Who ever thought I would go to the trouble to make hamburger buns at home?  And then, who would have thought that after having found a recipe I really did like, I would continue to search for a truly perfect bun?  Not I, though Ben is probably less surprised.  But here I am, and the search is over.  Thanks to Deb at Smitten Kitchen for doing all the real work of the search, all I really had to do was enjoy the spoils.  Ben teased me for making burger buns the first time around, but I think now he understands why it is worthwhile.  These buns are truly fabulous.  It’s not easy to describe just what it is that makes them the perfect burger bun – the sturdy but light texture, the subtle sweetness, the golden crust for starters.

These really weren’t any more difficult to make than any other yeast bread or sandwich bun I’ve made before.  The only road bump was that after the second rise, I checked the shaped rolls to find that they had spread and expanded so much that they had filled the whole baking pan.  I was so frustrated and was ready to throw in the towel, but in an effort to save them, I just reshaped the rolls, topped them and popped them in the oven.  It worked out perfectly and they were delicious.  So either keep a very close eye on them during the second rise or just reshape them.  Either way, it will be fine and they will be great!

If you are looking for some ideas of what to put on these buns, here are some of our favorite burgers:
Salmon Burgers
The Perfect Hamburger
Chicken Parmesan Burgers
Stuffed Italian Burgers

Stay tuned for another great burger to put between these buns tomorrow!


3 tbsp. warm milk
1 cup warm water
2 tsp. instant yeast
2½ tbsp. sugar
1½ tsp. salt
1 large egg
3 cups bread flour
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
2½ tbsp. unsalted butter, softened

For topping:
1 large egg beaten with 1 tbsp. water, for egg wash
Sesame seeds


  • 01

    In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the milk, water, yeast, sugar, salt and egg.  Mix briefly to combine.  Add the flours to the bowl, and mix until incorporated.  Mix in the butter.  Switch to the dough hook and knead on low speed for about 6-8 minutes.  The dough will be somewhat tacky, but you want to avoid adding too much extra flour which will create tough buns.

  • 02

    Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place until doubled in bulk, 1-2 hours.

  • 03

    Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.  Using a dough scraper, divide the dough into 8 equal parts.  Gently roll each portion of dough into a ball and place on the baking sheet, 2-3 inches apart.  Cover loosely with lightly oiled plastic wrap and let rise again, 1-2 hours, until puffed up and nearly doubled.

  • 04

    Set a large metal pan of water on the lowest rack of the oven.  Preheat the oven to 400˚ F with a rack in the center.  Brush the tops of the buns lightly with the egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Bake the buns about 15 minutes rotating halfway through baking, until the tops are golden brown.  Transfer to a rack to cool completely.


  • great looking buns. ;-)

  • Wow – I never even thought to make my own – I will have to try this! I love making bread!

  • betchacanteatjustone

    These buns have been on my “to make” list of a good long time now and I keep being reminded of the great recipe!
    Yours looks perfect!

  • crabapple0222

    i’ve made these many times and absolutely love them! they are so good with BBQ pulled pork also. sturdy enough to withstand the sauce.

    you are right though, they do like to spread during the 2nd rise.

  • gingela5

    My husband’s favorite food on earth is cheeseburgers. I only see this enhancing his love for them. Thanks!

  • That’s funny that you posted this recipe this morning. I was about to make them on Saturday and and thought you had posted a hamburger bun recipe ages ago but when I went to look for it I couldn’t find it. We had store bought instead. I’ll definately have to try these soon. Thanks for posting!

  • Wow! Those do look just perfect! I will have to try these during grilling season! :)

  • Wow….you are brave!! I think I’d be too afraid to attempt hamburger buns but these look so yummy I just might step out of my comfort zone!!

  • I’ve made these buns before for the fourth of July, in fact. They really are good. So good that my friends forgot about the innards of the burger and focused on the bread. Lovely photo!

  • That picture of the bun sliced in half looks amazing :) Great work, Annie! I’m not sure if I am that ambitious…. but maybe I’ll have to give it a try. Ohhh and I just clicked on your link to the chicken + parmesan burgers…. YUMMY!

  • Yum I love hamburger buns! But I always want burgers and am too lazy to make my own buns. Ill have to try these out one weekend

  • These look so plush and pillow-y. Yum

  • I’ve really been getting into bread baking here lately and have been wanting to try making my own sandwich buns. Thanks for this recipe!

  • Diane

    Is a stand mixer necessary for this, or can you do the mixing with a hand mixer, and the kneading with hands? I’d like to give bread-making a shot and keep getting dissuaded by all the stand mixer talk!

  • Rachelle

    So, I think in the recipe there should be some water. I made the recipe as it is written, and the dough never came together. Is there a liquid missing?

  • I agree! I made these a couple of weeks ago and they were great! I’m not even a bread maker and they were easy and delicious.

  • Annie

    Yes, any bread recipe can be made by hand – I just prefer the stand mixer because it is easier and I get better results. You can check Smitten Kitchen’s version (link at the bottom of my post) for instructions by hand.

  • Annie

    Yes, I’m so sorry. Actually, the exact same thing happened to me because Deb only has the water listed in the text of the recipe but not the ingredient list. I missed it when I retyped it. I have corrected it now.

  • I will get to these in a while!

  • I made these a few weeks ago for a big burger night and WOW. They truly elevated burger night into a spectacular feast.

  • Ellen

    A muffin top pan makes a great hamburger bun pan! I am going to try your recipe using the pan. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Those are spectacular! I never thought I’d say that about hamburger buns!

  • arugulove

    I have been getting lots of ground meat from my meat CSA, so I need some appropriately delicious buns to pair with the amazing burgers I have been making. These look great!

  • I have been wanting to make my own burger buns for some time now, but have always been somewhat nervous about it! Now that I’ve recently started making bread at home, I think I’m ready for this next step. Brioche buns–sounds amazing!

  • These look just perfect. I annot imagine a better roll!. The baking of these scares me a little, but I have copied the recipe to give them a go :)

  • I seriously must make these..now!

  • Lacey

    I just made a batch and they turned out pretty good. I think I added a bit too much flour and they came out a little tough (like you said). I’m not really sure how it happened though, cause I only added 2 more tablespoons to the dough. I’ll definitely have to try again and when I do I need to learn your trick Annie on how you made your looks so cute and perfectly round.

  • These look fabulous! I think I’ll have to try making them!

  • penandra

    I’m wondering if these would work using James Beard’s technique of par-baking so that I can have some in the freezer ready to just pop in the oven for 10 minutes when I need them . . . Guess the only way to find out is to try it, right? ;-)

  • Doris

    These work for sure! I’ve made them since I found them on SmittenKitchen’s blog. But I followed the New York Times recipe the second time (not adding ANY flour at all when you’re kneading) so that they come out fluffy! That worked so well.

    To Diane: I have the very powerful Cuisinart 1,000 Watt stand mixer, but I knead every bread I make by hand. I always wanted to get into bread making by hand…I guess I like slapping that dough around, it’s very distressing. You can take any recipe at all and just do it by hand.

    Annie, this is really one of the best blogs around. I love reading your posts!

  • Doris

    meant to say “de-stressing” not distressing.

  • I loved these and my family did too. I made them because I didn’t want to go to the store for ONE thing. I’ll definitely make them again. THANKS!

  • Emily

    I just made these, WOW! So good. However, every time I make a yeast bread recipe from here, mine are always REALLY wet. I don’t know if its that I used all-purpose flour, that our place is on the cold side… frustrating to say the least, but never the less, amazing buns :)

  • Emily

    Ignore that, I made a second batch, with bread flour, PERFECT!

  • I just made these — they look beautiful and they taste wonderful. I can’t believe I made them and they were quite easy! This is a great recipe — thanks for testing and sharing!

  • Annie

    I really want to try this recipe – but I have one quick question! Do you know at all how well these keep and/or freeze? Its only my husband and I, as our daughter eats her burger without the bun. I wouldn’t want to go through the time and effort of making them only to make half a batch, but I don’t want to eat burgers for four straight meals either!

  • Annie

    I find that just about all bread/rolls freeze well and taste pretty much the same after being thawed as they do when made fresh. In fact, we just used some of these burger buns (thawed) tonight!

  • Mary

    Made these buns yesterday. They were really easy and wonderful. I also just finished ready about Andrew’s birthday party and decided I wished you were my mother!

  • Katie

    This may be a stupid question, but freezing always confuses me. If you were to freeze these to save them, what would you do to make them unfrozen? leave them out on the counter during the day? Or do you suggest popping them into the microwave?

  • Annie

    I thaw mine in the microwave on low power for a few minutes, and then toast them on the grill. Or, I leave them in the fridge to thaw during the day. The counter works too. Really it’s up to you.

  • Emilee

    I just made these and, as promised by you and several of these comments, they were incredible! My husband and I both agree that we cannot go back to store-bought buns now! I did attempt to make them with freshly ground whole wheat flour (in place of the bread flour) and they turned out amazing. If there wasn’t a good excuse to have burgers several nights in a row….there is now! Thanks Annie. I LOVE your blog!

  • Christina

    Just made these today….terrific! The were so light I didn’t feel like I had eaten a ton of bread. Great BBQ sandwich!
    I froze the extras and will probably make another batch so I can have more in the freezer for “emergencies!”

  • Chelsea

    Any chance you have a perfect whole wheat burger bun? LOL I’m rather inexperienced with breads, but I am pretty sure that you shouldn’t substitute whole wheat flour for bread flour as it will affect the rise and consistency of the bread. Am I wrong?

  • Annie

    Not yet, but I’ll keep my eye out for one. You’re right, you definitely won’t have the same results by substituting whole wheat flour.

  • Courtney P.

    Hi Annie! When you make a double batch do you simple just double all the ingredients??? Thanks! Can’t wait to make these!

  • Annie

    Yep, that’s it.

  • Joelle

    Thank you, Annie!!! I have been so intimidated to venture into bread but today I finally did it and all because of you. These buns are wonderful and they came out perfect!! Next…..pita bread.

  • Kristin

    My husband and I ate these buns last night as I made southwest burgers for dinner. Absolutely amazing! I really don’t think either of us could go back to store-bought burger buns – just perfect.

  • Sarah

    Looks like I’m a bit late on the game on this one – but can I make this recipe using the dough setting on my bread machine?

  • Annie

    Sorry, I’ve never used a bread machine so I’m unfamiliar.

  • Val

    I agree with one of the comments above….”can’t go back to store bought burger buns after making these. I’ve made them numerous times already, they are so light and tasty!

  • Vanessa

    Ok so i’m a little confused as to when to freeze the bread. Should I bake its and then freeze or do i freeze the unbaked dough?

  • Annie

    Freeze after baking.

  • Would this recipe (texture, consistency of the bread) work well for a hoagie roll? Can I just shape them into hoagies instead of buns? Thanks!

  • Annie

    I suppose you would just have to try it and see if it is the right texture to you.

  • Lauren

    Never buying hamburger buns again!! Whenever I make these, I make double and freeze half of them for future use.

  • Jessica

    Annie, have you ever made these using only all-purpose flour? Do you think they would turn out the same, or close to? Thanks, I love your site and use recipes from here all the time!

  • Annie

    Nope, I always use bread flour when it is called for. (See FAQs under “specific ingredients”).

  • Amy

    This recipe is a great find…I am an American living in Europe and have not been able to find decent rolls for hamburgers. I tried the recipe earlier this week and found that on the second rise my buns spread more than they rose. I now realize that my mistake may have been using active dry yeast following the above instructions versus activating it properly or using an instant yeast as specified. I’m new to the art of baking yeast breads. Can you explain (or refer me to a resource) why you might use instant versus dry active yeast and if they are interchangeable. Thank you!!

  • Annie

    Please check my FAQ page or try Google.

  • Can these be made into slider buns? I’ve never had a slider so I don’t know what makes the slider bun special other than it’s size. I want to make your ham and cheese sliders but I’d like a homemade bun.

  • Annie

    I think slider buns come in all sorts of flavors and what makes them “slider” is simply the size, so yes, any bun could be made smaller to fit that qualification.

  • I made these to go with my Sloppy Joes. They are a perfect bun, soft and rich and full of flavor.

  • Kate S.

    These are a delight! This is the fifth hamburger bun recipe I’ve tried in the past two months, in an effort to find the perfect hamburger bun. It turns out, these are quite aptly named. They are perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

    I am actually mid-renovation and therefore, without an oven. I quickly proved (twice) that the so-so bun recipe we had been using could not be duplicated with satisfactory results in a toaster oven and I’ve been searching for a replacement recipe ever since. After trying four other recipes, I’m genuinely shocked and thrilled these came out so perfectly.

    In case any of your other readers might be in my boat, to make these in a toaster oven: Follow the directions exactly, even including the pan of water. I used a small, shallow oval oven-safe dish nestled between (without touching!) the lower heating coils. To prevent early browning, I laid a sheet of parchment paper over the buns until they were just starting to color (about three minutes from being finished), then removed it, applied the eggwash and sesame seeds and allowed the buns to fully brown. In my particular oven, I did need to reduce the cooking time just a tad, so watch your oven if you try it.

    Thanks again, Annie. I just found your blog this week, but I’m a HUGE fan now!

  • s

    love these buns – can the dough be frozen or stopped so I could prep at night but cook them in the morning??

  • Annie

    I don’t know. I just bake them through completely, freeze, and then thaw and reheat when I need them.

  • Cate

    I just baked these today and had a turkey burger on it while it was still warm. I will never go back to buying hamburger buns in the store again. They’re so simple to make – Even for a large crowd!

  • Alison

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I’m new to reading your blog and have been such a fan of your recipes and reading through your years of posts/recipes. This is my first comment on your blog and I picked the burger buns because they are perfect! I fully intended to freeze half the batch after dinner only to discover that my husband ate several of the buns as “dessert”. I’ll definitely be stocking up my freezer with these for the hot summer months headed my way. Thanks again for this ah-may-zing burger bun recipe. :)

  • Annie

    Haha, I have trouble with Ben eating the buns straight as well. Glad you enjoyed them!

  • These are excellent buns! I’ve made two batches. The first were good, but I made a few small mistakes. Having learned from them, the second batch was phenomenal! I intend to make a few batches to freeze. I’ll do so after the first rise and after dividing them, so I can pull out individual balls to thaw, rise, and bake as-needed. Thanks!

  • alison

    I made these buns today! They were fabulous. I will never buy store bought buns again. I’m going to freeze 4 of them to see if I can tell a difference between the fresh and frozen. I also made your cranberry pecan chicken salad to go along with the buns. Thanks Annie!

  • Tish

    I make these now all the time using my bread machine for the dough:)…I just put in all the wet ingredients first with the flour then yeast last…I follow your lead and always have them in the freezer, they’re perfect for our family of 3 as I just pull out what I need and thaw. I also make some smaller for my 3 year-old so there is no waste:)!

  • gail

    I have read Annie’s glowing recommendations regarding homemade buns. “Better than store bought” Annie says. I squealed with delight as I took my hamburger buns (well, tonight they are pulled bbq chicken buns). I can’t believe I waited this long to make these!

  • Amanda

    So I tried these tonight and they were looking great after the 1st rise…during the 2nd they seemed to go out and not as much up…and then the height they did have deflated after I started putting the egg wash on them. Any ideas?? They were in a very warm place to rise. They taste great, but look like those new thin buns instead of fluffy hamburger buns!

  • Annie

    Something similar happened to me the first time I made them. I think they rose too long on the second rise and really spread out. I quickly reformed them, brushed on the egg wash and baked them as directed. They turned out just fine even though I was sure I had lost them. I would suggest a less warm place or maybe less rising time next time and see if that helps.

  • Cherie

    I would like to make a GIANT burger bun. Would this fit on a sheet pan if combined? Or maybe a pizza tray? A few years ago I found a restaurant that shipped all the GIANT burger ingredients, now I cannot find it anywhere online. Thanks

  • Annie

    I really don’t know, I’ve never tried that. The only way to know is to try it and see!

  • I always substitute freshly ground whole wheat flour and I have great results on this recipe. (I haven’t made it with white bread flour so I don’t know what to compare it to, but I’m very happy with the results of my buns.) Bread flour and freshly ground whole wheat flour have similar properties (extra protein!).

  • Danielle

    These are the best buns! I stopped buying them from the store too! My husband loves to toast them a bit on the grill and then add all our toppings. SOO good, thanks so much!

  • Becki Sue

    Made these tonight along with your Perfect Hamburger recipe (subbing venison for beef). What a perfect burger!! My husband is over the moon. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to buy store-bought buns again. Thanks for doing the research and find the perfect bun recipe. So easy and delicious.

  • Alley

    I made these yesterday for manwiches and I too was heartbroken and frustrated after the second rise! Mine too spread and covered the entire baking sheet! I should have reshaped them but just baked them as is, and they came out flat but delicious! We used the leftovers to make sandwiches for lunch today, still delicious!

    Once I tried to make Italian Bread Bowls and they too spread and covered my baking pan. Sometimes my breads come out perfectly and sometimes they seem to rise out instead of up. Does anyone know why this happens or what I can do about it?

  • Dalia

    Hi Annie, can you explain why it is necessary to set a large metal pan of water on the lowest rack of the oven?

  • Annie

    To create steam.

  • Stephanie Coleman

    I made these tonight and they were great! I was afraid that they would be too tough because the dough felt dense… but they baked up perfectly! Decided that I won’t be buying hamburger buns again!

  • Allison

    I made the buns last night. My dough was thick and hard, but not soft. What can I do to make the texture inside soft?

  • Annie

    It’s difficult to say what your issue is. Could be too much flour, overkneading, or inactive yeast with a stunted rise.

  • Rashmi

    Since I don’t have a stand mixer can I use a food processor with the dough blade to mix (I have the same Cuisinart model as you)? Thanks!

  • Annie

    Please see the FAQ page. Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    I just made these today, but my handmixer broke and I don’t have a stand mixer. I mixed it all using a rubber spatula and hand-kneading and they turned out wonderful!

  • Wendy

    When you say “somewhat tacky”, how sticky is the dough? I’ve made these a couple times now, and although they tasted fantastic and were very light, they spread out instead of up when raising. Could my dough have been too moist? It stuck very easily to my fingers after I mixed it together. I really want to try them again and get them right because they are absolutely our favorite hamburger buns now – even my husband much prefers them over the store-bought kind.

  • Anonymous

    To me, the difference between tacky and sticky is that sticky dough sticks to your fingers when touched, but tacky dough adheres briefly but ultimately is not stuck on your fingers when you pull them away. It sounds like you just need to add a bit more flour. Mine grew out more than up the first time I made them as well, but the more times you make them, you’ll find the right balance for you.

  • I always let my bread machine do the kneading using the dough setting only. That way I can use my time to clean up!

  • Don’t know if I’ll get your answer in time, but here goes. I’m using this recipe to make hot dog buns for tomorrow. Do you remember if these buns rise much during baking? That helps me a lot with shaping. Last recipe I used, the buns continued to rise a LOT during baking.

    Your site is my new addiction!

  • Molinatiffany

    I used 3 c. Trader Joe’s 100% white whole wheat flour and honey instead of sugar. They turned out great for those of you looking for a whole wheat option.

  • jen

    I definitely should have used more flour too–I was too concerned with not using too much, and my buns also just spread as they rose instead of gaining height. Next time I will know! :)

  • Made these for dinner tonight and they’re really good! Worlds better than the cheapy buns you can buy at the grocery store! I only let the dough rise for 1 hour on the first rise, and 45 mins-1hr on the second rise. That definitely seemed to be the proper amount of time. I’d think that 2 hours would be a really long time as long as the dough was rising in a warm place! Anyway, these turned out really great and I’m definitely planning to make these throughout grilling season. I’m going to stash 4 of them in the freezer for next time too! Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Corey

    these turned out wonderful! thank you so much for the recipe :)

  • SueAnn

    I made these yesterday. I used all purpose flour, was out of bread flour, they were WONDERFUL!!! I’ll never buy rolls again!

  • I finally made these buns and am now kicking myself for having waited so long to make them. Delicious and much easier than I expected. No more store-bought buns for us! Thank you!

  • Esme Moore

    Hi Wendy

    What I’ve noticed bakers do when they make a round bread (boule) is once you’ve done your first rise, gentle pat some air out then fold in all the sides into the bottom to form a ball. Resting can be helpful at this stage.

    Put the ball of dough onto an unfloured surface and with your hands cupping behind the dough (the side of the dough not facing you) roll it towards you. Using the friction of the surface it will stretch the skin of the dough.

    Continue around and around then pinch the bottom together. Do not stretch too much though or the skin will tear! If it does stop immediately.

  • Amazing. Had to be home all day to time the rises properly, but so worth the effort. Our guests were impressed and asked to take home the few we had left over :) .

  • Elyse Huey

    We made these for our Memorial Day cookout today and they were fantastic! They were fresh out of the oven just as the burgers were coming off the grill — perfect. We had to adjust the oven down 20 degrees and add 5 min to the cook time to keep them from being too doughy, but that might be thanks to our oven.
    Only problem is now we’re going to have to figure out something to do with our burgers besides just pull them out of the package and throw them on the grill. They were completely upstaged by the buns!
    Next on my list is your salted caramel brownies. They look delicious.

  • Stephanie

    I just found your blog and enjoying all of your recipes. I’m going to this one and the burgers a try. I’d like to make the buns ahead a time, several batches, but can’t seem to find when the freezing occurs. Is it before or after the second rise?

    I apologize if I’ve overlooked it. Thanks!

  • annieseats

    I make them all the way through baking and freeze the finished buns.

  • Talaye

    These buns are the best! I have started baking and freezing these so we can have them for my son’s birthday next month. :). He is super excited to give everyone one the buns he helped make. Thanks again for another great recipe that has changed our eating/spending habits! Tonight I will try my hand at your hotdog bun recipe!

  • Lesbennyness

    i’m really eager to make my own buns, but is it possible to make them without using a mixer as i don’t own one and cannot currently afford one?

  • annieseats

    Please see the FAQ page. Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    Hey Annie,

    I make these all the time and almost always have perfect results. However, there have been a few times where the buns simply didn’t rise well. I know that you can’t possibly know what went wrong – but, I was just wondering if you ever experienced this problem. My only theory is that something went wrong with the yeast – I used instant yeast and warm water. Do you heat the water to a specific temperature to insure a proper activation of yeast? Or is “warm” all that you go by?


  • annieseats

    Yes, I always check the temp with my thermometer. The water should be between about 105-110 degrees. If it’s much hotter than that, it will kill the yeast and they won’t rise. That would be my guess as to what happened. I hope that helps!

  • I had this recipe bookmarked to try for about a year, but then started a gluten-free diet and never got around to trying. I baked these for guests who came over to grill and they were a huge hit! They did spread out a little more than up but I read the many tips that you and others have added in the comments and would certainly try them if I make these again in the future. Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Other

    Followed this recipe to the letter and ended up with dough that would’ve better searched as glue. Completely unusable. Not sure where I went wrong, because retracing my steps doesn’t throw up any mistakes.

    Bit of a gutter knowing you’ve just wasted four hours of your Saturday.

  • annieseats

    Sorry to hear they didn’t work out for you. I make them on a regular basis without issue. Better luck next time!

  • Best buns ever! I make these at least once a week, sometimes creating 16 small buns to use as rolls. I haven’t bought hamburger buns in probably 6 months! Thank you for such an excellent recipe. Turns out fabulous every time.

  • Best buns ever! I make these at least once a week, sometimes creating 16 small buns to use as dinner rolls. This is such a versatile recipe and everyone raves about them. I haven’t bought hamburger buns in probably 6 months and never will again. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe. They turn out fabulously every time!

  • Kristine

    These are amazing! I make them every weekend and we go through them very quickly! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe.

  • Kelly

    I made these yesterday and they were beyond fantastic! WAY better than any packaged bun and every bit as tasty as a bun you would buy at a bakery! They were so easy to make too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! =)

  • Linsy

    My daughter (2 1/2) reguested hambergers for dinner last night, right after we finished our shopping, we didnt have any buns, and I was not walking back into the store again. I remembered seeing this post and thought i’d try them, i was skeptical because i tried making hamberger buns before and they ended up in the trash. These turned out amaizing! At first i was worried they didnt have enough flour, the dough was rather sticky. But i figured if it worked for you then it should work for me. They were amaizing, and will become a regular in our house! Next time we are going to try freezing some. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  • annieseats

    So glad you tried them and enjoyed them! They freeze wonderfully.

  • Nat

    Hi Annie, I made these buns today and everyone at home enjoyed them so much. Btw in most of my buns there were cracks on them. I was wondering if you’d know why that is. Could it be not enough kneading? (i did it by hand) Anyway they were delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  • annieseats

    I’m guessing that had to do with your shaping method, or possibly kneading. It’s hard to say. Glad you enjoyed them anyway!

  • FS

    These are simply PERFECT! I followed it as written (I appreciate the clear writing) and they came out light, fluffy and really beautiful. I can’t believe that I made these! If you are making sliders for a party, be sure to make them small. I weighed mine 1.5 oz each and they turned out bigger than slider size. The water tray made a huge difference.

  • edelin_timberlake

    same thing happened to me.i ended up adding more flour until it forms a very sticky dough.its resting now.hope it works :s

  • Crys

    I made these last night and they came out absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t believe I made them from scratch, me! I was so delighted! :)
    Just like everyone has said already, I won’t buy rolls from the store anymore — these are so easy to make, I’m doing it homemade from now on! Thanks Annie!

  • kitchencutie

    Annie, this is fantastic! I followed this recipe from your “Stocking the Freezer” page and wondered how you go about freezing this recipe. Do you bake, freeze, and then thaw and heat? Or do you freeze, thaw, and then bake as directed? I want to make these for a shut-in couple and provide detailed instructions. Thank you!

  • annieseats

    I bake completely, cool, and then freeze. So glad you enjoyed them!

  • Beth

    Sooo sweet you are making these for a shut-in couple! A taste of homemade will bring back many memories, I’m sure :) Faith in humanity restored, again!

  • Imke

    I tried these today and they turned Out perfectly! Actually I smiled ( inwardly) after reading the first comments, but I have to say, I couldn’t go back to bought ones either. By the way, what is bread flour? I tried our ( german) bread flour and I Don’ t get the Same colouring or texture…
    Love your Blog!!! I try a New recipe almost every Day and each is delicious!
    Thank you Annie

  • annieseats

    You can Google for more info, but basically it’s a variety of flour with a different protein content, resulting in better gluten development and a better texture for your bread.

  • I made these yesterday and they were AWESOME. Thanks for taking the time to research and post this!

  • nicole hill

    I have made this recipe numerous times. The buns always turn out perfect! And they hold up so much better than store bought.

  • Amber Patty

    These were great! I doubt I will ever buy store bought again. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Amanda

    I know in your pizza dough post you recommend using a scale for measuring the flour. Do you do that with these rolls, too? If so, do you use about 16.5 oz? (You’re pizza dough recipe says 22 oz. for 4 cups, so 3/4 of that is 16.5) But, I’ve googled it, and none of the conversions I’ve found seem to equal the 4 cups = 22 oz. so I’m curious about you conversion recommendation. Thanks!

  • annieseats

    Different sources will give different conversions for flour. I go with whatever is included in the recipe when weight is provided. Hope that helps!

  • Amanda

    Ok, then I’ll skip the whole weight issue here. Thanks!

  • Sara Hynds-Scates

    I have to say, I had been using your other hamburger bun recipe for over a year and finally broke down and tried this one last week. I will never use another recipe. I make them with 1 cup of wheat flour and they are the best buns in the universe. Also, I just got my stand mixer and had been kneading by hand up until this week and these are really easy to do by hand.

  • julie

    Loved these! A much younger friend stopped by while they were rising and gave me a hard time for making burger buns but when I walked one down to her house later last night, totally changed her tune.

  • Cate

    Can’t wait to try this! Do you leave the metal pan of water in the oven while baking or just for the preheating?

  • annieseats

    You leave it in while baking. Enjoy!

  • Laura Bethke

    Do these freeze well?

  • annieseats

    Yes, very well. I keep them in my freezer at all times!

  • Ya

    Its difficult to get bread flour where I live. If I use all purpose flour will it be ok?

  • annieseats

    The texture will not be as good as with bread flour, but if it’s not available then I suppose you make do with what you have.

  • Yamini Wijesinha

    Tks so much for the reply. I love your site and its amazing recipes.

  • Kaitlin

    I made these a few months ago and have kept them in my freezer constantly since! I was shocked how easy it was to reheat them and how fresh they taste after being in the freezer for so long.

  • Erin Sheedy

    When letting the rolls rise, should I put them in the fridge?

  • annieseats

    No, just let rise as described in the directions. Enjoy!

  • Diane

    I always just use regular flour and they are still fantastic! I guess I’ve never had them with bread flour so I don’t have anything to compare them to, but they are so good as is that I haven’t worried about it.

  • Diane

    These are seriously the best buns! I think people think I’m weird for making my buns too, but I don’t think they understand how easy it really is (and how worth it!) I rarely buy them anymore and when I do, it’s such a disappointment!

  • Denise Watts

    You can make your own bread flour too. I make it if I run out when I’m making my cinnamon rolls. You add 1 tsp of vital wheat gluten to 1 cup of all purpose flour. I just make sure I whisk the flour and vital what gluten together well. Good luck.

  • I can’t wait to try this recipe. I have been using a King Arthur recipe for the last year, which is a good recipe. I am curious to try this one, which has bread flour and milk. Also, I have stopped mixing with the paddle. I just dump everything in the bowl and use the dough hook to mix and knead. I haven’t noticed a difference.

  • annieseats

    I do the same now. I agree, I never notice a difference :)

  • Lorie

    I don’t have a stand mixer…not in the budget. I do have a bread machine would that work?

  • annieseats

    You don’t need the bread machine, a mixing bowl and your hands will work just as well. See the FAQ page for more info. Enjoy!

  • Melissa McRae

    I am so excited about this recipe! I have a long weekend away with a large group (16-20) of friends and I’m totally going to make these for burger night. Curse store-bought buns!

  • Melissa McRae

    I know I’m following up many months later, but these were a hit! I’ve made them several times since that first weekend away. Thanks so much for the recipe!