A couple of months ago I posted about the Dr. Seuss-themed party I threw for my little man’s second birthday.  In that post, I included pictures of a cupcake tower I constructed for the event.  Then I posted about the wedding cake I made and included a picture of the cupcake towers at the reception.  I have had many requests for instructions on how to make a cupcake tower since these posts appeared.  I apologize for the delay in sharing but I wanted to be sure I had a method that really worked well before sharing it with others.

Let me say right off the bat that this method is simply a rough guideline.  You can adapt this any way you would like to have more tiers, different sizes, different colors of ribbon and paper, etc.  Now I feel happy with my method so here you go – let’s make a cupcake tower!

First, let’s talk about what we need:

  • Something wide and fairly low to act as a base – I use a few styrofoam discs
  • Soup cans to act as supports between the layers – I chose the ones that I think may have been in my pantry since college :) (You can also use styrofoam cylinders as seen in the top left corner, but I prefer the cans for a sturdier end result)
  • Cardboard cake circles, two of each size – I used 12, 10 and 8-inch circles for a three-tiered tower
  • Card stock, for covering the top of each tier (optional), the base and dividing pillars (You could also use fabric or ribbon to cover the base and pillars.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon for edging the tiers
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter (optional – just a ruler and pen is sufficient)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • About 30 minutes of your time (or 45 if you take pictures along the way :) )

First, I prepare the base by hot gluing the styrofoam discs together in an even column.

I glue together both cardboard circles of the same size, unfinished sides inward…

To end up with a double layer.

Repeat with the remaining sizes until all the cardboard circles are doubled up.

I trace around each of the cardboard circles onto the card stock that will cover them and cut out the corresponding circle.

Hot glue the card stock circle onto the cardboard circle to cover it and give it a finished look.  (I have also cut around the edges of these circles with decorative scissors to create a scalloped border, adding another detail to the overall look.)

Three pretty covered circles :)

Now I use additional card stock to cover the soup cans that will act as the pillars.  I mark the length of the can and cut a strip on the paper cutter.

Use the hot glue gun to secure the card stock as a tight band around the soup can.  Repeat for the other can.

Do the same for the base.  The glue can be very hot – too hot to touch – so I use a ruler to press the card stock tightly to the surface until the glue has set.

You should have two covered pillars and a base.

Now that all the pieces are put together, we’re ready to assemble the tower.  I’m sure there is some more accurate way to be sure that the base and pillars are perfectly centered, but I don’t have time or patience to worry about that.  For me, it’s more of a Gestalt and I use a few hatch marks in the region of the center to give some guidance.

One thing to keep in mind while assembling all the components is to keep the seams of the card stock covering the base, pillars, and the seams of the ribbon all in the same direction so that they can be the “back” of the tower and stay out of sight, giving it a more finished appearance.

So, hot glue the base in the center of the bottom tier (be sure to glue on the bottom, uncovered side of the cardboard circle).

Then, glue a soup can pillar in the center of that circle.  Again, I just use an eyeball approach to center it and make sure it is balanced.

Glue the next cardboard circle on top of the pillar, making sure to keep the finished side up.  (Since the lid of the soup can is not an even surface, you need to glue around the edges to ensure that the can has firm contact with the cardboard circle.)

And repeat once more until all the pieces are in place.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to edge each of the tiers.

Hot glue along the edge of the cardboard circle and press on the ribbon, being careful to keep the top edge even with the surface.  (You do not need to glue along the entire perimeter, just small dabs every few inches or so is fine.)  If your ribbon is somewhat translucent, you may want to consider doing a second layer so that it has a more opaque appearance.  I only used one layer here but I have used double layers in the past depending on the look I am going for.

Repeat with the middle tier, and then the top until…

You have a finished cupcake tower!  And then of course all you need to do is…

Fill it with delicious cupcakes!

  • Elizabeth

    That’s awesome, Annie! It looks so professional, but sounds pretty easy. I’m going to have to try this out!

  • Anshu

    I was SO waiting for this post!
    Annie, you are a very, very talented person. You are also a very good teacher – explaining things very well and very clearly.
    I need to go get myself a hot glue gun(never used one before). Besides that, I think I have everything I need to make myself a cupcake tower next week – including a very special occasion!
    Thanks Annie!

  • Hi there,

    thank you so much for the “How to make …” !
    I will try it for my sons birthday this saturday !

    Have a nice day :)

  • Hi,

    thank you so much for the “How to …” !
    I will try it for my sons birthday on saturday !

    Thanks :)

  • Love it! One question though – is there anyway to save some of the pieces (or the whole tower) for another user later on? I’m guessing not with all the hot glue, but figured it was worth asking.

    Another great post. :-)

  • Lisa

    I will definitely be trying this for my son’s train themed party in September. Thank you, Annie!

  • Hi,

    it´s me again,

    can you tell me please , how much yards from the ribbon i need?
    and, how wide is your ribbon?

    thanks :)

  • Awesome! This will be on my to-do list for my little man’s birthday. :)

  • Thanks for sharing this simple way of doing a cupcake tower.

  • ummm LOVE
    and darling

  • Annie

    You can use any width ribbon you like. The length depends on the size tiers you use. As I mentioned in the post, this is a rough guideline you can easily change for needs and supplies.

  • Annie

    What would you save the pieces for exactly? I haven’t tried it.

  • You are so incredibly resourceful… love it!

  • Sarah R

    I just built a cupcake tower yesterday! I used foam core that my husband cut into circles for me, and PVC fitting for the spacers that I then painted. So much easier (and cheaper!) than buying one online.

  • This is awesome, thanks for sharing!!

  • Great step-by-step instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wonderful job on the tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

    Carmen of Baking is my Zen

  • I love these homemade how to posts! You did awesome!

  • Thanks Annie! What a wonderful post. All of your “how-tos” are clear, descriptive, and fun to read! Thanks for being one of my favorite blog writers!

  • I LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely be using this!!

  • jazmin

    hey girl! you read my mind!! this is awesome!! I have an upcoming wedding, and was wondering how on earth I could get those towers here, in paraguay! now problem solved!! thanks thanks thanks

  • MelanieL

    Adorable!! And does look very simple once all the supplies are purchased and gathered:) It would be very fun for my co-worker’s 40th birthday next month! I bet I could find “40” ribbon or I could just use black (ha,ha)!!

  • This is wonderful!! I love your idea and will do that today, thanks so much for sharing:)

  • This seems fairly easy to make. Thanks for sharing! It looks awesome once it is all put together. :)

  • Thank you so much for sharing! This is very nice of you to do. I could definitely do this now.

  • Thanks for posting. I’ve book marked for use at the baby shower I’m planning for my SIL. I love the idea of being able to change the ribbon for a different look every time.

  • Great guide for the DIY baker! Thanks for the great idea.

  • Divya

    Just like others have said, i too have been waiting for this post and I can’t thank you enough!!! I’m definitely going to try making this for my nephew’s birthday party. You made it seem easy enough that even I couldn’t mess it up! Thanks Annie!!

  • Great tutorial. I will try this out for my next party!

  • Oh this is great! Incredibly innovative and I can tailor to match theme, decor, cupcakes, whatever. Thanks!

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  • Jaime

    I always wondered how they did these, thank you!

  • Kimberly

    Oh how neat!! I would have never thought about using those items to make a tower. Thanks so much for taking the time to show those of us who aren’t so creative … :)~

  • Wow!! You are so awesome! :) Thanks for sharing!

  • So cool! Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  • Danielle

    It’s so delightfully simple, yet easy to do! Thanks for sharing!

  • so simple and cute!

  • Wow that’s awesome!!

  • This is adorable – I will definitely be trying it at some point!

  • Thanks for sharing Annie

  • Nicky

    I am another one that has not used a glue gun before, but this is a project that I want to perfect before my little’s girl’s b-day party! Do they hold up pretty well, like if I was wanting to use it again?

  • I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing. Crafty and good in the kitchen – your mother in law must love you :)

  • Annie

    I don’t know, I haven’t tried it.

  • Kirsten

    Annie, thank you so much for posting this … your timing could not have been more perfect! A friend and I are hosting a baby shower next weekend and we’re serving cupcakes … I haven’t found an affordable cupcake stand but didn’t know how to make a nice one myself. Now I do! So I’ll make it this weekend … picked up all the supplies I didn’t already have, and can’t wait to see the final result … thanks again!!!

  • LOVE it, I am throwing a baby shower next week and I think I am going to make one of these! Thanks so much!

  • This cupcake tower is too cute and looks sooo easy! I will have to try making one for some up coming baby and bridal showers that I am hosting.

  • I ♥ this idea, and featured it over at my place today!
    You can find it here: http://daveandkristycall.blogspot.com/2010/08/fab-finds-friday-winner.html

    ♥ {DavesWife}

  • I’m so happy that you posted this tutorial! This cupcake stand makes decorations for different parties so much more versatile and creative. I appreciate the time you took to show this to the world. :]

  • Wow…so helpful! You can do EVERYTHING!!!

  • You rock, girl! This tutorial is awesome. Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to share it with us. :)

  • Jen

    Wow! Very cute and your ribbon matches your cupcakes perfectly!

  • Sara Angel

    This is so useful! Thanks for sharing. Also, I just did a post on my blog about your margarita cupcake recipe and sadly mine did not come out near as cute as yours :(

  • These are so so cool! I always wondered how one made them at home :). Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this method and I will definitely be using it to make my own cupcake tower or cake stand! I am esp glad you showed the step-by-step instructions, so helpful! :)

  • I am not a crafty person by any means, but I am bookmarking this. Seems like the perfect thing to concur my fears of crafting!

  • This tute came just in time for my best friend’s daughter’s first birthday. I will be making carrot cake cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes, and this is perfect for the party. Thank you! Can I ask how many cupcakes it will hold?

  • Annie

    That totally depends on what size tiers you use, how tightly you pack them, etc. etc. I don’t know an exact number.

  • That is absolutely brilliant! I love the idea of crafting something instead of buying it. The homemade look compliments the handmade cupcakes. It’s perfect. And the step-by-step photos make it seem completely do-able. Thanks!

  • Brilliant!!! loved this idea so much. I will most certainly try it for my twin’s birthday.

  • This is *so* happening at my house sometime soon! Thanks for the great step by step.

  • Shelly

    I CANNOT wait to try this. Looks like fun! When you are a mom, there are so many opportunities to bake cupcakes! Now, a nice way to display than…much better than putting them in one of those aluminum disposable pans, like I have done in the past!

  • vicki pruett


    Can you tell me how many cupcakes this stand held. Trying to do a 30 cupcake stand.

    thank you

  • Annie

    It all depends on how tightly you place them. I think it would hold close to 30, but I’m not sure. I didn’t have copious amounts of cupcakes to test it with. You can always use larger tiers if necessary.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for posting this (I commented earlier) and I made one for a baby shower this week. I wanted to link to it so you can see how good your tutorial is. (although I took the picture from the wrong angle). Thanks again. http://alwaysmakingstuff.blogspot.com/2010/08/cupcake-tower.html

  • You have absolutely *no* idea how happy you made me! :) I’m invited to a weding party tomorrow and I was planning for ages to make cupcakes but for the life of me couldn’t think of anything to present them. Thanks so much for the tutorial!
    I’m thrilled.

  • Mia

    OMG –thank you!

  • I just came by to let you know that I used your tutorial to make a USC Gamecocks cupcake tower and it turned out GREAT! http://sweetsbyshonda.blogspot.com/2010/09/usc-gamecocks-cupcake-tower.html Thank you so much for taking the time to share the tutorial with us.

  • Annie

    Looks great, thanks for sharing!

  • Great tutorial!

  • Thank you so much for such a great tutorial. I made it for my friend who is having a birthday party for her daughter this weekend. Please check it out on my blog when you have a chance. Thanks again!


  • Kelly

    Hi there, thanks so much for posting this, i’ve attempting to make one tomorrow, fingers crossed they turn out like your one, hehe. Just a question though, on your sons cupcake tower it looks like you used a larger can between the bottom and middle tier, is that right? Or am i safe to use 2 normal cans?? Keep up the awesome work =)

  • Annie

    Glad it was helpful. That’s why I go with precut cake boards – SO much easier and faster.

  • Annie

    They are all the same size. The tiers should be equal distance apart.

  • Misha

    Thank you so much for this post. I am hosting a baby shower this Sunday and this will make it all look so much nicer (:

  • KooKKy

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, thanks. I plan to use cupcake towers as centerpieces at a baby shower. The choice of ribbon should help it to look festive. Thanks.

  • Misha

    Thank you for the post! I am throwing a baby shower for my best friend this Sunday and I wanted to make it more personalized than just buying a cupcake stand. I used colored/patterned card stock and instead of hiding the seams in the back, I put a bow on them. It’s so, so cute! I will use it again in about a year for my daughter’s 1st birthday (:

    You are now my “go to woman.” Whenever I need to know how to make something or need ideas, I think Annie! You really should start charging people! Thank you again.

  • Laurel Miller

    Hey Annie,
    I love your blog and your cupcake tower. How did you make the support system for the marshmallow pops and strawberry pops you had at your son’s 2nd birthday party. I am throwing a baby shower and will be making pops and am trying to figure out how I want to display them.

  • Annie

    It was a styrofoam block covered with wrapping paper.

  • Thanks for this idea!! I just made a cupcake tower to chowcase some cupcakes in my latest post: http://willowbirdbaking.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/anachronistic-pizzas-pizza-benedict-and-deep-dish-cupfakes

    I so appreciate this tutorial! :)

  • Amanda Lee

    i was wondering how many cupcakes this holds.
    is it pretty sturdy?
    im looking for something to hold cupcakes, but on the top tier to hold a bigtop cupcake, its like the size of a small cake.
    thanks :)

  • Annie

    The sturdiness really depends on your methods and craftsmanship. As to how many cupcakes, that all depends on the size of tiers you use and how closely you pack them.

  • AMY

    I am making a cupcake tower and a cake for a baby shower. At the clients request they would like an 8″ cake on the top. Have you used this method and put a cake on the top tier? Do you think it would be sturdy enought to hold the cake. I was thinking of altering a bit. Using stryofoam rounds instead of cake boards, and on the bottom to have 4 “feet” instead on the 1 center base for sturdiness. Anyone have thoughts about this or a better idea? I would love to hear it.

  • Annie

    I love the idea of the four feet under the base instead of the center pillar. I may use that next time around. I have put a cake on the top tier and it was fine. I think styrofoam boards would be much less sturdy than cake boards, personally, but you can do what you prefer.

    I have a my first wedding to do with a cupcake tower and searched all over for a DIY option this is perfect!! I love the foam for the base and the cans for pilers because they are smaller and leave more room for cupcakes.

  • michelle

    Thank you! This will be such a nice way that I can do this but really personalize it!

  • Brandu

    I love it thank u

  • Ally

    I’m wanting to make these for my wedding and will either need a few REALLY big ones or tons of small/normal sized ones (expecting 250 guests, 2 cupcakes per guest, so 500 cupcakes…) Do you have any advice as far as what would be best/sturdiest for a few big ones (holding about 100+ cupcakes?) or would it be safer to just make like 30 of these holding about 20 each?! Also, where to get the supplies (cardboard for bases or something stronger?)

    Thanks so much for your help, this looks super easy, just kinda worried about sturdi-ness :)

  • Annie

    I’m sorry, this is just my general design. You’ll have to experiment to find what works for your needs. Good luck!

  • If you check http://www.cupcaketree.com you will find one that holds 300. The top tier alone holds up to 20 lbs. Annie has a terrific idea I am going to use myself for my business. Thanks Annie for this idea

  • Dola

    Do you empty out the contents of the soup cans or use them as is?

  • Annie

    Use as is. It would be very shaky without the contents.

  • I made this tonight! It turned out lovely.

    But it’s all fun and games until someone steps on the hot glue gun!

  • Annie

    Oh no! That’s awful. Hope you’re okay!

  • Fawn Shepherd

    THANK YOU!!! I have spent hours looking for a cupcake stand that I like but havent found any :( or at least that dont cost an arm & a leg! Im having my twin daughters a ballerina party and doing a cupcake stand each with a small cake on top so they each have their own mini birthday cake with their names and a candle on it. These look awesome and I can customize it how I want by changing the color of the paper and ribbon.

    Im so excited! I cant wait to run and get supplies to I can start making them!

  • Pam

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I am so excited to go buy the stuff tomorrow to make my daughter’s cake for her baby shower. I needed to buy a 5 tier stand but it was way to expensive. This is really a great idea!!!

  • Nikki Lee

    you inspired me so much with your Seuss birthday party. I am pregnant and decorating the nursery with Dr. Seuss. so I wanted a Dr. Seuss themed shower. Great ideas – you are so beautifully talented.

  • You are an angel for posting this tutorial! I have followed your blog for quite some time and absolutely adore it!

  • Corrina

    Thank you very simple and easy directions for Cup Cake Tower :)

  • Nita B

    I truly thank you for this post. I plan on throwing my grandmother a surprise birthday party and I was pricing tiers. I am a pretty hands-on person myself so when I seen youR post I was floored. Its so easy and simple. I can save money and have a very elegant piece made by me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  • Charlene T.

    Annie! Thank You for answering and showing how to do this. I’m excited I have a wedding cupcake Cake to do this coming Tuesday… I never done one.. Now I know how to make my own stand… Thank you again!!!

  • Regina

    Thank you for sharing! Just what I was looking for. Great instructions!!

  • Jaimie

    Love the instructions you have such a clever way of making it funny! A thought since I never made one but will for the future since I’ve been buying them online (ouch)… Wonder if you can use velcro around the edge to hold ribbon this way you can use it many different times and just pull off the ribbon and add another….thoughts?

  • Annie

    I’m not sure it would look quite as polished that way and would need a lot of velcro, but it is certainly another option.

  • bell

    Annie you rock!!!!

  • diana

    What a brilliant idea! I am going to make this using your method, but am thinking of using round cake bases (since they are wooden beneath all that foil) instead of cardboard for extra support. Hope they’ll turn out ok! :)

  • chinadoll

    Thanks so much used this wonderful idea for my sisters sweet 16 it was great and the soup cans held up to 200cupcakes. thanks annie

  • Such a great tutorial. Just wanted to let you know that I mention this post on my blog. You can find the mention here:



  • Hope85

    Is that a Tyler Mason pen I see? They have great promotional pens!

  • Anonymous

    Haha, yes! I take one every time I visit :)

  • annieseats

    Haha, yes! I take one every time I visit :)

  • dmagzz

    Very nice & very easy

  • joana

    If I want a tower large enough for 150 cupcakes do you suggest I use wood instead of cardstock? I haven’t made one but if I can do one cheaper than online, I’m going to try! i just don’t want it to fall over at my daughter’s party :) Would you have a recommendation for the disc sizes if I did a four tier? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I have only made them as outlined here so you’ll have to play around with the idea and figure out what works for your needs. Good luck!

  • Sarah Suhail

    Were you able to succeed? I need to do the same :P

  • Soph’s Mom

    Thank you SO much for this posting! I was looking for an easy cupcake tower for my daughter’s 1st birthday and I found your site! I was able to make the stand tonight right after reading this as I already had these supplies at home and it turned out great!!! Thanks again for the great tips!

  • Hello, what camera do you use to get these great pictures?

  • Anonymous

    You can find that info on the “About Annie” page. Glad you like them :)

  • the.wickless.wrangler

    I just LOVE this idea, very clever! I would like to feature this idea on my website, but wanted to make sure it was okay with you first. I would like to use the picture of the finished project and of course include a direct link to your blog. It would post on my website on 02/20/12. Thank you in advance!

  • Lisa

    Just made this for a baby shower on Monday. I used brown paper to cover the cake rounds, light blue to cover the soup cans and styrofoam bases, and blue and brown ribbon to cover the edges. I glued the styrofoam to the bottom of the 12 inch round, and a soup can to the bottom of each of the other rounds. I plan to not glue all of the layers together. It will be easier to transport and store for future use. I guess I will see if it stays in place during the shower. Thanks for the great idea. Wish me luck!

  • I did it for my daughter’s 1st Birthday Party. I did not have any cardboard cake circles, so I just used different sized plates and cut them out from boxes. I sued a can of tune for the bottom post. I used some leftover wrapping paper to line the, to match the decor and I used the for mini cupcakes. It was soo cute.

  • Anonymous

    That is fine, thanks for checking first.

  • Aline Berg

    very very good!

  • Debby Todd

    This is awesome! Can not wait to try it.

  • Erindoodlebug

    with planning 2 birthday parties right now….this will come in handy!

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  • Victoria

    thanks for posting this..since renting cupcakes are a bit steep at least this way we’ll be able to keep it for future use.. :))

  • Ahossler77

    So happy I found this on Pinterest! Just made the cupcake tower today for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday and it came out beautifully! If I knew how to post a picture here, I would! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Amy Heckman

  • Latin_starr

    this is too cool! i’m making cupcakes for a wedding later this month and i was going to order one..thank goodness i saw this first! THANKS!

  • JUDY

    I have looked everywhere for this pattern. I want to make two for our vacation bible school. Money is tight, sothese are great! thank you,thank you, thank you and may God bless!!!!

  • Janet Pierce

    This is so perfect, my daughter always wants elaborate birthday parties, tea parties, and sleep-overs, this will definitely make it easier to accomplish her young and aspiring hostessing dreams. I can see layering it with lil tea sandwiches, cookies and mini cupcakes for her next get-to-gether (with her it will probably be sometime this week, even though we just had a massive sleepover Easter weekend.

  • This is a great idea! So simple! Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    I’m making cupcakes for my daughter’s First Communion reception. I’m debating wether or not I should go out & buy the cardboard cake circles or just try to cut them out of boxes like you did. I think it would be really cool if I could make it without spending hardly anything. I love the can of tuna idea for the base! thanks for the tips on how you made it. Makes me think it’s achievable for me. :)

  • annieseats

    You could certainly do either. I mainly use cake circles because I always have them around and I’m not very confident in my ability to cut a smooth circle in cardboard.

  • Anna_9607

    I’m making a mickey mouse cupcake stand with cardboard

  • Kent Brannon

    Love this! About how many cupcakes does this hold? I’m doing fifty (yikes) for my daughter’s birthday. I’m thinking maybe I should make two stands to flank either end of the food table.

  • L. Lopez

    SOUP CANS! Thank you so much for that idea! I have made cupcake stands in the past, and I have used store bought cake columns, which can be expensive. I am getting ready to make a cupcake stand for my son’s first birthday next week, and have been looking for alternatives for the center support! Soup cans! why did I not think of that! Thank you!

  • Ilsisr

    these idea is wonderful, love it

  • Breed

    just made this! I used cardstock with a print on it…soooo cute. Thanks!

  • Shae 1997

    Would this be able to hold a small 6″ cake on the top tier?

  • annieseats


  • Calorden

    Gracias! desde Argentina, está super!

  • marionne

    i totally love it!!!

  • Kurthosey

    Great i made a jubilee version of this. just fantastic

  • Connie

    I was looking for a wedding cupcake and cake stand, but none seemed to work. Do you think I could make this on a bigger scale so it would hold a 10″ two tier cake on top and cupcakes on the lower tiers?

  • annieseats

    This is just a general method which you can adapt for your purposes as you see fit. Good luck!

  • AmRoss

    How many cupcakes can this stand hold? I am having 100 cup cakes and need to make two stands. How many tiers and what sizes would you suggest?

  • annieseats

    This is simply a method for you to adapt for your own needs. I don’t know exactly what size you will need but this will not hold as many as you need. Good luck!

  • luv 2 bake

    this idea is awesome i am going to use this for a birthday i am planing for :}

  • Chatty_kathy_73099

    So the cans need to unopened? The reason I ask is because in picture they look empty and in the next picture they look like they haven’t been opened. I found this on pinterest and am looking forward to starting on this for my son’s 3rd birthday

  • annieseats

    They should be unopened so the weight of the contents can help stabilize the tower.

  • Mariagoette

    You just saved my life with this idea thank you… I have a birthday party tomorrow and I was looking for something just like this thank you thank you :-)

  • Aly Sutton

    Thank You for this! I just made 2 for my sons first bday. We did the “Little Man” theme and so i wanted to do them vintagy. Here they are at alyblair.blogspot.com and i mentioned you and added your link for the tutorial!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • You’re brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  • Cosmokatandilikeitlikethat

    I just made this for our anniversary party. Great idea! thank you! i made mine a four teir so I can place a small cake on top.

  • Sandra

    T H I S IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! <3

  • Blkkg

    PLEASE HELP! I want to make this for my daughter’s bridal shower, but I need to know if it will hold 75 cupcakes?

  • Lindsaymcgregor

    Just made this for my wedding absolutely love it!!!!! Changed it up and did squares instead. Great idea, quick and easy!!! Thanks!

  • annieseats

    This is simple a general method so you can make one to fit your needs. This size will not fit 75 cupcakes.

  • Donna

    Have you posted the instructions for decorating the Sesame Street cupcakes? I want to do them for my grandson’s birthday.

  • annieseats

    Yes, you can find them via the search bar. Enjoy!

  • So my daughter just sprung on me if I could do her this HUGE favour … create a cupcake stand for her son’s 3rd Airplane themed birthday party which is tomorrow (Saturday)! And so I must tell you I will be cutting cardboard to resemble stealth flyers for each tier, cover with silver paper or foil & edge with coordinating ribbon or perhaps card stock since it will have hard/sharp straight edges ( unlike circles). Thanks ever so much for the basics! She’s really going to be sooooo indebted to me! ~winks n’ giggles ~

  • Anastasia

    Love it I didn’t what I was doing this is awesome!!!’

  • Nicole Reynolds

    Adorable! I was about to buy some online! I need 50 cupcakes for my son’s 1st bday and was thinking of making 2. Do you think each one would hold 25 cupcakes? Thanks for being so creative :)

  • Leah

    Awesome! Many thanks for posting this great technique and definitely cost effective method. Much appreciated :)

  • annieseats

    I’m not sure the levels hold 25, but if you count the cupcakes you can add on the table around the base, they would be fine. You’ll have to experiment with the sizes of the circles, etc. to see what works for you. Have fun!

  • eileen

    thanks for the great idea! i used yellow ribbon so i needed the second layer of ribbon but i ran out! so i used some white rick rack to go along the top of the ribbon which looked great!

  • CC Orozco

    Love it! I just did a 4 Tier for my daughters 7th birthday tomorrow, Oct 6, 2012… I put hot pink boa fur and black ribbon to go with zebra lined cupcakes with hot pink swirly frosting.. I am so excited, thank you very simple tutorial.

  • Ayu Setyadi

    I’m an Indonesian who just found this wonderful article! it helped me soooooo much! I owe u a big thank! My sister’s wedding is just around the corner and I promised her that I will make dozens of cupcakes for her, but not have an idea yet where to put all the cupcakes. The price of the cupcake tower is certainly not cheap! But now, I’ve got the answer for what is the best thing to do :D

  • c baquiran

    I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog! Just in time for a little girls birthday party on Saturday. Thanks for taking the time to put this tutorial together, you are awesome!

  • do you leave the soupcan empty of full. wouldnt it be to heavy?

  • annieseats

    You want it to be heavy so that it anchors the tower.

  • so kool! thankyou! doing a shower this weekend cant wait to try this!

  • Do you think i could use regular wrapping paper in place of the cardstock?

  • annieseats

    Sure :)

  • disqus_ZtpA2zL1CE

    Super idea Annie. Planning to do this for a friends son’s birthday party. Just a small question. Is it a one time thing or can be reused for other themed party’s. Only thing I find is changing the ribbon around the border. Just want to know if you have any ideas. Thank you so much for all the work and tutorials you put for us.

  • annieseats

    Sure, you can easily reuse the same base by recovering with other paper/ribbon. I’ve done it a few times myself (though with enough uses, they do start to look a bit beat up.) Have fun!

  • Rhonda

    What size is the ribbon in the pictures?

  • annieseats

    I don’t know the exact size off the top of my head, but it’s the standard wide width available at various craft stores.

  • Kiki B

    I just want to than you for sharing this. I did this (and your Sesame Street cupcakes) for my daughter’s birthday party last year. I loved the way the tower matched all the other decor that I made so I am doing it again this year for her Dora theme. Such a clever and easy to do idea. Thanks so much!

  • WOW!!!! I love it, and it looks so simple. Thank you!!

  • Monica

    I took the idea and ran with it. I bought a cheap slick silver pizza pan (no holes-Walmart) that serves as the platform and can be reused later on as a pizza pan or serving tray. I used different size cans as I went up. the large scale allowed lots of space its 4 tier, but could go 5. then topped the center off with fountain centerpiece. Each tier above is made of cardboard using lids from bowl set.Then covered using pretty contact paper (Target). Sandwiched , then trimmed the edge. Love how I could break it down for easy transport . Wish I could post a pic.

  • a .c e e ♔

    where can i buy the white card borad?

  • annieseats

    Joann’s, Michael’s, etc.

  • Homemaker Mom

    Love love love it!

  • Bebe

    Very Elegant. The ribbon is a great choice. I’m definitely going to make this. I have a family reunion coming up that I’m hosting. I’ll use ribbons to the color of my theme.
    The soup can were a great thought. I have some large cans of tomato paste that expired in my pantry I was just about to throw out I’ll use thosr. I guess you don’t necessarily have to use soup cans. As long as you have a big can. Thank you for sharing this video. Truly appreciate it.