Believe it or not, I am just now coming to realize just how great guacamole is.  My prior hatred toward it, and avocados in general, arose one fateful day in my childhood.  My family was eating dinner in a restaurant (any Bloomington townies remember Mustard’s?!) and as a picky kid might do, I ordered nachos as my entree.  When they arrived, I was disgusted and a bit terrified to see something on the edge of my plate which I mistook for a booger.  Dad explained that it was just guacamole but I didn’t believe him for a second, and mainly just wondered why anyone would ever eat something that looked so incredibly gross.  That was pretty much it for me and guacamole.

About four or five years ago I made it for Ben because he adores it (ahh, the things we do for love).  I convinced myself for about five minutes that maybe it wasn’t really so bad, but then I felt a little bit sick just thinking about it and I was back where I started.  Then, last year, I made these fabulous wraps which include guacamole.  Not only did I enjoy eating it in the wrap, I enjoyed snacking on the leftovers.  It was strangely addictive.  And now here we are, with me officially converted.  For me, this particular combination and proportion of ingredients makes guac not only tolerable, but totally addictive.  I know everyone probably has their own particular version that they enjoy, and this is mine.  The lime juice and the salt totally make it for me.  We’ve been making it weekly for a while now and it’s the first thing we whip up when a snack attack hits.  What can I say?  I’m making up for lost time.


2 medium or 3 small ripe avocados
½ small yellow onion, finely chopped
¼ cup cilantro, finely chopped
3 tbsp. freshly squeezed lime juice
¾ tsp. kosher salt
1 jalapeño pepper, seeded, ribbed, and finely minced
Thinly sliced lime, for garnish


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    Split the avocados and scoop the flesh into a medium bowl.  Mash with a fork or potato masher until mostly smooth.  Stir in the onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt, and jalapeño and continue mashing until it has a fluffy whipped texture.  Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary.  Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with thinly sliced lime.  Serve immediately with tortilla chips.


  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Love how green this is! haha random, I know. But your guac looks particularly green. And sounds lovely!

  • I love guacamole! and I always trust your recipes, so thanks for making it easier to choose one among the bazillion guacamole recipes out there…

  • It looks perfect and makes me want the weekend to get here so that we can snack on some chips, salsa, and guacamole in the sun room. Is it Friday yet? :)

  • Your guacamole looks so creamy and delicious. That beverage looks inviting too! Is it some type of special margarita?

  • Kristen Ramirez1

    The lime juice helps preserve the color :-)

  • I grew up thinking that I hated guacamole (pretty sure I never actually tasted it) and then I tried it a few months ago and am completely in love!

  • Sarah

    I feel like you are in my brain lately – last week I couldn’t stop thinking about key lime pie cupcakes, and then you posted about them. I made them for my husband’s birthday party yesterday, and everyone loved them. What else was on the menu? Your enchiladas and, get this, chips and guac using your old recipe, then this post appears today! Thanks for providing the recipes for the party – they were all winners!

  • Mmm, lots of cilantro, that’s how I like it too! Gorgeous photo, love being able to get outside to shoot. Adore that tablecloth (runner?) too. I love blues and aquas together!

  • AmyJ

    You honestly just made my day. I have been looking for a good and simple guacamole recipe for a few days now. And then BAM! one of my fav blogs posts a delicious looking recipe! Thanks for making my Monday!

  • Michelle

    I love guacamole, but my husband does not. Guess I may try once again to convert him. I always add a small chopped tomato to mine in addition to all the yummy ingredients you listed. Thanks again!

  • Emilie @ Emilie’s Enjoyables

    LOVE guac–I’m glad you’re a convert :)

  • annieseats

    Just a classic margarita :)

  • Emily @ She Makes and Bakes

    Isn’t it funny how something that you see or do or hear as a child makes you hate something for so many years?? I have so many stories like that! I may have to try guacamole as an adult, and maybe I’ll like it like you do…

  • Angela

    I am a guacamole lover. One of the fun things about it is that there are so many ways you can make it. I like to vary it up from time-to-time. I always add some tomato diced and some garlic minced in addition to what you add. Every once in a while I squeeze a little bit of orange in it. It adds a little different flavor experience. I also like mine not as whipped. Thanks for sharing your favorite combo.

  • Nina H

    lol! a booger that is so cute! #kidsareadorable!

  • Cate Hartnett

    I wouldn’t touch avocados, let alone guacamole for the longest time. Then I accidentally had avocado in a sandwich and now I can’t get enough of them!

  • Elizabeth Ann

    Guacamole, YES PLEASE! :-) I love all things Mexican food! :-)

  • Jackie Gonzales

    My mother-in-law let me in on a secret when I married into the Gonzales family…keeping the avocado pits in the guacamole helps keep it green as well. I always keep them in there until it’s time to serve.

  • Leslie

    I made this last week with your black beans wrap recipe (which I coverted to a quesidilla; the chicken, black bean salsa and a bit of cheese to hold it all, and the guacamole as a dip- easier for my littles to eat it that way) and I loved how the guacamole was STILL green the next day. Not only did it taste great, but it’s awesome knowing I can take the guac to a potluck or summer barbecue without worrying about it turning brown. There’s nothing more unappetizing than brown guacamole!

  • Thia

    Guac is yummy! What really caught my eye are those awesome blue bowls! They are so very pretty!

  • Love, love, love guacamole! Do your kids like it? My son seems to share the same passion for guac as I do. I have a “baby version” I make for him and a spicier version for us. I include diced tomatoes so he can eat it with his hands. Messy, but delish! ;)

  • Christopher LaRue

    Great post! My wife and I follow your blog and you have given us many a great dinner and snack! My guac recipe is almost exactly the same, but I also add minced garlic and cumin to taste. I find it gives it a little more kick. Also, I converted my wife to guac about 2 years ago and she can’t get enough now!

  • I’m glad you converted. Guac is the best!! Your recipe looks like a good one, too.

  • Hungrygems

    I’m right with you on guacamole not quite being a love at first sight but now a constant in my week! Looks great!

  • sweetsugarbelle

    I’m glad you’ve come over to the dark side, LOL! I LOVE guacamole. It’s my favorite way to use up avocados when I over buy!

  • I guess since I live in Texas and grew up eating gauc I cannot see life without it! We make up batches several times a week to eat on our burgers, as a snack with chips, on tacos, a topping on our salads, in wraps and sandwiches and by the spoonful. I love adding fresh tomatoes to mine and in addition to lime juice a few teaspoons of water to prevent it from browning. The combination of the water and lime juice works like a charm.

  • Lisa Grant

    I did not like guacamole until I was 20. But now I love it. This looks great.

  • I didn’t like avocados/guac till maybe 3 or 4 years ago, either. I have no real reason other than assuming I didn’t like it. Your story actually made me think of my stepsister. WAY back when she was like 7 we went to a Mexican restaurant and she had sour cream on her plate. She asked what it was, my dad said ice cream, and she took a huge bite. About 20 years later, and she still doesn’t eat sour cream. :)

  • annieseats

    Eep! That would scar me too.

  • annieseats

    Yes, my kids love it. We don’t bother doing a less spicy version (though this one isn’t really spicy anyway). I try to introduce them to spicy foods from the get-go so their palate is used to it. So far, so good. They both eat all sorts of things, and plenty of spicy things :)

  • annieseats

    I’ve heard of that trick too. Actually, it’s mentioned in the cookbook with this recipe!

  • Maggie Lam

    I love guacamole. It’s so easy to make and pairs so well with chips, on sandwiches, tacos, etc!

  • The color of your guacamole is so pretty. I love guac. and your recipe sounds great especially with the jalepeno added to it. I’ll defiintely try this.

  • I just learned to love guacamole and then found out I’m allergic to it. How much does that suck? Your Guacamole looks wonderful! I wish I could have some!!!

  • Avocados are my favorite thing to eat! I’m a Texas gal & guac is served 3-5 times a week in my casa. It is the best on grilled turkey sandwiches.

  • Julie Janis

    ahhhh……Mustard’s! Miss it and it was so much better that the Steak and Shake that now occupies that spot!

  • Pam Webb

    Hey there! Love your blog. I love guacamole too…almost too much! Being from Texas, it’s almost a requirement when I cook Mexican food. FYI, for a change up on your recipe, try leaving out the jalapeno and throw in a few dashes of Cholula hot sauce (it’s not really very hot), or use Green Tabasco (it’s jalapeno flavored and divine!!). You’ll like it, I promise!

  • annieseats

    That is a major bummer!

  • Hallie_hacker

    Ahh, Mustards! Reminds me of my college days. They had the world’s best cheese sticks …. They were huge!

  • Kkardatz

    We love guac in our house! I saw a tip once to put all the ingredients into a ziplock bag. It is so much easier to mash the avacados and mix the rest of the stuff in. Once it is all mixed just cut a corner off the ziplock and squeeze it into a serving bowl! Love your blog Annie!

  • annieseats

    Seems like an awful waste of a plastic bag though! I’d use the bowl and save the plastic :)

  • Foodie1766

    As a huge guacamole fan, I want to pass on a life changing tip. Add a pinchof cumin, it will transform the guacamole to a whole new level.

  • Trying your guac recipe tonight along with your jalapeno cheddar burgers…can’t wait! Looking good so far…

  • Shari

    This is my go to recipe now, so so good!