronomical! I have 100 dollars a week left over after my rent to pay for my food shopping, bills, gas and phone so bringing my lunch can save me over $50 AUD a week. Thankyou so much! I truly appreciate this and hopefully we can start a LUNCHBOX REVOLUTION! Quick question: How do you stop from the wrap getting soggy because of the tomato? hehe

  • Clare G

    They look delicious!

  • annieseats

    The structure of this wrap prevents it from getting too soggy since the hummus and couscous line the whole thing. As long as you make it in the morning and eat it at lunch, it will be fine. Glad you are excited!

  • Anazar

    What’s Greek about it I am not sure (feta only?) but looks oh-so-yummy! Great ingredients too!!

  • Sarah

    Looks great! I’m always looking for healthy lunch ideas. One thing… I think you forgot the hummus in the list of ingredients.

  • annieseats

    It’s showing up for me, with a link to a recipe. Not sure what the problem might be!

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Looooove this! Hummus on a veggie wrap is my go-to lunch. I love that there is some couscous in here! Yum!

  • Sara

    Looks great! And I know what the “wrap place” is. We used to go there during law school. :)

  • Lsmith8314

    just out of curiosity, what type of residency program are you in? i’m in my last year (4 more weeks!!) of a pediatric residency. i am amazed by how much cooking and baking you are able to do, and to continue updating your beautiful blog! i’m super pumped about a lunch series. i am done with cafeteria food!

  • Kristin

    Mmmm….I might try subbing quinoa for the couscous. Sounds yummy!

  • rspencer

    Looks and sounds delicious! This is my kind of meal, for lunch or dinner. A bad wrap can ruin the whole thing – what kind of tortilla do you use?

  • Yum! This sounds delicious! I love that you added the couscous to the wrap. Such a creative idea! I’m sure my family would love this!

  • I am loving the ingredient list. Thank you for sharing the recipe and the lovely photos!

  • Anything that has banana peppers and hummus gets my vote. So excited for the lunch series! So often I end up having yogurt/granola or a salad or (if they travel well) leftovers. Totally fine, but I’m excited to shake things up a little.

  • annieseats

    Mine was a spinach wrap.

  • Traci

    I am so so excited about the lunch series! I’ve been waiting for this and can’t wait for some inspiration. I’m tired of my turkey on wheat sandwich day after day!

  • Jamie

    That looks great! The wrap place hasn’t been the same since CeCe left, though, and they had to change the name of the “What the Pluck” wrap due to that being offensive :) I request more wrap place recipes!!

  • What a perfect, healthy lunch. I cannot wait to try it!

  • Courtney

    That looks delicious!!! Definitely going to try this. I’m so excited for your lunch series- I would much rather bring something than go to the expense and time of eating out. Thanks!!

  • Leah

    These looks really good- and so do the pictures! I was wondering, do you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to edit your pictures? I checked your FAQ page and About Me page and did not see it listed. I really admire your food and photography!

  • I would have never thought to put cous cous into a wrap!

  • I’m always looking for good lunch ideas. This looks great!

  • Love this Annie!

  • This looks like a great combination. Can’t wait to see what other lunch ideas you have!

  • Gmdametz

    Looks yummy!! I, like everyone else, am very excited about your lunch series! I am forever trying to find healthy ways to mix it up when it comes to packing my lunch for work! I have hit a point where the bulk of my dinner menu planning comes from your recipes, and I am now excited about having great ideas from your wonderful blog for my lunch planning!!

  • These look wonderful! We’re suckers for anything Greek-inspired. Love the idea of a lunch series…we’ve thought of doing something similar but hadn’t gotten around to it yet! Thanks for the reminder :)

  • Kayla Gagne

    Yum! Making this this week. Have I told you how much I love your blog? I’ve been following for awhile! So awesome!

  • I love the idea of a lunch series. I find lunch the hardest meal to be creative with. I will be making this wrap very soon. Thanks for another great recipe.

  • It sounds like your layered greek dip—but in a wrap! I’ll definitely be trying this.

  • YUM – the wrap looks delicious! I love the couscous

  • Lmcovington

    I’m so excited for this series of lunch posts! I always struggle with bringing my lunch to work because I get tired of eating the same thing all the time, so then I end up eating out WAY too much!

  • annieseats

    I use Lightroom and do pretty minimal editing. Thanks for the compliments!

  • annieseats

    Agreed, I miss her :)

  • I’m so excited for your new series! I bring my lunch every day, but I make 5 salads on Sunday, and have basically been eating the same thing for the last two years! Maybe you can convince me to spice things up!

  • Othelie

    This looks excellent! I’ve been wanting to learn some new veggie-recipes for a while now :)
    Actually, I forgot the name of your website for about a year, and I have been trying to remember it ever since, because I didn’t remember how to make the pineapple look right on hummingbird cupcakes…but I found it. I’m glad you’re still up and blogging!

  • The hospital that I work at actually some pretty decent options that I’ve also tried to recreate at home! It’s good to hear that “hospital cafeteria food” isn’t as awful as it once was!

  • Swalker725

    this is one of my favorite wraps ever. i always add cucumber and kalamata olives to it! yum!

  • We love hummus wraps in our house. We usually stuff it in pita with feta. Delicious! :)

  • Jennifervadocz

    I just made this for lunch. So awesome! I used rice instead of couscous since I already had it and left out the peppers and used a homemade dressing that I already had. I love wraps!

  • anna maria

    oh, the wrap place! i miss it. perhaps my residency program will have a similar place. if not, i’ll just be makin ’em on my own now :) love it! Thanks, Annie!

  • AKM

    I especially love how you show us the way to fold the wrap–I always get that part wrong, since I can’t visualize what the directions mean. Your photos have me on the right track.

    Also, I recommend, for even more environmentally friendly transport something like these:
    My whole family uses them to take their lunch–even found colors and patterns that my teenage sons will accept!

    I have no connection to the company, just really like their product.

  • mmmm… this is a super wrap, not only it has many favorite ingredients, but it´s the perfect lunch to have at home or at work. Your pictures are so good!

  • annieseats

    Yes, I use something similar and love them :) Thanks for sharing.

  • yum! those look delicious! i love fresh greek flavors during the summer! thanks for sharing!

  • Always looking for new lunch ideas! This looks great – love veggie wraps anyways, but with a Greek flair? Totally sold.

  • Christiana

    I literally was telling my husband (or lecturing depending on who you ask) last night about how we need to come up with some healthy lunch options for him. Then, just like that, you posted this awesome looking wrap. It’s like you were listening to our conversation!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for this great post Annie! It’s always difficult to come up with lunch ideas so I’m excited to have new inspiration from your site.

  • Jacquelyn


    I am so excited about this that I pinned it before I even read the post! I will begin my new job in a doctor’s office this month and we only get a thirty minute lunch. I think this series will be so helpful in finding ways to conquer the issue of eating quickly, feeling satisfied, and not too full and sluggish the rest of the work day. I may be taking this wrap everyday until you post the next Let’s do lunch! LOL

  • Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    It’s always nice to have new healthy lunch ideas!!

  • this is going to be a great series! :) Sometimes I only have a 1 hour gap between classes so I never have enough time to make my own lunch and eat! This will be very helpful!

  • What a delicious lunch! Looks fantastic.

  • Steffi

    Love it! Please keep posting more.

  • Wraps are such fun to make and so imaginative. I like this combo. Have never had banana peppers; maybe it’s time to give them a try. While the balsamic dressing is a perfect topper, I always have plain Greek yogurt in the frig for occasions like this.

    Keep writing…

  • Lcoudiere

    Trying it for lunch today! Thanks for the great post on a lunch idea, can’t wait for the next ones!!

  • Healthy and delicious, another great idea, Annie! I’m excited for this Let’s Do Lunch series :)

  • Ally

    I am loving the sound of this wrap! Hummus with couscous? Yes please!

  • Now this is my kind-of lunch! I’ve been obsessed with Greek flavors lately!

  • Semcg5

    I hope this is a weekly series – I work from home, so you’d think lunch would be easy, but some days when we don’t have leftovers, or if I’m sick of those particular leftovers, I crave something. I would love to use this series to plan a lunch vs getting totally sick of the choices I have and decide to go with a peanut butter sandwich or a grilled cheese.

  • gina

    Annie. Just made this for lunch. Amazing. Seriously! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Monica

    Made these for lunch today. All the kids and adults enjoyed them. It’s a keeper.

  • These are definitely being made this week. They look seriously delicious.

  • Kristen

    Had this for lunch today and it was delicious. Thanks for the idea!

  • Elyse Huey

    A hospital cafeteria? Really? Lol.

    I start rotations in July — will have to try this :) Thanks!

  • Lesleyautumn

    Looks great; can’t wait to try it!

    Site note: where did you get those stainless steel bowls? They’re adorable!

  • annieseats

    I got them as part of a swag bag at a photography workshop I went to, and unfortunately I’m not sure where exactly they are from. Darn!

  • Sweetsugarbelle

    I can see why this is a fave. We always preferred the sandwich stand in our cafeteria. You had to get there early though (in high school). I’m excited to see what will come of your gardening! My neighbor planted one…I know that’s cheating, but we already have squash out the wazoo! I’m also looking forward to seeing you take a shot at homemade spinach wrappers! I’ve never tried but I bet since you can make a tortilla you can do a wrap!

  • Bonnalicious

    where did you buy your spinach wrap? I can’t seem to find them in the stores!

  • annieseats

    Just my local grocery store.

  • Heidi

    Do you ever make your flour tortillas extra big and use them for wraps? Ever since I made your homemade ones, I can’t get very excited about store bought ones. I haven’t tried varying the size.

  • annieseats

    I haven’t but there is no reason you couldn’t, just as long as you have a skillet big enough to fit the size you make.

  • Morgan

    This wrap was delicious! I was short on time but already had quinoa made up so I went with that instead and left out the dressing but it was still wonderful.

  • Love this sandwich. One of my 2013 resolutions is to eat more “real” lunches..need to start making this one more often!


  • Helena

    I would never have thought to put hummus or couscous in a wrap but these are delicious. Thank you! I used homemade tortillas and hummus.

  • J W

    Wow even better sounding that I imagined!