So here’s the deal – professional football has completely fallen off my radar.  Ever since the Colts embarrassed themselves right out of the first round of the playoffs, I have had no real interest.  I’ve half watched some of the games but I just don’t care anymore.  I’m already ready for next football season.  But I know there are some of you out there who definitely do care, or at the very least plan on hosting (or attending) a Super Bowl party to watch the game.  I made this dip for you.  Dips seem to be the quintessential football watching food and this spinach feta dip is a slightly different spin on a classic spinach dip.

The best thing about this dip, other than the taste of course, is that it takes literally minutes to whip up.  If you have a food processor or immersion blender, this is a 10 minute or less kind of snack.  I served it this weekend as an appetizer when we had some friends over for dinner.  It is extremely convenient to make something so low maintenance, particularly when you just got back from yoga and you still haven’t changed clothes and you are making a very involved main dish and your guests are arriving in 10 minutes and your child is begging for some strawberries and well…you get the idea.  Incidentally, homemade pita chips are also unbelievably easy to make and require little effort.  Basically, you slice the pita in half horizontally, cut into wedges, spread on a baking sheet, spray light with oil, season as desired and bake at 350˚ F until crisp and golden, flipping halfway through baking.  I made the pita chips earlier in the week so I was able to just throw them onto a plate and serve.  Easy peasy and it all received rave reviews.  Even if your team gives you nothing to celebrate, at least the dip will be a win.


2 cloves garlic
¾ cup mayonnaise*
¾ cup sour cream*
4 oz. crumbled feta cheese
½ tsp. grated lemon zest
10 oz. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
Ground black pepper, to taste

*Reduced fat is fine!


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    In the bowl of a food processor, pulse the garlic until finely chopped.  Add in the mayonnaise, sour cream, feta and lemon zest.  Process until smooth, scraping down the bowl as needed.  Transfer the mixture to a bowl, stir in the spinach and season with black pepper to taste.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

  • I also lost my team (the Eagles) a while ago… This looks delicious for a football game or anything else!

  • Ooh this will go well even with silken tofu or coconut cream! Thanks for the inspiration

  • Bethany

    Oooh this looks delicious! I love feta and spinach so I’m definitely going to have to make this…for me (well I guess I could share).

  • Great superbowl treat!

  • Dani

    This one looks pretty yummy. I’ll be snagging it for next year. You summed up how I feel about football season – only with me its the Patriots who let us down.

  • I felt that way about the Bears! So disappointing :(

  • I love cheesy dips with pita chips for dipping! This recipe look super simple and delicious – perfect for someone like me who always seems to be running late when I have guests coming over!

  • Oh, a recipe created after my own taste buds. There is nothing better than spinach and feta cheese. This will be added to my “to make” list.

  • It is too bad when your sports team falls off the football bandwagon! All these snack recipes, and no event at which to serve them… I guess watching the game is still an option, but I’m not nearly as interested!

  • Happy Birthday! This may be an inappropriate comment for your spinach dip (which, does, in fact, look pretty tasty), and I do not care if you post this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

  • Drisana

    Looks delicious! And I am in awe that you are doing yoga while you are pregnant! That is so awesome!

  • Annie

    Haha, thanks! It is a really great prenatal workout, and baby LOVES it!

  • Oooh, Annie, I love your use of feta in this. Much healthier for you than all the mozzarella that’s typically used in this kind of dip. It looks so delicious, and perfect for a big Superbowl party. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sounds delicious….love the idea of the feta in it!

  • We do a similar dip with everything you mentioned above + dill & cucumbers. Sometimes we’ll use some greek yogurt (strained) in place of some of the mayo too to lighten it up a bit. It’s always a big hit :) and YES, there are still many of us out there that are SUPER pumped about the SUPER BOWL!! Go Pack Go!!!

  • That sounds like a perfect dip!

  • I just like football because of all the food involved…oh, and beer. :) This looks amazing.

  • This looks great, I was looking for spinach dip recipe for Sunday!

  • Wow this dip looks perfect for Sunday! Love how easy it is too!

  • Just stumbled upon your site & had to say “Amen!” I LOVE the Colts, but it’s been a bummer of playoffs without them. Thanks for the great recipes.

  • Dorie

    I too stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago. LOVE! I can’t wait to try this recipe out for the Super Bowl. GO PACK GO!!!

  • Feta is my favorite cheese, I love it and this dip looks fantastic!

  • Jen

    When you say 4oz of crumbled feta, do you mean a 4oz block and then crumble it or one of those packages where it’s already crumbled? Also, what kind of seasoning would you put on the pita chips?

  • Annie

    4 oz. either way, it doesn’t matter how it starts out. I just use kosher salt on the pita chips but you can do what you like.

  • Wendy

    Mmmmm! This is delicious! I just made a batch for my Superbowl party, and I have to try hard not to eat it before my guest’s get here!
    Thanks Annie!

  • Christine

    Holy moly Annie! I had the ingredients sitting around and decided to make this for a friend’s Super Bowl party. The dip was unbelievably good and the dish was wiped clean by the end of the night (and considering how laden that table was with food, it’s saying a lot). I had saved a little extra for the household, and I’m sure I MEANT to share it with everyone, but the next day I sneakily finished it. So bad it’s good. Thanks for sharing the recipe! You are my portal to Cook’s Illustrated recipes.

  • Kristin

    I was really surprised at how tasty this dish turned out! Sometimes I think a dish sounds pretty good, but I’m unsure if I will like the final product. This was one of those times. And clearly I was very happy with the result!

  • Kelly

    I just made this to take to a friend’s house tonight. SO HARD not to eat the whole thing before we go!! I used fat free Greek yogurt instead of mayo to lighten it up, and it is still delicious!

  • Stefani

    Can this be made the day before you plan to use it?

  • annieseats


  • Kristen

    This dip is great! I love the addition of the lemon zest. I made two batches the night before a party and it was a big hit. I will definitely add this to my go to appetizer list.

  • Larisa Blushinskaya

    Hi Anna, I followed the instructions and the mixture tasted very good, but it was very liquid. Is anything can be done to fix it? What is the possible reason for this texture? thanks

  • annieseats

    Did you use well-drained, thawed spinach (previously frozen)?

  • Larisa Blushinskaya

    Hi Anna, I used fresh spinach, but I must admit I probably did not drain it well after washing. Could it be the reason?


  • annieseats

    Yes, the fresh spinach is the problem. It contains far more liquid than the spinach as called for in the recipe.

  • Paloma

    For anyone interested, I made this dip using cooked fresh spinach. I used a one pound tub of baby spinach and a little more I had left from another tub, maybe 6 ounces. I rinsed the spinach and cooked it in the water that was still clinging to the leaves. Drained it and squeezed all the water out. It turned out perfect! Thanks Annie for a great recipe!