If ever there were a food that was in vogue, I would say that this spring’s winner would be shaved asparagus.  I had never seen such a preparation before but this spring, I have seen in pop up in all manner of recipes.  Simple salads, side dishes, and atop pizzas, to name a few.  Now I really like asparagus made in the traditional way with the spears intact, but I’ve been buying it just about every week through our produce delivery service, so I am happy to find more things to do with it.  I think that chunks of full asparagus spears are just a little too much on a pizza so this method is genius.  You get all the great flavor of asparagus without thick, tough stems or having to worry about pre-cooking it in some way.  When I first saw this I assumed special equipment such as a mandoline was necessary (I recently bought one but have yet to use it.)  Nope, nothing special here!  Just a few quick strokes of a vegetable peeler and your pizza is assembled in minutes.

For me, this combination of cheeses is what really made the pizza sing.  The garlic herb cheese added a lot of flavor as well as a light, creamy texture.  Boursin is widely available but if you are local, try the garden herb fromage blanc from Trader’s Point Creamy.  I love that stuff!  All in all this was a nice new way for me to enjoy the bounty of local asparagus.  Now I am looking forward to trying some of the other variations of shaved asparagus in salads and such, but I know we’ll be making this pizza again and again.


Pizza dough
Olive oil, for brushing
8 oz. asparagus spears
4 oz. fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced
3 oz. spreadable garlic herb cheese, such as Boursin or Trader’s Point Creamery garden herb fromage blanc
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper


  • 01

    Preheat the oven and a pizza stone at 500˚ F for at least 30 minutes.  Roll out the pizza dough into a 12-14 inch round.  Lightly brush the surface of the dough with olive oil.

  • 02

    Cut the tough woody stems off the ends of the asparagus spears.  Use a vegetable peeler to shave the spears into ribbons.  You likely will not need all of the asparagus, but use more ribbons than you think you need because it will cook down in the oven.

  • 03

    Place the sliced mozzarella over the pizza dough in an even layer.  Pile the asparagus shavings over the top of the mozzarella.  Dot the surface of the pizza with the garlic herb cheese.  Season with kosher salt and pepper.

  • 04

    Transfer the pizza to the preheated pizza stone and bake until the cheese is melted and bubbling and the crust is lightly browned, about 12 minutes.  Remove from the oven and let cool slightly before slicing and serving.


  • Never had shaved asparagus… such a great pizza variety you made!

  • I really must try this recipe. I adore asparagus, but agree with you that whole spears adoring a pizza are a bit much. The shavings make for a gorgeous presentation, and I’m sure this pizza tastes fantastic!

  • I really need to get over my fear of shaving asparagus! This pizza looks fantastic and the green veggie adds such a pretty color.

  • That looks absolutely amazing…
    This is going to be placed at the top of my “to make” list.

  • This is a great plan.

  • Okay, I know I’m a weirdo, but does anyone else avoid asparagus because it makes your pee…icky? And I love asparagus. But 20 minutes after I eat it, EVERYone knows I’ve eaten it for the next day or so. Sorry, kind of random grossness for a Wednesday. :)

  • Amy

    yum! looks great! i don’t really care what’s on top of my pizza as long as it’s got LOTS of cheese to accompany it!

  • I love asparagus in the spring! And, of course, I love pizza. This looks great. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • I’ve been wanting to make this pizza for so long! I made your spinoccoli last week, and it was between that, or a shaved asparagus one. Looks awesome!

  • I made this last week using your pizza dough recipe. I didn’t have boursin but I had everything else on hand and didn’t want to run to the store. So, I mixed a handful of chopped herbs and garlic into goat cheese and used it to dot the top of the pizza. It was so good!

  • This looks wonderful Annie! I think I may have to try it soon!

  • Alice

    I’ve had my eye on that pizza recipe for a few weeks – I really need to make it soon. We recently made a shaved asparagus and arugula salad (also found on Tasty Kitchen)and it was really wonderful. The tenderness of the fresh asparagus worked so well with the peppery arugula and bacon and orange combo. Thanks for reminding me about the pizza!

  • Yummmm, in my best sing-songy voice. That looks divine. In fact I wish I had some now for breakfast.

  • What an awesome and creative recipe, Annie! This is a wonderful looking pizza with great flavors. Makes for a lovely photo, too!

  • I love this pizza and the technique. I will be trying this out soon. Hubby isn’t keen on asparagus, but I am going to be sneaky and try shaving it into dishes. Just brilliant :)

  • Annie, it certainly is in right now, because it’s so delicious! I did a grilled shaved asparagus pizza last week that was amazing. I tossed the asparagus with lemon juice and red pepper flakes to give it some zing since it only cooks for a minute or two on the grill. The real ticket was the imberico cheese I used. The creamy, nutty taste with the asparagus was so divine!

    I don’t have my version up on my blog yet, but I will soon!

  • Yum! This pizza looks amazing! :)

  • Being Italian, I definitely love pizza.
    How could I not?

    this recipe with asparagus sounds really new and good to me!! :)

  • Amazing recipe! I need to make something with shaved asparagus and this looks lovely.

  • I have been on a real asparagus kick lately. And I love that it is added to pizza here in nice beautiful ‘ribbons’. And seriously how can you go wrong with anything containing Boursin Cheese! Yessss please!!

  • Amanda

    One of my husband and my favorite pizzas is shrimp and asparagus- we will now have to try it in a shaved form, sounds great! Your pictures look mouth-watering too

  • Ohmygoodness! Asparagus AND Boursin, together, on a PIZZA??!! Heck yes! I will be making this, STAT! Thanks Annie!

  • Erin

    Have you ever been to the Trader’s Point Creamery restaurant – The Loft? OMG yummy!! And such a cute atmosphere too.

  • Mmmm – MUST try this pizza! Looks divine : )

  • Annie

    Yep, it’s one of my favorites!

  • Pizza is my absolute favorite food and I love trying new toppings, this looks great I will have to make it for dinner next week :)
    Congratulations on the being part of Saveur’s 50 food blog list, how exciting!

  • Laura

    Hi Annie,
    Just wondering what your method is for getting the pizza onto the pizza stone? I just bought a pizza stone and am wondering the best method for transferring the dough before and after baking! Thanks!

  • Annie

    If you click on my pizza dough post, it explains how I do it. Hope that helps!

  • Amazing pizza, isn’t it? I had a hard time restraining myself while getting pics for that TK post. It’s so good!

    Congrats for making Saveur’s list! You do such a great job and your site is beautiful. The honor is very well deserved :)

  • Megan

    I have made this twice now, and both times it has taken me FOREVER to shave the asparagus. And my shavings don’t look nearly as nice as yours. Any tips?

  • Annie

    Not really – it probably took me 5 minutes max and I didn’t do anything special. I wish I had some ideas for you!

  • Annie

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Annie, My first time visiting your site! Great recipes and photo’s. I totally love asparagus, never thought of adding it to my pizza! I’ll definitely try this recipe out! Yumm!

  • What a beautiful looking pizza! I bet it was delicious. :)

  • Isn’t this combination to die for? When I was first putting it together, it was mostly out of necessity and while I knew it would be tasty, I didn’t realize just how divine it would actually be. I went in to work the next day and told everyone about it. HA! Some were skeptical, so I brought in a personal sized pizza and cut it into small slivers to share. I think I handed out 5 or 6 recipes after that!

  • Elizabeth

    Annie! I just discovered you and I’m so inspired! I’m a 2nd year medical student and I love love love love love cooking and baking. Your recipes look so delightful and I’m so glad that mommy-wife-chef-doctor is a feasible option in the future ;-)

  • For me, it helped if the asparagus was really crisp. If it was slightly wilted it was a pain to shave. I read somewhere to cut the ends off and put it in a glass of water (like you would with flowers). They firmed up in the fridge really quickly and it was easy after that.

  • This looks ridiculously delicious. Love it!

  • Oh, Annie! Thank you for another fantastic pizza combo. I’m definitely giving this one a try!

  • miz tell

    I had a pizza like this at my new favorite restaurant in Orem, Utah called Pizzeria 712….they put speck on their version as well as some herb I couldn’t place that has a lemony taste…anyhow…can’t wait to try this!

  • That look good Annie! I love asparagus, they have a special taste and they are unique, i’ve never thought of making such delicious pizza!

  • Oh my goodness! This is so different (for me!)…I love it! It’s so nice to change up pizza night.

  • Shaved asparagus really does seem to be the “in” thing these days! This is definitely the most stylish pizza that I’ve seen! :)

  • I am addicted to Boursin and love finding recipes to use it in – instead of my normal application onto wheat crackers! I can’t wait to try this!

  • Heather S

    Both my 2 and 4 year old requested seconds, which is a very rare occurrence in my house! I’m still working on my pizza shaping skills but each pizza I make comes out a little better than the last so I figure eventually….

  • I’m anxious to try this pizza on the grill. I love the idea of using Boursin cheese, and I’ve yet to try shaving asparagus. We grill pizza once a week, so this will be next on the list. Thanks!

  • This also made my Five to Try list for the week. Though my husband isn’t found of asparagus I love it and will just have to make it when he isn’t around and my munchkin eats anything that involves pizza.

  • Oh, you are sooo right–shaved asparagus is EVERYWHERE these days. I was just pondering that very phenomenon. This pizza looks fab! …Susan

  • Wow, this looks amazing!

  • jennie

    What a sweet girl!! I was due April 22-so it was kind of fun to mark my progress along with yours!! We were waiting to find out if it was a boy or a girl-and although I was SURE it was a boy-and called my baby “Charlie” for eight months-we had a girl too!! Congrats to you guys-and congrats to Andrew on his big brother status!

  • Annie

    Congrats to you as well! I was due April 10 but she showed up early (though I was plenty ready :) )

  • Emilee

    I made this last night for dinner, and I’ve been craving the leftover pieces all day!! Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Crystal Adams

    I found this on Smitten Kitchen and have been making it ever since! The best part is squeezing fresh lemon juice over it when it comes out of the oven.

  • Christine

    My roommate and I made this last night, and I expected it to be good… but it exceeded by expectations so much! It was absolutely DELICIOUS. Thanks for posting this recipe, we will definitely be making it again!

  • Just made this and it was so good! My 2yo daughter said “pizza good!”

  • I just made this yesterday for lunch, only on top of a pita. It was DELICIOUS! :D I’ll be having it again today, and probably tomorrow, and..ok..any chance I get. :D Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’ll post it on my blog soon, linking you the credit. :D

  • Elizabeth

    This pizza is so delicious! I love the garlic herb cheese with the shaved asparagus. It is the perfect combination. Thanks for another great recipe!

  • Lindsey

    Made this for dinner tonight. I usually love pizzas without a sauce, but for some reason this seemed a bit dry to me. The asparagus/cheese combination went well together though.

  • This is a delicious and fun take on pizza. I made it a few weeks ago, and posted on my blog today with a link back here. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Erika

    My mom and I recently discovered the most glorious pizza combination: grilled asparagus, caramelized onions, goat cheese, with a red pepper pesto as the sauce. SO AMAZING! The pesto is super easy too:
    3 red bell peppers, roasted, peeled and seeded (about 2 cups)
    2/3 cup toasted hazelnuts, chopped
    1 clove garlic, chopped, more to taste
    Zest and juice of 1 lemon, or to taste
    1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
    1/4 teaspoon salt, more to taste
    Freshly ground black pepper
    1/2 cup olive oil, more or less to taste

    All in the food processor — delish!

  • Victoria

    Today I finally tried this recipe, and I am sooooo gald I did! This pizza was incredibly easy to make and so yummy! (I may have eaten half the pizza myself!) Thanks so much! :)

  • Tania Rangel Calderas

    I made this this past weekend and it was amazing! Great recipe, and looks so fancy when it’s really so easy :)


  • Lauren Ochoa

    My plan is to make this Saturday night with your thin crust pizza (I know it’s not really YOURS but I learned about it from your blog, so…). I have the dough making in the fridge right now. I’m going to do one traditional pie and one shaved asparagus pie. Maybe we’ll invite our neighbors over to help us eat it!

  • Tiffany

    Wow, that looks amazing! I know I’m coming across this late (got here through a pin for your southwest egg roll recipe)and HAD to check this one out too!

  • sweetsugarbelle

    Oh my goodness! This looks insane!!!

  • Dana

    This looks awesome! I want to Pin it, but your site won’t let me. Your photos disappear when trying to pin :0(

  • annieseats

    It should be fixed now. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

  • Annie, this has become one of my FAVORITE pizza recipes. Everytime I mention I mention it to someone, they are thrown off by the lack of sauce, but are instantly impressed once they try it.

    I love it! Thanks for posting!


  • Sheryl

    I’m just learning how to enjoy asparagus and thought this looked interesting. So glad I tried it! I had also never tried Boursin cheese, but I am definitely now a fan!

  • Willemieke

    We love your asparagus pizza, thank you!

  • I made this recently and it was incredible! Its my new favorite!

  • Joy

    Oh my word! I have been wanting to make this for awhile, and finally picked up the asparagus and tossed it together yesterday for a friend and myself. Oh. my. word. I was a little nervous about the dough because it seemed a bit too sticky as I was trying to shape it, but it and everything came out AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. Holy. My friend could NOT stop ‘mmmm’ing and ‘wow’ing and complimenting it, claming it to be the best pizza he has ever had and continuously challenging me to name one pizza I’ve had that was better than this. Hahaha! Needless to say, it was quite a hit, and my friend demanded to know when I would be making it again, offering to even purchase the ingredients.

    Can’t believe how simple and yet SOOO delicious it was. Thanks for the great recipe! I’m already dreaming of having the letovers for tonight’s dinner.

  • Ashley

    This is one of my favorite pizza’s of all times now (tied only with a margherita pizza)! I usually throw broccoli on it as well and I use my fave dough recipe. The flavor combination is SO good. My husband loves this too and I have made it for friends who also love it! Bravo!

  • Helena Mouta

    I actually made something very similar to this on Easter weekend and absolutely LOVED it! Following the direction of Deb at the Smitten Kitchen, I seasoned the asparagus with salt, olive oil and lemon juice and tasted it raw, and then kept on tasting… I barely had wnough for my pizza :)

  • ryanleigh

    This sounds absolutely divine – I can’t wait to try it! BTW, I have a mandoline, too. I don’t use it often – mostly when I need things very thinly sliced (and/or in a relatively large quantity). The act of cutting, chopping, and slicing is very relaxing to me – this is my favorite part of preparing any meal – so I don’t often use tools other than my knife and vegetable peeler.

  • Mattie

    I LOVE shaved asparagus. One of my favorite ways to eat it is in linguine with garlic, olive oil, roasted red peppers, parmesan and shaved asparagus. I make about half asparagus and half pasta, and throw it in with the pasta for the last few seconds of boiling. It’s delicious, and really bulks up the veggie to pasta ratio, win win!