Piña coladas, for me, are the drink that signifies summer more than any other.  I have spent so many wonderful vacations sitting on the beach with one, they mean only good things.  Up until this year I had never made them at home other than using one of the premade frozen cans.  I saw this recipe and knew my days of the canned concoction were over.  It takes very few ingredients to make this fabulous frozen drink and thankfully they are things that I have on hand almost all the time.  Perfect, since I have no time for a real vacation this summer.  Instead I just sit outside in the evening with one of these, close my eyes, and imagine really hard that I’m somewhere else.  Okay, it doesn’t quite work, but at least the drink is darn good.

This is what summer nights should be.



6 oz. light rum
½ cup coconut cream
2 tbsp. milk
1 cup fresh chopped pineapple
1½ cups frozen chopped pineapple
2 cups crushed ice


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    Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree on high speed until smooth and well combined.   Pour into tall glasses and garnish as desired with fresh pineapple.


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  • Lisa

    I am definitely going to have to try this. It looks absolutely delish!

  • Thanks for the shout out :)

    Love your site and your photos are adorable!

  • THx for sharing!! My favourite drink! Finally can make my own~^^

  • What a festive little glass, and I love the all-natural recipe. Sometimes drinks like that are “too easily made” with overly sugary mix-ins. This sounds wonderful, though. I love that you took a shot outdoors with the grass as a background, too. Great job, Annie!

  • Lydia

    I love the top pic! I was already impressed by your photos, and now you’ve got all your conference tips!

  • Joe

    Very similar to the way I make them. Looks good.

    Coconut cream can go bad, even unopened in the can. I wouldn’t recommend stocking up on it to have “handy.” I did that once, and to much disappointment I found them overly viscous and kind of “off” tasting. Not fun to learn when entertaining. :)

  • Annie

    This was actually taken before the conference, but thanks!

  • Annie

    Joe, I bought it in a squeeze bottle that is airtight. The bottle says it doesn’t expire anytime soon, and so far it has been fine. I go through it fast enough that I don’t think it will be an issue.

  • Andrea R.

    I do not have most of those ingredients on hand, but I will when I get to the store next. :) I love Pina Coladas! I do have the most important ingredient on hand though. The rum! Thanks!

  • I haven’t had a pina colada in decades. Sounds and looks good!

  • Val

    I have never been as thristy as I’am right now. Looks Fab.

  • Claudia

    This looks so yummy! Too bad I am pregnant :( I’m sure I could make it without the rum.

  • mel

    Is there anything you can substitue for the rum? I love pina coladas, but am 20 weeks pregnant :) Let me know if you have any suggestions!

  • Annie

    Just leave it out.

  • It looks great, and it would be a great change from my citrus-simple sugar-various types of alcohol rut, but the problem is that those are a bunch of ingredients that I pretty much never have on hand. Not that that ever stops me from making what I want…

  • Mmm, I love pina coladas! Looks like a great recipe!

  • Lydia

    haha…I wondered if that might be the case…wasn’t sure what your average delay was on blogging

  • Amy

    Is it important to use fresh pineapple for this recipe? Could you use canned or just all frozen?

  • Annie

    Of course you can use any kind you like. But, to me it is important because fresh is just SO much better. I never eat the canned stuff.

  • maryn

    Is there anything non-alcoholic that I can substitute for the rum?

  • Going to make this for the hubby tonight!

  • Annie

    As I mentioned in the comments above, you can just omit it.

  • Thanks for sharing your recipe! Pina coladas definitely sound like a fantastic summer treat.

  • Mmmmm….my favorite summertime treat. :)

  • Anne Marie

    I’m making this tonight for a bunch of girlfriends from work. I cannot wait! I never would have guessed it would be so few ingredients. Thanks to your blog, Annie, I am moving farther and farther away from pre-made, store-bought anything. I am learning to make things from scratch that I would never have thought of, and my family and friends are all much better off because of it. Thank you, Annie!

  • Couldn’t agree more. Pina coladas = vacay in my mind – and I’ve never even made them at home. I may have to sometime, just so I can pretend…

  • Jess

    Oh my gosh, I just tried this recipe tonight. I will never make another recipe for pina coladas again. It’s this recipe forever! :) Seriously, the fresh ingredients make all the difference. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Emily

    Can’t wait to make this for my hubby! Can you clarify whether you used coconut cream or cream of coconut? I have both on hand and my understanding of the difference is that cream of coconut is sweetened coconut cream. You mentioned in an earlier comment that yours was in a squeeze bottle, which makes me think cream of coconut (Coco Lopez) from the drink aisle. I got the coconut cream from the Asian grocery. Thanks!

  • Annie

    Cream of coconut. I’ve never heard of a difference.

  • Wow, I wish I hadn’t waited until labor day to make these! They are amazingly good. I used cream of coconut (which I’ve never had before, I may or may not have eaten the rest of the can with a spoon) and coconut rum. I’m going to make these in January when I’m wishing I were sitting by a beach instead of the fire place.

  • Janet

    Annie, these look fabulous. My husband and I were on a little pina colada kick last weekend and went through a pitcher of them pretty quickly. :)I need to go pick up another bottle of cream of coconut soon!

  • Jamie M

    Help! I can’t find the cream of coconut. Those of you who have had success finding it, where was it in the grocery store??

  • Rebecca

    This may sound crazy but after a vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, try adding a banana to the pina colada while in the blender. A whole banana. Its soooo good.

  • Michelle

    Made this with just coconut milk instead of coconut cream or regular milk. It was delicious!

  • MrsEnright

    It should be in the alcohol section, with the mixers like margarita mix and grenadine. It’s very different than coconut milk, which is probably in the Asian ingredients section; cream of coconut is thicker and sweetened.

  • Emily R

    My husband and I have made these twice already (and it’s not even summer!). So positively delicious. We use coconut-flavored rum in ours and a little less of the cream of coconut to even out the flavor – summer in a glass, for sure!