Celebrating National Ice Cream Month with a new flavor each week is one of the best chores I have ever created for myself.  I mean, does it even count as a chore if I enjoy it this much?  I asked Ben for input on the flavor for the week and it took him about 0.02 seconds to declare peanut butter as the winner.  I said sure, but let’s mix in some Reese’s cups and if I remember correctly, he kissed me right then and there :)  This recipe is great because if you are like us and consider peanut butter a pantry staple, chances are you have everything you need to make it on hand.  The only thing we needed to buy were the Reese’s cups.  (We don’t keep those around the house because let’s just say someone who shall remain nameless can’t stop popping them in her mouth.)  It seems a fact of nature that chocolate and peanut butter are a perfect pair, and this ice cream was certainly evidence of that.  I think the peanut butter base would also be fantastic with a fudge ripple – I may try that next time!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for copies of The Perfect Scoop last week!  I had such fun reading everyone’s favorite flavors of ice cream, and it gave me lots of inspiration for new varieties to try.
Without further ado, here are our winners:
#191 – Lucy said, “I’m all for trying other flavors but I still go back to chocolate chip, my all time favorite! Love your blog!!!
#409 – Lydia said, “I studied abroad in Italy in the summer of 2004 and I absolutely know I can attribute the majority of my weight gain to Gelato!! I for some reason REALLY loved the vanilla.. I don’t know what it was about it but it was just beyond amazing! (of course I cant even remember its Italian name).”
#175 – Shannon said, “My favorite flavor is actually a creation I make a Coldstone. I take the banana ice cream and mix it up with oreos, cookie dough and chocolate fudge. Tastes like a frozen banana! I LOVE IT.”
#567 – Erin said, “Mackinac Island Fudge!”


  • ¾ cup creamy peanut butter
  • ¾ cup plus 2 tbsp. sugar
  • 2 2/3 cups half-and-half
  • Pinch of coarse salt
  • Dash of vanilla extract
  • 1 heaping cup mini Reese’s cups, wrappers removed, frozen and chopped (optional)


  • 01

    Combine all of the ingredients (minus the candy) in a blender or food processor; and puree until completely smooth.  Chill the mixture thoroughly in the refrigerator.  When the mixture is chilled through, freeze in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  To mix in the Reese’s, transfer the ice cream to a storage container and gently fold in the peanut butter cup pieces until evenly distributed.


  • OMG I was just looking at this recipe last night and thinking how it would probably be good served with a scoop of banana sorbet and drizzled with some chocolate sauce. Too much?

  • Yum! I just got an ice cream maker this summer and I’m planning to try this one.

  • Oh the magic of peanut butter…! We adore just about anything with peanut butter and adding those peanut butter cups just puts us over the edge…looks sooo yummy and creamy and peanut buttery!

  • I don’t think I’ve ever tasted peanut butter ice cream! One more recipe I must try before summer is gone! Love the Reese’s on top!

  • My stepson would go nuts for this! I’ve got to give it a try–looks delicious.

  • We used to stir peanut butter into regular ice cream as a kid. I’m thinking this would be even better. Of course, anything with Reese’s in it has to be good. Noticed there is no heavy cream–interesting. Must try.

  • Maggie

    I got the ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer 3 Christmases ago. I used it once because all the recipes I had were custard-based, and they are just too time consuming! This recipe looks so easy, we may have to try it this weekend!

  • Natasha

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups probably rank in the Top 100 Reasons I’m Excited to Move to the US this fall! I make them myself here in Switzerland but it’s a bit time-consuming!

    And I’m definitely getting an ice-cream maker when we get there — and will try this first!! :)

  • it must be so yummy :)

    have a nice day,

  • Wow, I knew it was only a matter of time before the peanut butter would surface. The ice cream looks heavenly and sounds even more delicious, especially with the pb cups added to it. I will definitely be making this for my next get together. Thanks!

  • Man, oh man…never have I wanted an ice cream maker more than now. This looks incredible!

    Also, on an unrelated note, I made your pita pocket recipe last night after I decided at the last minute to make hummus for dinner. They turned out fantastic, and my husband and I LOVED them. I’ll definitely be making them again. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful (and simple) recipes!

  • Ahh if you’re going to do this all month, I’m going to have to go and get me an ice-cream maker!!

  • This looks great! I was wondering if you’ve had good results substituting nonfat milk for the half & half….

  • Wow, this looks delicious! Come to think of it, I don’t know if I’ve ever tasted peanut butter ice cream either, but it’s a combination of two of my favorite foods, so no time like the present to seek out a scoop! If I had an ice cream maker, I’d be making this in a heartbeat, though.

  • I was just thinking about having a banana split party. What a fun flavor to throw into the mix! I am certain that kids and adults alike will go gaga for this. Thanks for sharing, and although I did not win the giveaway, thanks again for having it!

  • Annie

    Domestic Nerd,
    No, definitely not a good idea to use skim milk (or 1%/2%). Since it is basically water, you end up with a very icy ice cream. The texture is much better when using full fat things like whole milk, half and half or heavy cream (my favorite). I say if you’re going to eat ice cream, eat ice cream. If you want low fat, do sorbet.

  • Kristen

    Annie, what type of ice cream maker do you use?

  • Annie

    The KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment.

  • Oh my, I will be making this for my next ice cream…as a friend just so happened to give me an ice cream maker! No more stirring every 15 minutes!

    Delicious photos as well!

  • My heaven right here.

  • That looks amazing! You should submit the recipe to Recipe4Living! Each day this month, we’re giving away a t-shirt to our favorite new recipe!

  • Boo, I didn’t win. That settles it, I must now buy The Perfect Scoop when I return it to the library at the end of the month. That’s like the third time I see Peanut Butter ice cream in the last couple of weeks. Yours looks so good with Reeses. mmmmmmm

  • Oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVE peanut butter cups…and ice cream, of course. If only I had an ice cream maker and an ounce of self-control! :)

  • More ice cream recipes please!!!

  • Sounds AMAZING!!!

  • Diana

    Hi Annie,
    I´´ have been reading your blog for some time now but this is the day for a reply. I love your blog, especially the fact that your are as ice cream obsessed as I am. Not to mention that you are are resident physician as well and have a little child (which is just not the ordinary background for most food-bloggers). Your are my inspiration at least once a week for dinner or dessert!
    “The Perfect Scoop” is also my bible for this summer and since I have a new ice cream maker I am thrilled to make every single recipe. I have already tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream and my family as well as our neighbours.
    Due to the heatwave in Germany right now (40 degrees Celsius today!) I have already prepared Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt and Lavender Honey Ice Cream for tomorrow. Summer was never better!
    Have you tried some of David Lebovitz´´´ s Ice-Cream-Recipies from “Ready for Dessert”? The Chocolate Gelato is to die for!

    Thanks and congratulations on such a wonderful blog,

  • Mary Beth

    Hi Annie- this looks divine! Wondering if you use natural peanut butter (like Smucker’s) or something more like Jif or Peter Pan Peanut Butter?

  • Katie

    I made this recipe for my family last night. Yum! I think when (not if) I make it again, I will use about 1/2 cup of peanut butter. It was just a little too rich tasting for my palate. The overpowering taste of peanut butter took away from the yummy peanut butter cups.

    All in all, a recipe I will certainly try again! Delish!

  • Annie

    Mary Beth,
    I pretty much always use Jif. Especially in baking, I think the non-natural kind behaves best. In ice cream, it may not matter quite as much but Jif is just what I buy so that’s what I use.

  • Ann Grismore

    I made this tonight using Darigold Fat Free Half & Half and Skippy All Natural Peanut Butter. I used those just because it’s what I had on hand and I think it turned out pretty well. After reading the ingredient list for the half & half (corn syrup – boo) I would make this again and use regular, natural, whole ingredients and moderate it with portion control. It is a splurge, after all. :)

  • Ann Grismore

    Thank you for another wonderful recipe! I made this recipe this afternoon and it’s fantastic! The rich peanut butter flavor is incredible and the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups just take it to another level. I’ll be making the Oreo Cookie & Cake Batter Ice Creams in the next couple of weeks with my neices and nephews. Thanks for publishing such a great food blog!

  • You won me over w/ that photo before I even read the recipe!

  • Wild! You could make PB and J by topping it with warmed jelly.

  • oh my goodness, doesn’t get any better than this!!

  • It looks so scrumptious :)
    On a sidenote, your pictures are amazing and your commentary always makes me smile. Awesome blog! Keep up the good work :)

  • Claudia

    Okay, enough already! I caved and ordered an ice cream maker yesterday and am hoping it arrives by the end of the week. I absolutely adore your blog, but can’t take the ice cream posts without being able to make any myself.

  • Mmmm, this sounds SO good. When I was a kid, I was crazy for the peanut butter sundae at Friendly’s. Good thing I happen to have pounds of left over peanut butter cups sitting in my pantry:)

  • Sue

    Yeah, I made this and it’s super. Makes me wonder how I don’t own the perfect scoop yet! Just got it from library to seal the deal that I have to buy it.

  • Lisa Bayorek

    this was fantastic! Thank you! :)

  • Kim

    We made this yesterday – soooo wonderful and easy!! We made it in our Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and it was the perfect amount. Everyone loved it! We did add a few extra Reese’s pb cups :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Patti

    I have all the ingredients on hand to make this! Woot! (just bought half and half todaythinking I would make some iced coffee but ice cream seems like a better idea!) As I was reading I was thinking fudge swirled in would be fantastic, then got to the bottom of your post and lo and behold there was your suggestion! So my question..can you suggest a fudge ripple to add and tell how to add it? I’ve always made plain, fruited, or candy laden ice creams so I’m not sure how to add the ‘ripple’. Thanks for all of your amazing ice cream recipes!

  • Annie, thanks for sharing a great recipe. My husband and I have been on a big ice cream making kick lately, so your recipes are just egging us on! We made this yesterday for my brother-in-laws birthday. It was perfect with the chocolate cake his wife made. We did double the recipe for the crowd and so we could have some to take back home.
    Another idea I thought of was to put in broken oreo pieces instead of or with some of the peanut butter cups. Before I transferred the soft ice cream from the canister to containers to harden and before I mixed in the pb cups I had a large spoon of the plain pb ice cream with an oreo. It was perfect. Anyway, just an idea. Thanks again for the great recipe. We’ll definitely be making this again this summer.

  • Annie

    Look up the tin roof ice cream on the blog and use that. It has a recipe and instructions for the ripple.

  • Lydia MacDonald

    I made this last night and it was delicious! You inspired me enough that I finally broke down and bought The Perfect Scoop. I had been toying the idea for ages. I still can’t get over how beautiful your photography is!

  • Sara

    I am just loving following your blog. We have made so many of your recipes already. We just made this today for a party. I think next time we will decrease the peanut butter as it was a little too much for us. However I do agree a little chocolate ripple would do wonders. We will be trying it again!!

  • Kellan

    My husband says this is the best ice cream he has ever had! Thanks for showing me how to do it! Your blog is fantastic!

  • Sara

    Mary Beth,
    We made this ice cream with the kroger brand all natural peanut butter. My husband is a stickler for “all natural” stuff. The ice cream was a huge success at the party we brought it to.

  • Jaime

    Annie, I made this icecream tonight because I just couldnt resist. I followed everything you said and then once the mixture was chilled I just poured it into my icecream maker but for some reason it didnt look like it was getting thicker, is that normal. It mixed for 25 minutes then I put it in the freezer and it seemed very watery. Im patiently waiting to see if it freezes but did I do something wrong?

    btw…I am addicted to your site, you have given me inspiration to want to cook again. I felt like I was always cooking the same thing over and over again but your site is refreshing and fun and you have so many great ideas, I love them!! Thank you!

  • Annie

    Your ice cream maker bowl needs to be frozen for a long, long time before you use it. At least 48 hours, despite what directions may say. Also, the batter needs to be chilled a long time. If you tried to freeze it the same night you mixed it, that’s probably your issue. I always make the batter one day and freeze it the next.

  • Jaime

    Hi Annie,

    Oh ok I probably didn’t chill it long enough I only chilled it for maybe an hour. =o/ My ice cream maker was definitely frozen at least 48hrs. I didn’t have to add anything else right? Just the ingredients you posted and then mixed it in the mixer as instructed on the mixer, right? Geez I feel so dumb.
    Thanks again. Jaime

  • Annie

    Yes, just the recipe as written.

  • Heather

    Yum. I made the ripple but it is still sitting in the fridge because after I took a taste of it plain, it was so heavenly that I was afraid to destroy a good thing. I guess I’ll have to make another batch so I can use up the ripple. Who knows, maybe it will get even better, if it does, I’ll be in trouble. Thanks for sharing!

  • brittany

    okay i dont have an icecream machine thing to freeze the icecream after it chills so can i just put it in a container and stick it in the freezer? kind of like icecream in tubs at the store?

  • Annie

    Yeah, you shouldn’t freeze it in the actual ice cream maker anyway or it would freeze way too hard. I store mine in a tupperware-type container.

  • Kristin

    Just wow… Made this to go along with cocoa brownies and it was absolutely amazing. I obviously omitted the Reese’s cups since I was serving it with a chocolate dessert, but man oh man was this a phenomenal combination.

  • Lindy

    How did the brownies turn out? Were they fudgy? If so, may I have the recipe?

  • Mindy

    Looks mouth-watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Reese’s, and I’m sure peanut butter ice cream (yum) with Reese’s (yum) would be delicous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But what is half and half? Do you know a replacement for it?

  • Annie

    Please see the FAQ page.

  • calondra

    ohh this looks so goooood

  • Lauren Pulley

    This was too wonderful! I shared with my neighbor and we ate it all! Thanks!

  • Shari

    I am not a fan a peanut butter, but I do love Reese’s (weird I know). This ice cream was so good and I am shocked it was over peanut buttery lol and so simple to make. Sometimes I would rather not make a custard based ice cream.