As you know well, I make a lot of cut out cookies.  This means I have a LOT of cookie cutters.  (Not as many as some people who do this exclusively, but plenty to keep me busy.)  Recently, I wanted to make a batch of cookies and I went into the pantry to find myself staring at this.

All of my cookie cutters were crammed into this single container (where they used to fit easily, I might add).  You can see them balancing precariously on top and overflowing off to the sides.  Every time I needed a cookie cutter, I had to get out the whole thing and spread everything out to find what I was looking for.  If I attempted to carefully pull one out, they fell all over the floor causing much frustration and a few choice words.  Enough was enough.

I decided I needed easier access and more organization.  This empty space on the wall got me thinking…

So, I measured the empty wall space.  Then I headed over to the hardware store and had them cut a piece of pegboard to fit the space.  I also purchased peg board hooks.

I spread out all of my cutters and organized them as much as possible by category.  Christmas, Halloween, sports related, etc. etc.

I placed the hooks in the pegboard, hung up the board, and then hung the cutters.  This solution has been great so far.  I’ve been able to grab whatever cutter I need quickly with no problem.  I know this small board won’t hold my entire collection as it continues to expand, but I’ll probably make another board to keep in a different storage area in the future.  Just thought I’d share in case it might be useful to anyone!

  • Aww this is so cool, you have soo much cookie cutters , I like it :)

  • That is a brilliant idea! My cookie cutter collection is also gathered in one big container and looks a lot like your first picture, so I am familiar with the problems. I think I’m going to have to start looking for some empty wall space!

  • Now for me it’s on to the rest of the kitchen disorganization…Open space above the cupboards, If I had something cute to put up there I would but right now it’s the storage place for oversized kitchenwares (is that a word?). I can’t stand it

  • Genius! I wish I had that many cookie cutters.
    I keep mine on a kitchen roll holder tucked away in a cupboard, although I was toying with the idea of getting some sort of sticky back magnet strip to put on the inside of the cupboard door… This looks cooler though!

  • Sarah

    I read all the time but don’t comment often… Have to come out of hiding to say that this idea is GENIOUS! Great solution indeed!

  • Wonderful idea, thanks! I wish you success.

  • Even I organized my cutters few day back ,this looks so cool

  • cool idea! love the end result – great organization and it looked cool too. :)

  • Joan Murray

    Reminds me a bit of Julia Child and her pots and pans organization. Great use of spare space.

  • BeckyS

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • This almost makes me wish I had more cookie cutters just so I could organize them like this! Love it.

  • Lori

    Can you come East and reorganize my house? Thanks for posting a great idea.

  • Heather

    LOVE IT!!

  • This is such a great idea! Cookie cutters are my nemesis…they are SO hard to organize.

  • Sherrie

    I’m new to your blog and lovin’ it, not even sure where I found you. Oh yeah, saw you and your baked french fries on Pinterest (new to that too!) I agree, you are a genius and I can’t wait to read more! As for storage space, wish I had more! For now all my cookies cutters are crammed into the bottom shelf of my overstuffed pantry. Right now I’m still busy remodeling the bedroom of my oldest son that just flew the coop. Royal blue walls just didn’t cut it for me, so I’m moving into “mixed whites.” The pantry will have to wait! :)

  • I love this idea! I don’t have very many cookie cutters, but I just like how you thought outside the box when you needed more kitchen storage. Hopefully this will help me to think more creatively!

  • Beth

    This is SUCH a good idea! Now I just need to find a space in my kitchen to make that fit…

  • What a great idea! This will keep them safe and it looks good :)
    Greetings :)

  • Thanks for sharing, that is really useful!

  • Fantastic idea; my mom has a giant tube-container of cookie cutters that my sister and I bought her when we were teenagers. We can never get them back in right; in fact some of them don’t even fit back in the original container. This is so clever, thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome solution and use of space! It looks like a little cookie cutter shopping area now too haha. Oh and I spy a fruit rollup box – kindly send that my way ;) Mmmm.

  • Um…is there anything that you can’t do?! Great idea!

  • This is a brilliant idea! I really need to think about doing this somewhere in my kitchen. I don’t have a pantry, but I’m thinking I can probably find a bare wall in the kitchen

  • Yes! This will be super useful to a lot of people! Love this idea!

  • Allison C

    Great idea!

  • This is genius!!!!! That’s all I could think the whole time I was reading and looking at this Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

  • Mary Ladden

    That’s is such a great idea.

  • Amie

    I have the same problem….my blender, cake caddy…etc etc

  • How about the inside of cupboard doors? Where I have wooden cupboard doors I put hooks for all the little stuff, and for cookie cutters, too. It makes much better use of the space and keeps the cutters dust free, too.

  • OMG, what a great idea! We have peg board on both sides of our tiny pantry and right now I use them for pots we don’t use often, but I could definitely consolidate to one side and use the other to store cookie cutters since right now they’re in a rubbermaid container in our office closet :(

  • I love what you did, I wouldn’t be able to look at that, I’d have to put a little door over it so I couldn’t see all the cookie cutters hanging there, it’s an OCD issue I have.

    However, I can’t stand seeing them in a box, either. I’d organize them into boxes you can’t see thru with a label on the outside.

    Your idea is great, though and I like it.

  • Janet

    Awesome idea!

  • So simple yet brilliant. I don’t have nearly as many cookie cutters as you do, but the collection is slowly growing, so I might need to make one of these sooner rather than latter :)

  • Great idea! I wish I had any space at all to organize all my baking supplies. I have the most well stocked kitchen for a 800 square foot apartment – which means most stuff is crammed in random spaces or on the counter. I cannot wait to have a real kitchen!

  • I’ll definitely come back to this great idea! My cookie cutter collection is also constantly growing and won’t fit into the box anymore. Thanks for the idea!

  • Mrs. B

    Love it! When I remodel my kitchen next year I’m keeping this in mind…I have a box on a shelf too.

  • This is brilliant! I have tons of cookie cutters and had no idea how to store them neatly! Thank you!

  • Wow excellent idea! Nice collection too! =)

  • Love, love, love this posting! Thanks for the inspiration and smile to start my day. :-)

  • Great idea. Very practical too.

  • Great idea! It looks like the craft store. :) Love it.

  • Awesome idea for organizing cutters! Way to go, Annie!

  • Irene

    Go Annie… Smart and talented! What a catch!

  • So organized that it looks like the cookie cutter section at sur la table!

  • LOVE this idea! Brilliant. Mine are all in a box overflowing just like yours. Of course, I probably need to go through & purge some of them, too.

  • LOVE this idea!!! It’s great for organization, and it looks cute! Definitely something I want to do in my home :)

  • Ooooh to have a pantry!

  • I love it when a plan comes together. Now I have cookie-cutter-wall envy!

  • i tried to convince my old job to do this – they just had their cookie cutters in bins and it was a complete NIGHTMARE to find anything!!!

  • Patti S

    Great idea! I have one suggestion…screw a couple 1″ furring strips or other narrow scraps of wood to the wall first then attach your pegboard to the furring strips. This will create a gap behind your pegboard and you’ll be able to move the peg hooks around. :)

  • Crystal Power

    Well, if there is anything I like more than someone who supplies no-fail recipes consistently, it’s someone who appreciates organization as much as I do! I love it!

  • Amy

    Love it! I have quite a few cutters myself and put them in a new hanging shoe holder inside the door of my pantry. I put a few other things like measuring spoons, etc in there too. But as I expand I will move up to this. I didn’t know the hardware stores could cut pegboard to size. Good to know! :-)

  • Great idea. Great pics! You’ve got me looking for a bit of wall space now to do the same. Dangerous, these suggestions. :-)

  • If I some day acquire as many cookie cutters as you, i’ll be sure to use this idea. So creative!

  • Kate Gallimore

    YOU ARE AWESOME. thanks for sharing!! that’s so something i would do..

  • What a fantastic idea! So creative. It’s the perfect nook to make them easily accessible.

  • Thanks for sharing such a great idea! I have a ton of cookie cutters too, but because they are piled haphazardly in a box I never get them out and use them because I don’t want to tackle that darn mess. But now that I have an idea on how to better organize them I think there will be a lot more decorated sugar cookies in my future!

  • Great idea! This might be a silly question on my part but how does the board actually stay on the wall? Thanks!

  • Please come to my apartment and do this immediately for me. ;) You truly are the next Martha Stewart.

  • Annie

    Just nails :)

  • Annie

    I can move the peg hooks around easily the way I have it now. Huh.

  • Betty

    This is a great idea! My cookie cutter collection isn’t as vast as yours, so I keep mine in a glass cookie jar on the counter.

  • such a cute idea! We had this in culinary school too.

  • Love this idea! My collection is growing, so might have to make one myself in the future!

  • That is genius! I love how it looks. :)

    And this also makes me super envious! I don’t have any cookie cutters… I need to invest in some. Especially for the holidays!

  • Great idea! I have an overflowing box of cookie cutters myself. Love your site.

  • neat idea! Mine looked like yours for awhile, then i moved them to a larger container…for now. I am in an apartment for now, but when I get my own kitchen i think I might have to steal your idea!

  • Jen

    Fantastic idea!

  • Cute post, Annie. I love the “this is not cool.” Great use of space. If I’m not mistaken, you actually have some space left for more cutter :-)

  • Great minds! My hubby built me one of these last fall, though I used a larger board than yours. However, my cutter collection has expanded so much in the last year that I now have THREE of these large cookie racks, and they’re covering all the “free” walls of my dining room! (

  • Clever!

    Home Ec @ Home

  • This is a great solution and should last you for awhile until you get more cutters. It’s hard to tell from the picture the length of hooks you purchased but if the depth of your pantry can take it, you can purchase hooks in even longer lengths I believe. Just saying as it may be a solution as you cutter collection grows.

  • That is a GREAT idea!!!

  • Annie

    Yeah, the only problem with the longer hooks is that they would cover up too much of the shelves to the side, so I’ll probably just start with a new peg board next time. But if it’s in a better location, I may well use those longer hooks!

  • This is ingenious! I was going to post on WC to ask how people store their cookie cutters, because mine are just barely contained. They currently are stored in a big tin – the kind that used to hold three different kinds of popcorn. Now I just need to find some empty wall space…

  • I have my cookie cutters stored in a plastic bin as well and it’s not working! It’s overflowing. Great idea! I def need to do this in my kitchen.

  • what a great idea, love it!

  • Jessica Dunn

    That is a prefect idea! I was just saying the other night that my cookie cutters are all over the pantry cause they out grew their bin, and I just ordered 17 new ones and was trying to figure out where to put them!! Annie you just made my weekend!! I have a project to start on as soon as I get home!

  • Great idea. So creative!!!

  • What a great idea to utilize the empty spaces. I too am going to need to make some sort of cookie cutter organization contraption like you did, very soon.

  • What a cute idea! I just love organizing. Now, if only I had a pantry… :) We have just a lazy-susan cupboard to use as a pantry!

  • Gail

    For my birthday, I requested a RED pegboard for over my stove. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. not only is it handy, it fills up what was a bland white wall with something bright and cheerful.

  • Cindy B.

    Great idea!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

  • Malia

    What a great idea! You’re so smart=)

  • Brilliant, really brilliant. Now, I have pantry envy. If only I had one; it’s my pet peeve. LOL

  • Annie, can you think of a great idea for cupcake papers. I have a drawer now devoted to cupcake papers, but I could really use the space for other things. I’m getting more into cupcakes and I’ve recently purchased some really pretty ones, but need a great idea in storing them. Love your idea with the cuttie cutters! Rosetta

  • Annie

    I have a small set of rubbermaid type drawers that I keep in the pantry to hold all my cupcake papers and sprinkles. It works great for me. I have also seen them stacked high in spaghetti jars, and though that looks cute, I think it would effect the shape of the ones at the bottom of the stack so I’m not sure I love that idea.

  • What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kylie

    thats ingenious!
    I do not think I would have ever thought to do something like that

  • That’s a great idea :) thanks for sharing!

  • This is brillant. My cookie cutters are outgrowing their space as well. I have contained them in bags by category and put them in a cabinet. Out of sight, out of mind until I go to look for a specific cookie cutter. This is the best idea I’ve run across, it was on org junkie. I think I could do this on the back on my pantry door.

  • Nice! That’s always great when you see unused space you can use in an efficient manner! Love it!

  • OMG you are a genius! i am going to go home and look for some wall space to do this with my cookie cutters too!

  • That is truly awesome!!

  • House3064

    Brillance! Pure brillance! This is why you are my go to blog. Thanks for sharing your love of food and planning.

  • Frances

    Very good idea. I may have to use this one!