It just wouldn’t be a holiday without decorating some sugar cookies, right?  As much as I love red, pink, and red and pink together, I wasn’t feeling the usual Valentine colors this year.  I really liked the idea of a love bird design, and since lots of little birdies are blue and red, I decided to see where that took me.  I was smitten with how these little cutesies turned out.  I think they would be a hit with both kids and adults alike.  I’m sharing these as part of The TomKat Studio‘s 14 Days of Sweet Valentine Ideas.  Be sure to check their site for lots of other adorable goodies!

Per the usual I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe as the base and decorated as outlined in my royal icing tutorial.  Even though I’m a well practiced cookie decorator, I still learn something from every single batch of cookies I make.  This time I put to test a technique learned from Sweet Sugarbelle, the sugar cookie queen.  Often when flooding a small area, such as the birds’ bodies in this case, the area will appear nicely flooded just after filling but after the cookies are left to dry, you return to find unsightly and upsetting craters in your icing.  I tried the trick of using a toothpick to swirl around the flood icing a bit before letting the cookies dry and sure enough, not a single crater appeared.  Thank you, Callye, for sharing your cookie wisdom!

 If you are planning on decorating some cookies for Valentine’s Day, what kind are you making?

  • Christine

    OMG…. Sooooo cute! I wish I had time this week to try and copy these. Maybe next year… Thanks for always sharing your perfect creations!

  • These are so cute! They almost look like little postage stamps- I think I might need to send some love letters with these :)

  • Kelly

    Annie, you are so talented! How adorable :)

  • Joidelaney

    Hi Annie,
    I just decorated some cute little cookies yesterday with a bright red royal icing, but when they dried, my red had dark brown spots in it! Have you ever experienced this? I used Americolor red.

  • Molly

    These look so cute! I can’t wait to give them a try!

  • Jennie Dodge

    These are too cute! they are going to be a hit for Valentine’s Day, I’m sure!

  • Nickyshova

    Those are so cute! How many do you decorate in one batch? You are so talented!

  • Those are so sweet and the level of detail is amazing! I doubt mine will ever look that good, but they’re worth a try thanks to all your helpful tutorials and tips.

  • Leigh Ann

    LOVE these. I’m actually making your chocolate sugar cookies you posted last year, paired with some classic sugar cut outs all with royal icing. Do you have any tips and tricks for getting your icing that beautiful red? It seems that no matter what I do, mine always still looks pink. The same happens with my black looking gray. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Claire

    These are awesome! I am planning my wedding for September of this year, and I am incorportaing vintage love birds into the decorations at our reception! These cookie would make an amazing favor decorated in our wedding colors. Thanks so much for the fabulous idea! Also, I am making your heart shaped red velvet whoopie pies for Valentine’s Day this year!

  • April

    So insanely cute, and precise!

  • Anonymous

    Americolor gels all the way. They are very potent.

  • Anonymous

    It just depends on how many I need. I’ve made anywhere from 10-250 cookies with royal icing for different events.

  • Anonymous

    How strange! No, I have never experienced that. My guess would be that maybe the color wasn’t evenly mixed in, but I don’t know why the spots would be brown instead of red. Very odd indeed!

  • Amviola87

    I love the color combination in these cookies! I made heart sugar cookies with 15 different designs on them. I made simple designs (such as xoxo, i <3 u, love, etc.) and different dot designs, but I also tried some marbling for the first time. I chose the typical pink, red and white, but I love love love the way they all turned out! I made about 90, so I packed some up and sent them to family and friends to enjoy (although I really could eat them all). I have to say, the cookies themselves are not very sweet but when you pair them with the crazy sweet royal icing, it really makes it a great cookie for every occasion! I love when you post with them because your creativity is inspiring.

  • I love the scalloped square cutters! Would you happen to know anywhere online I could find these? Beautiful cookies, by the way :-)

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE mine and use them constantly. I bought my set at Sur La Table (in store) but I’m guessing they would have them online. You could also try Amazon.

  • Leigh

    How adorable! I love these cookies! How do you get each of the birds to have the same exact shape and be in the same place on each cookie?? I’m not good at drawing at all……

  • Jhawks482

    I’m planning on making sugar cookies as well, trying royal icing (per your tutorial) for the first time! For that reason, I’ll stick with a basic heart shape and just a few designs- nothing too crazy!

  • Sarah

    such cute cookies!! i wish i was that talented with royal icing :)

    fyi…annie’s eats hasn’t been showing up in my google reader yesterday or today :( i’m hoping it’s just something wrong with my account, and not a more widespread thing, but just wanted to give you the heads up just in case .

  • These cookies are little works of edible art! :) So beautifully created. You make me want to make cookies to decorate…

  • Kristin

    It’s posts like this that make me want to run into the kitchen and make a batch of cookies! Beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Another reader mentioned it and I’ve alerted my team. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Anonymous

    I just freehand it. Some people use special equipment like a projector for the design, but that’s way too involved for me. You can also trace out designs with edible marker first but again, not worth my time.

  • Anonymous

    These are precious! I’m not a Valentine’s Day gal but these would certainly bring a smile to my face. :)

  • oh wow! I don’t have the patients for decorating cookies like this, I’m so impressed with your skills! I bet they taste as good as they look!

  • Jami

    Ooh, great to know about the flooding/toothpick trick! The little craters are the bane of my existence. Thanks!

  • Sara

    I made the Conversation Hearts cookies with your chocolate sugar cookie base – so good! It was fun coming up with phrases, and I’m excited to give them to my boyfriend when I go to see him this weekend. It was my first time working with royal icing and your tutorial helped a ton! I definitely want to try it again because I think I know what can be better and I need to be more time efficient. Thanks, as always, for wonderful recipes :)

  • Too cute!

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I love these!! So pretty!

  • Sydney Jones

    These cookies are so adorable :)

  • Wow these are ADORABLE! You always amaze me with your talent and creativity!

  • Anonymous

    All i have to say is WOW….i thought u used that projector thingy … looks like u certainly dont need it,they are just perfect !!!

  • Coby

    Those are absolutely ADORABLE! I LOVE the blue with the red! I’m making heart-shaped sugar cookies with my kids…but I don’t have to patience to decorate cookies beautifully. I smack some frosting on and pop it in my mouth! ;-)

  • Lauren Ochoa

    I’m making hearts, using your sugar cookie recipe and your royal icing tutorial. As an ICU nurse, last year I did a little EKG tracing of a P QRS segment on some of the cookies that was kind of cute. My coworkers dug it. This year I was thinking of going a little darker and doing “lethal arrhythmia valentines cookies” with vtach, vfib and torsades rhythms. I love your square cookie cutter with the crimped edge and how versatile it is. I have been keeping an eye out for one but so far haven’t found anything like it at the kitchen or crafts stores in my area. Any idea where you got it?

  • Lauren Ochoa

    Sorry, should have read the comments first. I will check sur la table online:-)

  • Thank you so much! I will take a look and see if I can find some.

  • sweetsugarbelle

    Annie, these are GORGEOUS!!! I love them! LOVE THEM!!!

  • Annie, those are absolutely gorgeous cookies!

  • Createdbydiane

    these are adorable, love the colors :)

  • Christy

    Can I just buy some of these? They are adorable! But I just don’t have the time right now. :)

  • These are the cutest! I just made some Valentine sugar cookies (using your Christmas cookies and royal icing recipes) – they turned out absolutely delicious, and just SO cute! I made lots of hearts and even a few critters (moose, squirrels, and snails). Making and decorating sugar cookies might be a new obsession of mine… ;)

  • I am so in love with these cookies, Annie. Sooo cute!!

  • Anonymous

    Love these ideas! The set I have is Ateco and is a graduated size set. I get so, so much use out of it.

  • Tanyalsteel89

    They are ADORABLE! So sweet :)

  • Janna Patterson

    What fantastic colors, and I love how careful all the details are, like the little wings. Adorable and original. Great work!

  • Andreja

    What a great idea

  • Amazing finish…they look like a ceramic tile. Perfect cookies and techniques!!

  • These are to adorable! Your work is just beautiful!!

  • These are absolutely gorgeous! Love your work.

  • These are absolutely incredible! I’ve never attempted anything as beautifully neat as this but am clicking the links right now – I want to learn the tricks of the trade!

  • Ashley @ FromDahliasToDoxies

    I absolutely love these! And with my favorite color combination: red and aqua! Who needs traditional pink and red? Psshh.

  • These are so cute! You are so creative. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • SO cute! Love the colour choices too.

  • diekatzendame

    I normaly don’t comment (I’m not the person for it^^) but those heaven-like-cookies got me. They are adorable!!! I love them!
    I whish I could do something that would be just slightly close to it!

    Your are truly amazing in all your cooking stuff :)

  • Nicci

    Hi Annie – I am making the chocolate sugar cookies you made for V-day last year. And, although not directly related to cookies – Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Thefeastforall

    These are so cute. I can look at these for ever and not eat them. Looks so delicious too…
    You are so good and artistic…

  • adorable – love the colors together too.

  • Cutest little cookies! Love the blue and red together.

  • c.thebaker

    These are SO cute they literally made me go “aww”! Love the detail and the colors.

    I’m still learning to pipe, and had an opportunity to practice for my friend’s bridal shower today. Made a bunch of hearts, too, which I may make again for Valentine’s Day.

  • Lauralee

    Mmmm. I want some! They look adorable and very yummy!! Thanks for the tips/tricks and tutorials!!

    Just a note: I kept trying to sign in under facebook and it wouldn’t fully connect- not sure what was up…so I am posting as a guest ;)

  • These are so adorable and I love the colour combo!

  • Anonymous

    Yay! I love those chocolate cookies and make them often.

  • Cookincanuck

    These are absolutely adorable! What fantastic work you did on these cookies.

  • Hi Annie!

    These are gorgeous! I bet they taste as good as they look! How did you make the birds? These are the cutest cookies I have ever seen! I love your blog too.


  • Jaime_lee

    Beautiful cookies! I am attempting to make them. How did you do the beak? The cookie and birds really aren’t that big and I am having trouble getting a triangle shaped beak.

  • viviinguyen324

    Hi Annie!
    I LOVE these cookies! They are SOO cute, too! I want to make this, but decorate it like a stamp instead I’m making this for my friend in California and we’ve been writing a lot of letters to each other. So, I thought this would be really special to send to her. I just wanted to ask where you bought the cookie cutter for this.
    Thank you, Annie! Your the best :)

  • Katie

    These are beautiful! I am going to try to make a variation for a birthday party. Is the bird design on top of a completely filled, dry base or did you outline the bird bodies before flooding your background color? Hopefully that makes sense!

  • annieseats

    Yes, the base was completely filled and flooded before I did the birds’ bodies. I’ve tried both methods in the past, and I always prefer the look of a separate design on top of a completely filled base rather than one within it. Hope that helps!

  • Katie

    I really appreciate your response- it definitely helped! I’ve never seen it done that way but your pictures seemed to show two layers. I just added the black dot for the eye and they really came together. Can’t wait to package them up. Thank you so much for the inspiration and for your help :)

  • annieseats

    Glad they worked out well!