This is our family’s newest breakfast kick.  I posted not long ago about another baked oatmeal that we have made many, many times.  Now that fall has arrived, a pumpkin version seemed a necessity.  This recipe uses a combination of old-fashioned and steel cut oats, giving it a nice hearty texture.  Caramelized bananas are layered underneath the oatmeal before baking.  They may seem like an odd combination with the pumpkin but they are actually very good.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m certain some caramelized apples would be a wonderful and possibly even better addition.

Andrew especially loves this for breakfast, and requests it almost every weekend.  This does make a lot of oatmeal but it just happens to be the perfect amount to feed our family for one weekend breakfast as well as my own breakfast for several days afterward.  I mix in a little extra milk when I reheat the leftovers and they taste great.  This comes together quickly and easily and the hardest part is waiting for it to finish baking.  We try to make the most of the wait by enjoying some Sunday morning finger painting, playing with toys, reading or cuddling.  Today may be Monday, but we’re already looking forward to the weekend :)


1 cup steel cut oats
6 tbsp. unsalted butter, divided
4 cups very hot water
2 medium bananas, sliced
½ cup plus 2 tbsp. brown sugar, lightly packed, divided
2¼ tsp. ground cinnamon, divided
3 cups old-fashioned oats
¼ cup maple syrup
1 tsp. salt
¼ tsp. ground nutmeg
Dash ground cloves
½ cup pumpkin puree
½ cup milk
2 tsp. vanilla extract


  • 01

    Preheat the oven to 350˚ F.  Place the steel cut oats in a large bowl with 4 tablespoons of the butter.  Pour the hot water over the oats and cover the bowl.  Let stand for 20 minutes.

  • 02

    Meanwhile, make the caramelized bananas.  Melt the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter in a medium skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the bananas, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, and ¼ teaspoon of the cinnamon to the pan.  Toss gently and cook briefly, about 2 minutes.  Remove from the heat and let cool.

  • 03

    After the steel cut oats have finished soaking, stir in the old fashioned oats, remaining ½ cup of brown sugar, maple syrup, salt, remaining 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.  In a small bowl or liquid measuring cup, whisk together the pumpkin, milk and vanilla.  Stir the pumpkin mixture into the oat mixture.

  • 04

    Spread the bananas over the bottom of a lightly greased 2 quart-ish baking dish.  Pour the oatmeal mixture on top of the bananas.  Bake for 35-40 minutes.  Remove from the oven and let cool slightly before serving.


  • That looks and sounds delicious and what lovely photographs!

  • I’ve been meaning to try pumpkin oatmeal for a while. Love the look of this!…and your cute baby :)

  • You know, I will admit to not being a huge fan of oatmeal but that looks really, really good. I will have to see for myself!

  • I would absolutely love this baked oatmeal – I’ve been on a serious pumpkin kick for the past couple of weeks!

    Your family is beautiful =).

  • Love the oatmeal and the pictures are adorable!

  • Jon

    Did I miss the baking temp in the recipe?

  • ~Samantha

    I have been waiting for this!! Annie, ever since your first baked oatmeal post, I can’t get enough. Not to mention the fact that I can make it different every time depending on what fruit/flavors I want in it, makes it that much better of a recipe to have! Thanks for always sharing :)

  • jen

    yum!! i’ve been playing with the original baked oatmeal and it’s wonderful, and i like to add pumpkin to regular oatmeal, so i’m definately going to try this!! yay fall :)

  • Ella

    I know you frown on substitutions, but would it be pure folly to try it with just rolled oats?

  • Annie

    I don’t frown on substitutions, I just know that recipes are designed with certain ingredients in mind and deviating from that will give an uncertain result. In that light, the only way to know is to try it and see. Good luck!

  • Annie

    Sorry, fixed that :)

  • Jon

    Sorry I did miss it! This was delicious. I made it this morning with caramelized apples and added raisins as well, reducing the sugar by 1/2.

  • I loved this too…very fall! I’ll bet it would be great with apples!

  • First of all, your family is precious.

    Second, I’ve never wanted oatmeal in my life but this recipe sounds SO GOOD! I believe I may have to give it a try, especially since I’ve got some extra pumpkin in the fridge just waiting to a great recipe to be used in!

  • i just made the other baked oatmeal yesterday with apples and dried cranberries instead of bananas and berries. it’s great, but i’ll try this pumpkin version too!

  • I’m really excited to give this a try! I love oatmeal in the morning for breakfast, and this looks like a great alternative to the somewhat boring quick-cook oats I have every day!

  • I just made pumpkin puree and have been looking for yummy recipes. This one is perfect and I will be making it this week. Thanks for the recipe. :)

  • Once again another mouth watering use of pumpkin! Can’t wait to try this!!! Your photography makes everything look SO amazing as well! I just LOVE reading your posts!

  • Lindsay

    I love pumpkin oatmeal, but have never tried a baked version before. This looks great, and I’m sure my family would gobble it right up. BTW, your kids are so adorable!

  • I haven’t made baked oatmeal in awhile, but I would love to revisit it with pumpkin!

  • Liz

    If you try it with rolled oats, please post your results! Thanks!

  • Liz

    Annie, What are your thoughts on making the oatmeal the night before and simply putting it in the oven to bake the next morning? Thanks! -Liz

  • Annie

    I don’t think it would work, but the only way to know is to try it and see.

  • I should have known you’d get pumpkin in there =) I love it! I was thrilled about the last one because it didn’t have Peanut butter…I’m even more excited about this!

  • Lindsay

    Delicious idea and beautiful pictures! Thanks for another great recipe, Annie.

  • The pumpkin/oatmeal combo is such a great idea! I just started eating oatmeal every morning again, but usually I’m in such a rush that it doesn’t taste very good and I get bored easily. But this would be an awesome way to fix a ton of VERY DELICOUS oatmeal to eat later in the week :D Problem solved.
    Also, I love when you include pictures of your kids! They’re so darn cute!!

  • Elizabeth from Indy

    That oatmeal looks good. But those pictures of your family…WONDERFUL!

  • This sounds absolutely divine! I’m going to have to try it tomorrow :)

  • Susan Carter

    I went on your website earlier tonight to look up your Baked Oatmeal with Fruit recipe (I’ve already made it twice – delicious!), and I saw this post! I used the other Baked Oatmeal recipe because I don’t have any steel oats. I added 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree and used apples instead of bananas. Turned out great!! Thanks so much!

  • Tesei

    I’m not a pumpkin expert but your babies are sooo adorable, congratulations!

  • omg love this!! Just pinned on interest

  • I have been eating pumpkin oats in the morning, but I haven’t tried a baked oatmeal with pumpkin! This is a fantastic idea!

  • Kelly

    This looks absolutely amazing!! Your family pictures are simply adorable too!

  • That sounds wonderful! Perfect breakfast for this time of year.

  • I am drooling over this one! I love oatmeal and love the idea of making this dish as a weekend treat but then having left overs to look forward to that make getting out of bed not so difficult!

  • Cynthia

    Your family is absolutely beautiful! Baked oatmeal is one of my favorite morning options, and I love that you use a mix of the two oats.

  • Lindsay

    This is in the oven as I type this…mmm smells so good!

  • Kirsten

    Made this last night for breakfast this week… Fantastic! Did add some milk when I went to reheat it this morning as it was very dense, but delish! Thanks!

  • What a cute baby! I have never made baked oatmeal before, but it looks so good. Definitely going to have to give that one a try!

  • Danielle

    Great recipe!! Someone had asked about making the night before. I didn’t put the whole dish together the night before, but I did do some prep that made it quick to throw together in the morning: I used apples instead of bananas, and caramelized those the night before (add a squeeze of lemon to the pan), spread them on the bottom of the baking dish & stuck it in the fridge. Then I went ahead and combined the oats with all the other dry ingredients and covered those & left on the counter. So in the morning I just mixed in the liquids, spread over the apples & stuck it in the oven. I did use all rolled oats, just decreased the water a little and skipped the soaking. Turned out great!!

  • Lauren

    Are you supposed to drain the steel cut oats before mixing everything together? It seems like a lot of water!

  • Jo

    How many servings is this supposedto make? I prepared it without the bananas and it is cooling on the counter right now. I think it may end up being dessert tonight rather than breakfast tomorrow. Or maybe both…

  • Jo

    BTW – I forgot to add that I love coming across a recipe that I have all the ingredients for.

  • Annie

    Nope, just make as directed.

  • Oatmeal looks delicious! And your children are ADORABLE!

  • Amanda

    Hi Annie, I can’t wait to try this is looks absolutely perfect for a fall morning. I was planning on making it for company. About how many servings would I get out of it? Thank you so much!

  • Annie

    I guess maybe 6-8. I hesitate to put firm servings on recipes like this because everyone’s ideas of a serving size varies so widely. Enjoy!

  • Jessie

    I’m dying to try this. I’m in my second trimester and loving food again. :) I’m glad I read where someone asking about just using rolled oats. I may try it and see what happens as well. Thanks for posting delicious recipes.

  • Heather

    Just made this tonight for dinner! So yummy on a cold evening. The kids ate it right up too! Can’t wait to try it warmed up tomorrow for breakfast.

  • Ashley

    Hi Annie,
    I just made this this morning, but accidentally used a pan too small… so now i just have 2 smaller oatmeals. I went ahead and baked one and was wondering if I could freeze the other and if so, if I should bake it before I freeze it?

  • Melissa

    Can’t wait to try this combination!!!!!! Your baked oatmeal recipe is currently the fav at our house :)!!!! I made it with fresh cranberries & orange zest today. THANKS FOR SHARING!!

  • nonnabobbi

    Made this today for my son & his family. They ALL gave great reviews…even the 3 year old who is the world’s pickiest eater! Think I’ll make a batch tomorrow so I can have leftovers for breakfast everyday before work. I am loving your recipes!

  • Annie

    I haven’t frozen this before or after baking so I don’t have any suggestions in that regard. Good luck!

  • Wendy

    I made this yesterday. It was amazing! Husband and son wanted nothing to do with it, so I’m excited to have it for breakfast for the rest of the week! They don’t know what they’re missing!

  • leanne

    Made this over the weekend — my family and I loved it. I used apples instead of bananas (2 Granny Smiths — but was wishing I had used another 1 or 2 apples for the pan I used). Oh, and I accidentally used quick-cooking oats (I was kicking myself profusely for buying the wrong oats). But it still tasted really good. I’ll be making this oatmeal again this winter… with the old-fashioned oats!

  • Bridgette

    This was soooooo good!!!! Loved it!

  • Duveen

    This is in the oven right now, and it smells wonderful! I can’t wait to try it … seems perfect for this time of the year. Thanks for sharing this recipe :)

  • Nicole

    I did exactly this with this recipe because I really wanted it on a weeknight(but subbed old fashioned oats and skipped the hot water soaking step) I mixed the oats with the wet mixture and spices, put a small handful of uncooked oats over the banana layer, and topped it with the oat mixture. I was so nervous it would be soggy and gross, but it was a-mazing. My DH has been asking me to make more everyday this week :)

  • Nicole G

    I just made this delicious recipe this morning and used only rolled oats (same amount as you would the steel-cut) and I also used caramelized apples in place of the banana and it came out awesome! I think I may have added a bit too much cloves because it is quite potent on the spice factor, but that was purely my fault. Delicious recipe, thanks again, Annie, for sharing! Can’t wait to bring this to work this week for a warm and somewhat healthy breakfast, especially since it is supposed to be cold and rainy here in Missouri!

  • Jen

    This was the best oatmeal I have ever had!

  • Joyce

    I just used regular oats (without the extra water) and cut the recipe in half. I loved it!

  • Carrie

    Have made this a couple of times already AND it is DELICIOUS!!! DH and the kiddos are begging for it so I made it tonight to have in front of the fire!

  • Andrea

    Just as delicious as the other comments have suggested! Going to try the apples next time. Any thoughts on not using the pumpkin and how the recipe should be adjusted accordingly?

  • Annie

    I’ve only made it as written here so I can’t make suggestions in that regard. Good luck with any alterations you try :)

  • Kristin Pinyan

    Just made some this morning and it’s absolutely delicious! The caramelized bananas are a stroke of brilliance!

  • Cluttercafe

    Just made a combination of this and your baked oatmeal with fruit and it was delicious. I made this before and enjoyed it, but I didn’t really like the bananas. I made this with carmelized apples and lots of cinnamon and it was awesome. I am going to post on my site (with a link back to you, of course). Thanks for all your fantastic recipes. Your my “Go To” girl.

  • I don’t know how I forgot about this recipe but Kyle just asked me to make pumpkin oatmeal while I was prepping our baked apple version last night. Looks like I need search no further and we have breakfast next week ready to go!

  • Shelby K.

    Oh my! This was simply perfect!

  • Lisa

    What changes would have to be made to use rolled oats (not quick) instead of Steel Cut?

  • annieseats

    Please see the FAQ page regarding substitutions. Thanks!