Okay, I must seem like a crazy chocolate fiend lately.  I feel like I have made so many amazing chocolate treats.  The most amazing brownies ever, cookies, and cake!  For good reason though – chocolate is awesome!  It deserves plenty of time in the spotlight.  These cookies originally go by the name “better than brownie cookies”, but after finding my recent brownie bliss, I knew they would not live up to that.  So I just call them brownie cookies.  But, I think it’s not fair to compare cookies and brownies – it’s like apples and oranges, they just aren’t the same.  As chocolate cookies go, these are FANTASTIC!  Really, really amazing.  They have a thin delicate crust outside with a tender, melt-in-your mouth interior and they are very, very chocolatey.  Not to mention that, but they are also the prettiest chocolate cookies I have made yet.  The crackly crust on the outside just makes them look irresistible.  I sent some home to our realtor’s family, and the next time we spoke she informed me that her husband wanted to know if he could buy more cookies from me – HA!

It’s hard to improve on such a delicious cookie, but I thought sandwiching them with some homemade vanilla ice cream would do the trick.  The combination was great.  I found them to be best when set out for about 10-15 minutes prior to eating so that the cookies would thaw a bit and have a better texture.  The recipe was simple and easy to follow, and my only comment about it is that I got quite a few more cookies from the batch than the recipe indicates.  I’m sure that all depends on how large your scoops of dough are, so bake them whatever size you would like!


466 g. dark chocolate, chopped (about 2 2/3 cups)
4 tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature
4 eggs
1 1/3 cups sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ cup all-purpose flour
½ tsp. baking powder
1 cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips


  • 01

    Preheat the oven to 350° F.  Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

  • 02

    In a heatproof bowl set over simmering water, heat the chocolate and butter until completely melted and smooth, stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat and set aside.  In a medium mixing bowl, combine the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract; whisk until well combined.  In a small bowl, combine the flour and baking powder.  Stir together and set aside.

  • 03

    Add the melted chocolate mixture to the sugar mixture and whisk until well combined.  Mix in the dry ingredients, stirring just until incorporated.  Fold in the chocolate chips until evenly distributed.

  • 04

    Drop scoops of about 1½ tablespoons of dough onto the prepared baking sheets, evenly spaced.  Bake for 10-12 minutes or until they are firm on the outside and the dough has lost its sheen.  Leave to cool completely on the baking sheets.  Transfer to a wire rack when firmly set, and repeat with any remaining dough, if necessary.



  • Mia

    Yum! I think an espresso ice cream would taste great in the center of these as well. I was watching Jacque Torres make ice cream sandwiches yesterday on NBC and he had all kinds of ice cream flavors inside his cookies. Oh the possibilities!

  • Mmmmmm. Just last night after dinner, we were eating some oatmeal raisin cookies I made on Sunday night. We were talking about those Little Debbie oatmeal pies and how to turn the cookies into our own version. Cookie sandwiches must be on the brain for everyone lately!

  • Yum! These look wonderful. I LOVE brownies, and this is such a fun adaptation. I’m thinking I will bring these to the next baby shower I attend….

  • Amazing! You have done it again! These brownie cookies look delicious and sinful.

  • Sandwich cookies! So good!

  • These look divine!! Brownie and ice cream go so well together. There are tons of possibilities with this. Change the ice cream flavor and have fun!

  • These look very decadent and addicting!

    I’m making your Reese’s Cup Chocolate Peanut Butter cake this week (the picture has been taunting me for so long!) and will let you know how it turns out – I’m excited!

  • HB

    These look beautiful! I’m sure totally sinful with the ice cream added. When you set it out for 10-15 min, is this assembled with ice cream? Won’t it all melt? The only time I made ice cream sandwiches, I added the ice cream right at serving time. Are you assembling then freezing? I’m making the Reese’s cake this weekend as well! Can’t wait!

  • Erin

    Yum! I love sandwich cookies, especially chocolate ones! I’ll have to try these soon :)

  • I like cookies, and I love brownies, so when I saw the title of your post, I knew that I would like what I saw. But when I saw the picture of your brownie sandwich cookies, my eyes literally got wider – they look amazing!

  • Annie

    Hi HB,
    I assemble my ice cream sandwiches and then freeze them again to let them set. If I assemble and try to serve right away, they always become a giant mess! I let them sit out for 10-15 minutes after freezing to warm up a bit so the cookies have better texture. Enjoy the Reese’s cake!
    :) Annie

  • Annie

    Hi Sunny,
    Try these! They might just hit that Little Debbie spot :)

  • Love these cookies! You always have fabulous recipes and photos!

  • These look wonderful! Kind of like a whoopie pie, but more rich and delicious. :D

  • Your pictures are lovely! I want to grab a cookie (or two or three) and devour it immediately!

  • Oh these cookies look sinfully delicious !!!

  • Hi Annie,

    I’m wondering what kind of chocolate you used to make these? I tried them with some cheap chocolate (my first mistake!), and it was disastrous. The cookies melted together, flat as pancakes in the oven, not rising at all. I’m sure it had to do with the chocolate. I want to try these again, but want to make sure I don’t make the same mistake!

    They look so good!

  • Annie

    Hi Heather,
    I pretty much always use Ghirardelli chocolate in my baking. I find it to be the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Hope that helps!
    :) Annie

  • Kris

    HeatherKJ11 and Annie,
    I also tried these and they melted into a flat mess and didn’t rise at all. It looks like the flour is off or something. I am going to try and add more flour to salvage the batch. I have a brownie cookie recipe from long ago and it has 1.5 cups of flour to similar amount of butter and chocolate.

  • Annie

    I’ve made these numerous times directly from the blog and have never had any problems. I checked the amount of flour and it is correct. You can see the original source (linked at the bottom of the post) to compare.

  • Kris

    Annie, Thanks for the response! I let the batter sit after the first batch to compare other recipes online to see what I should do and when I came back the batter was so thick! So I cooked another batch and they didn’t spread nearly as much. Weird huh?!?! By the time I finished baking the last batch the dough was solid. Whatever chemical reaction occurred worked for me because the cookies got thicker with each batch.

  • I have great memories of baking with my mother, liking the beaters and bowl and then enjoying the baked treats. I can just imagine that these will create lasting memories for my 2 boys. It would be so fun to make home-made ice cream to go with them. Fun, fun, fun!

  • Ida

    Oh my goodness, your blog is killing me. I want to try all your recipes (since they all look amazing) but I’m in China for the next 2 weeks with no chocolate and no oven. I know, I know – I should be enjoying all the food here, but after a lifetime of eating Chinese food, it gets old after the first 3 weeks of actually being in China. So excited to try this recipe! Until June 26th though, I’ll just drool over the pictures!

  • Jette

    Just curious what the “dark” chocolate is. Unsweetened? Baking bar or a bar of dark chocolate candy? Want to make sure I’m getting the correct ingredients. Thanks :)

  • Annie


  • Hind Elshemi

    Hello Annie, I have tried to make these tonight, but it has melted in the oven and became one big huge piece. I have followed the exact portions. What do you thing has gone wrong? – thanks!

  • Anonymous

    It’s impossible for me to know exactly what went wrong. Please see the FAQ page. Sorry it didn’t work out for you!

  • Sarah

    I had to use milk chocolate rather than dark since my grocery store is limited in selection, but they still came out great. I’m amazed with how much they do resemble the taste and texture of brownies. The ice cream is a good suggestion because my only complaint was that I desperately needed milk! I’m definitely freezing some for those times when I need a chocolate fix. :)

  • Monique

    Made these last night. Delicious. Made one batch with sea salt sprinkled on the top and it took them to a whole new level- SO good either way! Well done.