Everyone deserves a celebratory drink now and then, even pregnant women.  That is what mocktails are for.  In other words, cocktails minus the alcohol.   I have had a great virgin mixology book sitting on my shelf largely unused but now I am taking advantage.  Just about anything is more exciting than my old standby – ice water, with a wedge of lemon if I’m getting really crazy.   This particular beverage includes pomegranate juice and soda, white grape juice and frozen blueberries for a sweet-tart dose of antioxidants.  Realistically of course, this still tastes mostly like juice but the addition of pomegranate soda (I used Izze) helps kick it up a bit.

Even if you personally have no use for mocktails, it is still nice to have some recipes available in case you host guests that abstain from alcohol for any reason.  The recipes are typically sized for a single serving, but can be easily multiplied.  Another nice thing about this particular book is that they have little notes about how to “de-virginize” a drink for someone who would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.  This flexibility is especially nice when serving a mixed crowd, some who want the real stuff and some who don’t.


¼ cup fresh or frozen blueberries
3 oz. pomegranate soda
3 oz. pomegranate juice
2 oz. white grape juice
Lemon slices, for garnish


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    Add blueberries to a tall glass and mash slightly.  Fill glass with ice, if desired.  Combine the soda, pomegranate juice and white grape juice.  Pour the mixture into the glass with the blueberries and garnish with a slice of lemon.

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    *To de-virginize, add 1 oz. vodka and ½ oz. pomegranate liqueur.


  • I think I need that drink book. And hey, don’t forget cucumbers (in your water) It’s a nice refreshing alternative to a slice of lemon.

  • What a fun drink idea! This would be fun for a baby shower.

  • Thanks for posting this! I hear you, I’m 18 weeks pregnant and would like to drink something at night other than water. I can’t wait to try this out this weekend!

  • Very pretty with the berries in it! I love this flavor combo and often indulge, with vodka of course! ;)

  • Hi! Have just discovered you blog and have had the most DELIGHTFUL morning trawling through the archives with a cup of tea. Thank you! Love this idea for mocktails- had a couple of weeks on antibiotics earlier this year and was scratching around for substitute tipples; soda water with cranberry and lime, drunk out of a wine glass was what I went for most times…

  • Oh my! This looks so delectable. I love your glass. So classy.

  • Hey Annie, I saw this book the other day and have been debating if I want to buy it or not. My Sister-in-Law, my best friend and I are all pregnant and due this summer so I was thinking this could be a good shower resource and just a great way to enjoy the summer without a legit margarita! Thanks for sharing a recipe from the book – it sounds fabulous so I think I’m off to order the book now! Thanks!!

  • So funny that I posted a pomegranate drink today on my blog! I have fallen in love with this fruit recently. I featured a cocktail and mocktail version for a pomegranate margarita!

  • That sounds awesome.

    And I’m totally giggling at your instructions for “de-virginization.” Would it be totally tacky for me to compare the ingredients for de-virginizing a drink to the ingredients for de-virginizing a college student…?

  • Annie

    Haha, that’s hilarious! I was thinking it could also be called “de-flower” the drink. LOL!

  • What a refreshing sounding drink! I attempted the charlotte recipe you posted a few days ago, and it was wonderful. thanks for sharing!

  • Your mocktail look beautiful in that glass! I’m sure it tastes great too!

  • Kathy

    This sounds delicious and a fancy glass always makes the drink taste better. In our house a popular choice for adults and children is pomegranate juice, seltzer and a twist of lime.

  • This will be amaaazing with a splash of vodka – so pretty and colorful for this upcoming Mardi Gras and so perfect to serve for those not wanting the alcohol.

  • ohhh… what a fun and pretty drink!

  • What a gorgeous drink, and great flavors. I bet this was a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a nice way to toast to your incoming bundle of joy. Congratulations!

  • Looks delicious! I wish I would’ve know about this non-alcoholic drink book when I was pregnant.

  • AmyNLily

    Try dry soda to drink I did during my pregnancy it’s great :)

  • Yum! I love pomegranate. So pretty :)